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"Kagome's hand signals"

"Naruto's hand signals"


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"Ninja?" a black haired girl said to her blonde companion.

"Hai! Powerful. Ninja! I'm going to be-" Naruto paused trying to think of how to sign 'Hokage' he finally settled on the sign for 'Leader'.

Learning each other's names had been a breakthrough for the pair. While Naruto hadn't learned enough to become fully literate he did know enough to carry on a broken conversation with Kagome.

"Family?" she asked.

Naruto frowned and then took her hand and placed it on top of his to make the sign.

"None," he then asked her the same question.

"Hate me," she signed and then sighed audibly.

Naruto didn't press the issue.

"Ramen?" he signed after a pause.

"Love some," Kagome signed while smiling.

Naruto smiled and moved over to the stove, he turned it on pulled out a pan, and put some water in it. While waiting for the water to boil he took out some noodles, meat, and vegetables.

'I'll have to thank Iruka-sensei for going shopping for me,' he thought to himself dicing up some onions; he then pushed the onions to the side mencing a pepper. After he finished with the vegetables he moved to his fridgerator to pull out some beef, he then moved back to the stove and placed the meat in a skillet, and turned on the heat. While Naruto wasn't considered to be a cullaniary artist, he did know how to make one mean bowl of Beef Ramen. As the water in the pot started to boil he placed the noodles in it along with the base. Once the meat was down he put in the onions, and peppers in the skillet, then turned the heat to simmer. He then turned the heat on the pot down to low and waited for the vegetables to steam.

He looked over at Kagome and was more than a little unnerved at the fact that she always seemed to know where he was in spite of her blindness. It made him sort of happy too; it was like she was always watching him and that for a strange reason made him feel safe.

"Smell good," she commented.

He put his hands in hers to say 'thank you' and 'It's almost done.' Kagome smiled widly and started pulling her hands back when Naruto quickly grabbed them and signed out something else.

"Want go home?" he didn't want her to go, things in town had just started to cool down, and no one was arguing about where Kagome should stay but he knew it was selfish of him not to offer.

"Me leave?" Kagome signed back.

"If want to," he said praying to whatever Kami would listien that she'd say no.

Kagome pulled away and thought to herself. About six months had passed sense she had been in Kohana. While she still didn't quite know what had happened she did know that the whole village seemed to be in a uproar about her staying with Naruto. She knew that the only reason she was allowed to stay with Naruto was because he could communicate with her better than anyone else could. She knew it was stupid, that nothing could possibly come of it with her condition (she thought), but Kagome had developed a little bit of a crush on Naruto. His friendship to her had been what her soul had been starving for. Exceptance. Somehow she knew he excepted her, and that he didn't treat her any different than he treated any normal human. 'Well,' she thought 'maybe a litte different than the others but still, he's nothing like Naraku. And I will always be greatful.'

She signed, aside from the fact that Naraku had told her she was alive and pretty, Kagome didn't know much about her mother. She knew her father hated her, and she'd rarely ever been with her brother.

'Well if there is something Naraku told me was true it's that my family doesn't care,' she turned her head back up at Naruto and smiled.

"Stay with Naruto," she signed to him "Stay with friend."

Naruto jumped for joy and luanched himself over the table laughing as he hugged Kagome.


"C'mon Sesshoumaru it's been six months she can't possibly be alive, she proably drowned going down the river," came the voice of a tired Inuyasha.

"Little brother, if she was dead in the river we would've found her by now, dead people do not move," his brother said over his shoulder ahead of him.

"Well someone could keep moving the body!" Inuyasha yelled.

Sesshoumaru just stopped turned around and arched an eyebrow at his brother.

"Yes I am aware of how stupid that sounds," Inuyahsa said grumbling and moving pass his brother.

"Inuyasha, we will find the girl, or what's let of her, find out how it happened, and give all of the information back to the mother. If we don't it would sully our spotless reputaion and you don't want that to happen now do you?" Sesshoumaru asked his brother.

"No," he said.

"Well then let us press on," Sesshoumaru said passing his brother.


"Lady Higurashi! Lady Higurashi!" a boy yelled running through the halls.

Souta Higurashi popped his head out of the drawling room, he stopped the boy, and pulled him inside.

"Mom's asleep right now, what do you need?" Souta asked sternly looking at the boy.

"Master Souta, Master Haruko Higurashi is outside of the gates demanding to see the lady," said the boy.

"I..." he paused "I'll go see him, do not wake my mother, and make it clear to everyone that he was never here."

He left the room and headed toward the front gate. He stopped at the front door and looked out the window at the man he used to call father. Souta had a strange mixed feeling in his stomach, he hated the man crying at the front gate, but at the same time he wanted to love Haruko for being his father. He took a deep breath and walked out into the rain.

Upon reaching the gate Souta stopped and addressed his father.

"Souta?" called the broken man; crying on the ground.

"Why are you here?" Souta said coolly.

"You've gotten taller," Haruko said ignoring the question. He looked at Souta through the bars of the Iron Gate, "How's your mother fairing?"

"That's none of your concern," he said as thunder rumbled in the background.

"Sure has been raining a lot," Haruko said looking up at the sky, the raindrops mixed with his tears.

"Ever since Kagome disappeared," Souta said looking up as well.

"Souta, I know it didn't seem like it but w-well for what it's worth I loved Kago..." he started.

"LOVED!" Souta shrieked, "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS."

"Souta, Souta please don't be angry. I did lo-" Haruko started.

"SHUTUP!" he then paused, moved closer to the gate, looked his father in the eye, and hissed darkly.

"Stop talking about my sister as if she's dead. If you had loved her like you claim to, you wouldn't have locked her away after her accident, you wouldn't of left her in that cold room all alone with only that horrible excuse for a man as company," he took a deep breath.

"If you had loved my sister, my mother, or me you wouldn't have kept Kagome away from us," a single tear fell from his eye.

"As of now you are no longer a part of this house, if you return here again I'll have the guards dispatch you," Souta said moving back to the manor, only to be stopped when Haruko reached through the bars and latched onto Souta's wrist.

"Souta-Souta don't abandon me, I'm your father, I know I've made mistakes, but please have mercy on an old man," he said. Lighting blazed overhead and Souta could see his father's eyes, they were wide and deranged. Souta paused and reached into his pocket, he pulled out a satchel full of gold, and tossed to the man.

"Check yourself into an inn, write back here once you're in, I'll send you enough money to keep you comfortable, after you write that note never contact the manor again, I'm washing my hands of you," he paused "And change your name as well, from now on there will only be one Lord Higurashi."

He turned, and headed back toward the manor, ignoring the cries for "Souta, Souta don't leave me." Once he was inside he wiped the few tears off of his face.

'I'll never shed another tear for him so long as I live.'


A week later a man formally known as Haruko Higurashi was station comfortably at an inn,

"Boy come here," he said to the boy stoking the fire.

"Yes sir," a little green-eyed red-haired fox child said.

"Do have any family?" he asked his slightly crazed grey eyes looked straight at the boy.

"They're dead," the boy said.

"Have you been here long?" Haruko asked again.

"No," the boy said.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Shippo," the boy said.

"Would you like to travel?" he asked.

"Very much so sir," Shippo replied.

"See that bag on the table?" he asked.

"Yes," he said.

"Take it and this note far away, be wary and stay safe, someone will contact you in the future, an old friend who owes me a favor, when he tells you you're safe I want to head back here and give that note," he pointed at the letter, "To the new Lord Higurashi."

"Yes sir," Shippo said.

"When you get to where there introduce yourself as Higurashi, but make sure you're far away, preferably the Fire country, here are the paper's just sign in your first name and you'll be a Higurashi," Haruko said.

Haruko laid down on the bed.

"Now go, flee, and remember don't return until you've been contacted, be safe little Shippo. Help me make this right," he said closing his eyes.

"Yes sir," Shippo said running out of the door.

It was only after Shippo was far out of town did he stop and look in the bag, his eyes bulged, there was more money in here than he'd need for a life time.

Back inside the village Haruko sat in the dark.

"Come to kill me now?" he asked

"Very perceptive" a white haired child stepped into view.

"May I ask why now?" Haruko said.

"Naraku says you've outlived your usefulness and he needs to tie up loose ends," Kanna said emotionlessly.

"Oh," was all Haruko said, "Just make it quick."

"As you wish," Kanna said.

The next morning the maids found a dead man lying on the bed, he looked happy, like he knew something no one else knew. No one came to claim him, so he was buried under a nameless grave in the community cemetery.


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