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My Name Is Kate

"Do you have any matches?" The girl asked with a smile.

Behind Mark the whole group looked at Mimi and Roger who had smiles on their faces.

"Do you think this is going to work?" Roger asked.

"Mark's not as stubborn and childish as you." Mimi said trying to act serious.

"HEY!" Roger said in a playful tone.

"Hush." Angel said getting a bit more interested in Mark and the girls conversation.

"Hi, I'm Mark." He said lighting her candle.

"I'm Kate."

"You know…..she's kinda hot." Maureen whispered.

Joanne looked at her.

"But your hotter." Maureen said with a smile.

"That sounds much better." Joanne said with a smirk.

Mark and Kate were laughing and talking, they stopped when Mark turned around and saw his friends looking at them.

"I think I should go." Kate said.

"Ok." Mark said sounding a bit disappointed.

Kate waved and walked away into the pitch black hallway. Mark turned and walked towards the bohemians.

"Why were you watching us?"

"It was nice to see you flirt." Angel said.

Mark blushed.

"You took Mo's job." Collins said laughing.

"I don't think anyone can beat Mo at that game." Mimi said.

"Damn straight." Maureen said with pride.

"Did you get her number?" Roger asked.


"Why not?" Joanne asked.

"Because my friends were watching us like we were on a TV show." Mark explained.

(On the street)

Kate decided to go to get something to eat after she left the loft. While walking the cold New York streets, she ran into a young nervous looking girl and fell down.

"WATCH IT." Kate screamed.

"YOU RAN INTO ME." The girl screamed.

"HELP ME UP." Kate demanded.

"Help your damn self up, Chica."

The girl walked off and pulled a small piece of paper out of her pocket.

Mimi Marquez

4th floor

Apartment 23

"I cant do this." The girl said looking at the old building, she walked away not knowing that she would be back soon.

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