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The manor flourished with life again, fresh flowers stood in every hall, portraits were shined, and the grey walls looked almost white.

It was ironic that this entire colorful splendor was for a blind girl, who was still extremely confused and had no one to talk to. Kagome sat by her mother everyday feeling her run her fingers through Kagome's hair. It was so weird, when she "left" home she felt almost hated, now she felt almost loved.

Maeko felt an overwhelming need to make up for lost time the moment her daughter had come home. Everyday she would brush her daughter's hair with her mother's comb, tell her family secrets, and sit with her everyday just holding her.

"Why aren't you happy my daughter?" she asked.

She held her as Kagome's blank eyes stared off in the distance.


"She's not sick Mrs. Higurashi," the family Doctor stated.

"Then what's wrong with her? She's not eating, she screams at night, she doesn't react to anything," cried the woman.

"Hmmm," the Doctor paused.

"What is there something I can do?" she walked forward.

"Mrs. Higurashi what you just described to me denotes an extreme case of homesickness," with that he walked out of the door.

"I don't understand," she followed him "This is her home."

"Not to her anymore Mrs. Higurashi," with that he left the manor.


Maeko sent out a furry of letters advertising for Healers, Monks, Mikos, Apothecaries, anyone and everyone that had some form of healing power.

'I will find someone who can heal you, Kagome.'


"Naruto I know you're worried about her but you can't leave," Kakashi stated.

"She's been kidnapped, how can you just stand there!" he then pointed at Sakura and Sasuke, "And you two how can you just stand there, she's your friend as well!"

He started to walk away from the camp site.

"Naruto, if you leave your status as a ninja will be stripped," Kakashi said.

All at once Naruto foxish playfulness seemed to have left him.

He turned back around and walked to his sensei, a hard look in his eye, and he whispered in a low voice.

"For thirteen years I was nothing to nobody, she changed that and I won't go back to the way things were before."

With that he and Shippo left the group.

Kakashi smiled and turned to the other two.

"If anyone asks Naruto has been sent off on a secret mission," he told the two, and then went back to reading his book.


Something inside Naruto seemed to have broken, he could now run faster, smell better, and see farther. Shippo with his demonic speed was having trouble keeping up, as Naruto jumped from tree to tree.

'I will find you Kagome, even if I die doing it.'

He stopped short.

"Shippo I want you to return home."

"But why?" the small boy asked.

"I'm faster than you, and you're one of the few people who can speak to Kagome if she ends up at the village again, now go!"

With that Naurto was gone.

Shippo turned back to find his way to the village.

'Be careful my friend.'


"Hey Sesshoumaru?" Inuyasha asked.

"Yes?" the mono-tone of the elder came.

"Do you think we did the right thing? Taking her back home I mean," Inuyasha went on.

"I understand you've had trouble with this, usually people are happy to be back with their family but deserve to be back, but you'll see it will all turn out well in the end," with that the Dog Demon fell asleep.

"I hope you're right brother,"


"Sango look!" Miroku said.

"The parchment is glowing."

"We must be getting close, so look sharp," he waved the parchment around and headed off in the direction that it glowed brightest.


Years passed, Naruto was consumed with grief, Miroku and Sango kept looking for the person to make the parchment glow red, and Shippo hid out in the village of the leaves. Maeko gave up the search for someone to heal her daughter, and Kagome...

Kagome grew.

She reached the age of 16 beautiful, lovely, and was the vision of innocence. She was still very much trapped inside her own mind.

Souta stayed distant, and became cold to his mother, in an earlier time she might have raised complaint but to have her first child back she couldn't bring herself to worry that much.


One night Souta developed a 'fever'. He refused to see the family physician claiming the man was growing old, and that he desired a new, younger doctor.

Maeko felt déjà vu calling back every healer in the land, at the promise of gold they appeared, like rats to a garbage heap. Some very skilled and others were hacks, but no matter what they tried no one could heal the young master.

Until one night a new doctor came to the manor, with an array of lotions and potions. Souta felt better instantaneously, not like he had a chance.

Once 'healed' Souta demanded that the new doctor move in, he was placed next to Kagome's room, in hopes that he might be able to find away to help her of course.


He was up late, listening to make sure no one else was awake or anywhere near he moved to her room.

The wind picked up through the hallway as he opened the door and entered Kagome's bedroom. He stood over her staring; he'd been waiting for this so long.

"Soon," he whispered to himself.

"This obsession you have is borderline psychotic you know."

"Is there something you need Kagura?" he asked never taking his eyes off of Kagome.

"How did you get back in the manor anyways, I feel no spells about here, and you look the same," she said moving closer to him.

"I do not look as I do now to them, now why are you here?"

"That boy that she lived with while away, he's getting closer, according to Kanna's mirror he'll be here before next week."

"Then what are you waiting for, dispatch him."

Kagura was then gone.

Alone again he sat on the bed, looking at her.

'My dear, no one escapes Naraku.'


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