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Chapter 1: New Start

Kleeto. A region located farther north of Kanto and Johto. Being so close to both regions, Kleeto is home to many Pokémon from the two. Hoenn, being a continent somewhere farther off, also has Pokemon native to it in Kleeto although they are considered very rare.

The story begins in a town called Silver City. Basically a normal, busy town with very few trainers. A young boy named Sky Selvern had just moved into the city one week ago on account of his father's business job required them to. Sky's dream, like most kids in the world of Pokemon, is to someday go on a journey with Pokemon and enter the Pokemon League. But as everyone else, he first needed a pokemon of his own before he could start.

Sky left his room, walked down the stairs, and out the door to take a walk. Sky is currently thirteen year old boy with brown spiky hair, wearing a white tee shirt and a silver vest like jacket over it along with light blue jeans, and white sneakers with blue around the heels and a strip around the front. He left after deciding to take a walk to see his new hometown, that and he nothing else to do.

Walking through the town, Sky saw nothing of interest and sighed. "An entire week and Dad still hasn't been able a Pokemon for me..." Sky said to himself, rather disappointed. He never liked waiting and his father had promised him a Pokemon since he was upset after moving away from his old hometown in Pewter City. Kanto. Leaving your hometown and friends behind is tough, tougher than he thought it would be.

After spending more time walking he noticed this town also had a Pokemon Center, and a PokeMart, apart from the many office buildings that infested the town. These buildings were most likely the ones responsible for his moving here. After close to an hour of walking around town he came returned to his home settled in the outkirts of town. His father's dark blue car was parked near their house.

"Yes! Dads home!" Sky exclaimed, new found excitement replacing the depression of just a minute ago. Still hoping for a Pokemon, he quickly rushed in the house to greet his dad after flinging the door open.

"Hey pops, what's- " His excited greeting was cut of by his Dad.

"There you are, Sky. Have I found the one for you!" His father proclaimed proudly. Sky's father normally wore a buisness suit, but for once he was wearing formal clothes; basic adult styled brown pants and a green sweater. He had brown hair a darker shade than his son's.

"One what?" Sky asked curiously, though he was actually pretending not to know what his Father meant.

"Don't play dumb, you know what I'm talking about. And besides, he's perfect for you! I caught him just outside of a swamp outside of town. It wasn't easy, he was a tricky one, that's for sure..."

"You've found a Pokemon?" Sky asked hopefully.

"Here, see for yourself," His father handing him a red and white ball he had been carrying.

Sky grinned widely while trying to find something to say, but couldn't and soon accepted the PokeBall from his father. "Awesome! Okay, come on out!" he called, anxiously wanting to meet his first Pokemon and realized all the waiting was worth it while the Pokeball opened in a burst of red light.

After a red flash faded, Sky saw a small azure crocodile with crimson eyes and spikes trailing from the back of its head to its tail. It had a wide golden stripe running across its chest, but before Sky could observe it any longer, the small reptile began looking around frantically.

"Toto? toto to! TOOOO! (What the? This isn't home! AHHH!)" He screamed while running around the living room in a fit of panic. For some reason bitting and chewing anything in sight except Sky and his father.

"Whoa... You found a Totodile!" Sky exclaimed happily, then he noticed the gator chewing through the sofa. "Uh..."

"Hey, don't do that!" Sky's father called out in alarm. The gator, stopped immediately, looked at him, and began running around again.

"He sure is... energetic..." Sky remarked, bewlidered at both that this was his favorite Pokemon, and by how much energy it seemed to possess.

"I think I'll call him... Spike." Sky decided and smiling widely with fondness of the hyper-active gator already.

Sky's father had picked Spike the Totodile while Sky was deciding on a name and placed the gator on the floor next to him. "Good, now that he has a name, he's all your's. Just remember to take care of him, he was pretty tough to find." He glanced at the sofa. "Oh, and... keep him from running around the house from now on..." Though he spoke in a light-heartedly, humorus manner, there was a certain sense of a seriousness there.

"Affermative!" Sky agreed and jokingly saluted, then he ran off towards the door. "Thanks, pops!" He called back to backed energetically as he yanked the door open yet again.

"Come on, Spike! First stop: the park!" He called this time to Spike, his very first Pokemon.

The little azure alligator quickly followed it's new trainer out the door. "All right! Hanging around these weird humans could be fun!" This was the beginning of Sky's friendship with Spike, and the beginning of their adventure.


They reached their first stop, the park, a few minutes after leaving Sky's house. The park was as many others, infested with a fleet of happy-go-lucky children playing around on the basic playground equipment such as slides, swings, and jungle gyms. The grassy area away from the playground equiptment looked perferct for execise and battles.

"Here we are Spike, Silver Park." Sky told the Totodile standing beside him. "Now let's find a couple of Trainers to battle..." He began examining the area for any opponents.

Spike, however could hardly hold back his excitement, and with no warning the Totodile burst closer the park, heading straight towards the playground section where the kids played.

Sky watched his Pokemon with a faint sense of foreboding. "Uh oh..." he murmured, unsure how the kids would react. "This can't be good..."

Spike stopped in front of the kids and stared blankly at them. They stared back, also blankly.

"Hey! That's a Totodile!" One shouted in awe.

At first Spike was calm, but at the shout, Spike lost to his held back excitment. The Totodile hyperly charged one of the slides and repeatedly began bitting it until it broke.

"Mad Pokemon!"

"Run for your lives!"

With that, all the small children ran away and screamed in pure terror.

Sky said nothing as he just stood there, staring ahead with a blank expression of being shocked wordless. Though he sensed if they stayed, they would be in for some serious trouble and playground repair fines.

"Spike, return!" The trainer called quickly as he pointed Spike's Pokeball at him. A red light appeared and the hyperactive alligator disappeared with the read beam.

Sky turned, tired to recall which way was home, and prepared to make the mad dash for him, but soon stopped a second before taking off.

A girl with long blonde hair and eyes a shade of emerald green blocked his path. She was wearing a light-green tee shirt, aquamarine shorts, and forest-green shoes with white stripes. The girl looked as if she was the same age as he was and stared at him intently.

"Hey, were are you off to in such a hurry?" The blonde asked, seeming to intentionally cut off his escape while suddenly holding him in a supicious gaze.

Though oblivious to her words, Sky couldn't help but to stare. "She's... kinda pretty.." he thought distractedly. Sky remained starting for a second longer before realizing what he was doing, and turned away embarrassedly while feinting a laugh. "Well, um..."

"That's a really crazy Totodile you have there." She prompted. The girl ignored Sky's mannerism, but still eyed him with suspicion.

Sky was torn from his awkward state, somewhat thankfully, by her comment. "Hey, Spike is not crazy!" He shouted defensively.

The blonde girl notice Sky's resentment towards what she said and smirked. "Calm down, I didn't mean anything by it." She informed, her tone losing its suspicious edge. "Actually, I would like to battle you and your Totodile." The challenged came though a mischievous grin that took her face.

A look of excitement soon replaced the resentful one Sky wore a minute ago. "You would?! Alright! Lets go!" He said anxiously while hastily drawing Spike's PokeBall. "Come on out, Spi-"

"No, not here!" she stopped him quickly.

A vain buldged on Sky's forehead at yet another interuption."Why does everyone cut me off?!" He shouted in severe irritation.

The girl pointed to the slide. "If you stay here much longer, you're likely to get in some trouble for that slide your Totodile just wreaked. And this place doesn't make for a very good battlefield anyway."

Sky blinked and soon realized she was right. "Oh. Well... okay, then..." He sheepishly replied, recalling this was his reason for nearly taking off in the first place.

"Of course, we'll still battle..." she reassured, sly with confidence. "How about the forest? I know where this really nice clearing is where there aren't many trees."

Sky smirked, and held in his excitement through a confident grin. "Sure."

"Great! Then follow me." the blonde replied and began to leave the playground. She was heading for a road that led onto a higher elevated ledge above the city that led to the woods farthe. Sky followed quickly.

While they walked, a question creeped its way into the Sky's mind he had forgotten to ask. "By the way, what's your name?"

The girl turned around, "Pearl." she replied, seeming glad Sky finally decided to ask.

"Pearl, huh..?" Sky echoed, thoughtfully maveling at the unique name. "I'm Sky Selvern, best Pokemon Trainer in town! Nice to meet ya!" He grinned widely, along with his obviously exaggerated title.

Pearl smiled, "You too!"

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