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PS this is AU and takes place in episode 6.


'It's so cold. Where am I? Where's the caretaker? What's going on? I've made the signs they should be here right now.' she clasps her hands together again and made the sign that she needed help. 'Where did everyone go?'


"Come on brats lets go." the bridge builder said stepping out of the Hokage's office.

"Kakashi wait." the Hokage called.

"Yes Lord Hokage?" the copy-nin asked.

"The missing-nin Kikyou is still at large it's unlikely you'll come across her but be on your guard." he said and then took a long drag of his pipe.

"Yes Lord Hokage." and with that he left.

"Do you think they'll be okay?" Iruka asked.

"One can only hope Iruka, one and only hope." the Hokage said going back to his paper work.


"Mom have you seen Kagome?" Souta Higurashi asked as he ran into the back part of the shrine.

"Isn't she with the caretaker?" (Ms. Higurashi shall from this point be called umm Maeko)

"No he's down in the field asleep!" Souta cried hysterically.

"Souta run and get all the workers tell them to work to the edges of the property I'll go get your father then go wake up the caretaker." Maeko said.

Souta had never ran as fast as he did now dashing out into the rice field he gave the workers there orders and then ran out to the soy bean field. He spotted the caretaker Naraku Yukio. He was so angry looking right down at him sleeping peacefully. He slapped Naraku.

"What the hell?" Naraku said upon waking.

"We don't pay you to sleep, we pay you to watch her now where the hell is she?" he pulled the taller man down to his level and slapped him.

"Who the brat I don't know. She said something about wanting water I told her there was a stream right over there." he pointed to the bushes.

Souta pushed Naraku away and ran to the indicated area. The raining season had just started the stream was up and moving faster than normal. What Souta saw when he got passed the bushes chilled him to the bone. His sister's shoe was lying on the bank and the where is tapered off there was a shoe print sliding into the water. Souta stared in horror at the swift flowing rapids he felt numb. He then ran back for Naraku, that bastard was going to pay.


Kagome had never felt so disorientated in her life she moved across the ground nothing felt familiar. She was wet, cold, and she could feel the air getting colder. She felt water on her face and looked up to the sky as a downpour suddenly befell the land the ground rumbled below her feet and the next thing she knew was that she was being swept off her feet and moving down hill at an alarming rate she tried to keep her head above the mud but was failing miserably. Something thick and blunt struck her head and she blacked out.


"NO!" Souta yelled as it started to rain. He grabbed Naraku and pulled him back to the stream. "You're going to help me find her!" he shouted over the rain to Naraku. Lightning flashed over the sky followed by thunder.

'Kami what did my sister do in a past life to deserve in this one to be both deaf a-a-and blind?'


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