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A vein pulsed in Remus' forehead as Sirius bounced around like a sugar-high pixie, the fire not good enough of a distraction to block his voice. Werewolves this and werewolves that… Honestly, if he heard one more fact about his own little problem, he would…he was going to… What was he going to do? Nothing. I'm not going to do anything but sit here and stew in my own annoyance. Who could blame him? The kid was unstoppable, either babbling like a brook, or silent as the grave. He was always in someone's face, spouting facts about werewolves. Wait a tick…

"Oi! Sirius, come here!" Slender fingers quickly moved the large book before it was annihilated by 98 pounds of child. He could've sworn he heard the couch groan as Sirius took a minute or two to settle himself in comfortably and when he did, he grinned at Remus.


"Sirius… Um, do you have an older brother named Regulus?" He watched the child shift around as his gray eyes suddenly found his fingers a lot more interesting.


"Yeah-huh. He nine now. Mama and Dad are so bloody proud. They're sendin' him to Hogwarts in a few years. He made shoes fly, so what?" It was like he was curling in on himself, trying to make himself smaller. Tears pooled in his eyes as the happy little kid from only a few minutes ago was stripped down to a victim of neglect.

"It's not a big deal."

"Of course not." Through their entire friendship, Sirius hadn't said a word about feeling alone as a child. He had talked about Regulus ("That ass-kissing son of a bitch! That Voldemort-humping whore!") almost non-stop for a while, but he never said anything about being overshadowed. Who would've known that the charismatic, troublemaking, flirtatious, charming, wonderful, beautiful, breathtaking Sirius Black could ever feel surpassed. Did someone just finish reading a thesaurus? So it got a little…melodramatic there for a minute. Somebody come and sue him for having a good vocabulary.

Suddenly, Sirius' arms were around him in a would-be-crushing hug. Shocked at first, Remus just sat there, eyes wide. Then, he slowly snaked his arms around the little boy and though the common room still buzzed with activity, everything faded into the background until it was only them. Just him and Sirius, together in a realm where nothing could go wrong. They sat there for a few minutes, staring into the fire, both wrapped up in their respective thoughts.

I need some time to think. But how do you break away from the one who needed him most right now? Whenever I don't need James to cause trouble, he's always right there. But when I need him…

"Wotcher!" He covered Sirius just in time for a stream of multi-colored light to whiz over their heads and crash into the fireplace, where it dissolved into tiny sparks and turned the fire a bright purple. Just in time. The moment was lost, left to float on in the stream of time, as James bounded over to them, fingers running through his hair to give him the classic 'I can pull this off because I'm so damn sexy like that' look. He looked like his hair was trapped in the Body-Bind. Merlin. But Remus had never been any happier to see that ridiculous hairdo in his life. He needed some time alone, needed it almost as badly as he needed air. But he couldn't just leave with no excuse.

"Sorry about that, mate. I dunno what went wrong…" James looked considerably embarrassed, which was no small feat for the usually confident fifth year. He rubbed the back of his neck and glanced over his shoulder at Lily sitting by the window. "It was supposed to be a big purple bird…"

The werewolf shook his head and gently broke the embrace, settling back into the cushions of the couch while Sirius stared at James. He's staring at his stupid hair, more like. Why was he always trying to impress Lily? She barely even knew he existed! Barely. So for James, that means he has a chance. Right. Of course. Wait…there's the excuse! While you're off by yourself, try to help James along as well. …It was worth a shot. "James, listen. Maybe Lily wouldn't hate you so much if you didn't try so hard. Or, better yet, if you weren't such a prat every time she walks past." He raised his hand to stop James' incoming protests.

"Now, look. I'm going down to the kitchens for a moment to myself, so do me a favor; I know it's difficult for you. But…stay here and try not to do anything…stupid.(1) I think I know a way to solve your problem." Without hearing James' response, Remus got up and left the common room, the corridors dimly lit with what little sunlight the clouds in the sky didn't cover. He looked out the window and frowned at the sky, turning to go not to the kitchens, but to the Astronomy Tower, his favorite place to be alone. As he climbed the stairs, only one thought stood out in his mind:

Why did being so close to Sirius feel so…right?

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(1) "Do us a favor; I know it's difficult for you. But…stay here and try not to do anything…stupid." – Quote courtesy of Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean