I rewrote the epilogue several times, but I think I've finally come up with an ending I want.

It's rather light-hearted, compared with the rest of the story, but I am very satisfied with it.

Inner Demons...Last Chapter!



A figure darted through the trees, only one destination in mind.

I should be able to handle this quickly.

This figure was Haruno Sakura on a mission.

Two days ago, Tsunade had pulled the girl into her office and informed her of a nearby village reporting a group of bandits ambushing all who passed through the adjacent forest. Her job was to dispose of them.

Sakura figured this wouldn't be too hard. These bandits were nothing but small-time fry that preyed on unarmed civilians. Their skills would be nowhere on par with those of a trained kunoichi.

This place…this is where I last saw him.

Indeed, this was the same forest that everything had occurred. The memories were still clear in her mind. Mioko, Hayubi, Sasuke…

Three months had already past since she had been bought back to Konoha by the Uchiha. Shortly after her return, Orochimaru's lair had been discovered, completely destroyed. What looked like marks of Chidori had been found on the walls. No one knew if the snake was still alive, but no signs of threat had emerged from him in the last few months. True to his word, Sasuke had not returned.

Even still, the subject of Uchiha Sasuke gnawed on Sakura, gnawed on everybody in the leaf village. His whereabouts were unknown. Where was he now? Itachi was still out there, and even though Orochimaru had been eliminated, Akatsuki was still at large. Was the boy still bent on revenge? Was he killing himself trying to achieve that goal?

Sakura sighed, knowing that she should not worry so much. He definitely could fend for himself, and even if he was still considered a missing-nin, she had complete faith in him. Konoha would be his home once again. They would be reunited.


The sudden cries snapped Sakura out of her thoughts. The bandits! They were robbing another person!

She narrowed her eyes as she sped towards the source of the sound.There's no way I'm letting you get away with this.

When Sakura arrived at the scene, she was ready to fight. Several beaten and bruised bodies lay on the ground. Wait a second...weren't they the bandits?


"Hmph…to think you miserable fools would attempt to attack me. By the time you wake up, you'll probably all be in jail."

Sakura froze. Her eyes flew to the figure standing in the middle of the mess, the only one who bore no injuries of any sort. No…this was…there was no way...this couldn't be!

He, having also noticed her presence, turned to face her. They stood there, for what seemed an eternity, looking at one another.

He finally moved, sliding his katana back into his sheath. "Hn. You're crying again."

Sakura slowly came out of her daze. Before she realized it, a smile had donned her face, and her entire frame was shaking with unsuppressed joy.

He gave her an exasperated sigh. "Are you really a kunoichi? You're even more emotional than that idiotic fox."

She ignored his reprimanding tone, and laughed. "Sasuke-kun!"

"You sound like a child."

"Sasuke-kun, Sasuke-kun, Sasuke-kun!"

Yes, they would be reunited.



It's really done. I wrote the first chapter of this in June 2006. One and a half years later, I've finally completed it.

Thank to everyone who's stuck with this story until the end.