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Living in Cyberspace


by: XxsTrInGz N' kEyZxX



Chapter 3: House With A Flying Vase

Nian07: Yo!

Littlepetals14: Hello….. –smiles-

Nian07: How are you?

Littlepetals14: I'm fine.

Nian07: That's good to hear.

Littlepetals14: How about you?

Nian07: I'm fine as well.

Littlepetals14: Okay…..

Nian07: So? What do you want to talk about today?

Littlepetals14: Dunno. You? Do you have any ideas with you right now?

Nian07: Nope.

Littlepetals14: Oh…..

Sasuke waited for little petals to say something but nothing came. He then decided to pm

Nian07: Hey, you doing something ? Am I bothering you?

After a minute or so….

Littlepetals14: Oh! I'm so sorry. I almost forgot about you. You're not really bothering me…. I'm just watching ambush makeover.

Nian07: Ambush Makeover? What's that?

Littlepetals14: Just turn on your TV and see for yourself.

Nian07: Ok.

Sasuke grabs his remote control and switched he TV on.

"Oh, I forgot to ask about the channel." He slapped his forehead and headed back to his computer.

He glanced at the monitor and realized that Little petals already typed the answer to the question that he was about to ask.

Littlepetals14: Channel 52 Etc! 2nd Avenue

"Wow, that was quick." Sasuke said.

Nian07: I'll watch the show now and I'll come back to you later.


Littlepetals14: Ok.

Littlepetals14's status changed from available to 'be right back'

Sasuke smirked before he left the computer and watched the show.

After 30 minutes

Nian07: Pssssst.

Littlepetals14: ) Hallo! So you're back as well…

Nian07: Obviously, I am.

Littlepetals14: I know. So how was it?

Nian07: …..

Littlepetals14: Hey speak up! Hey!

Nian07: I'm not sure if I liked it…. But nonetheless, I think that it wasn't that bad after all.

Littlepetals14: Oh…. It seems that I just wasted your time.

Nian07: Don't feel so down petals. Who knows, me watching that show might come handy someday.

Littlepetals14: On what sort way would it be handy for you?

Nian07: I dunno. All I know is that it would be of help someday.

"I wonder why the heck am I saying this?" Sasuke thought.

Littlepetals14: Okay.

Nian07: I just remembered something. It's been weeks since we've started chatting but I didn't get the chance to ask you the name that you would want me to call you. I just don't feel comfortable of calling you little petals.

Littlepetals14: Hmm…

"I wonder what name should I give him." Sakura traced her chin with her index finger.

Sakura wondered on what name she would say. I mean, she can't just give her name to someone that she have never met before. Who knows? He might just be someone that she knows and worst, someone that she usually gets to meet on her daily basis.

Nian07: So? What's it gonna be?

Littlepetals14: Just wait there. I'm still thinking.

Nian07: Okay. Take your time.

Littlepetals14: Thanks.

"Let's see now…" Sakura thought aloud. "I could let him call me by my real name. Or just derive my name from one of my favorites or hobbies."

Sakura began enumerating the things that she loved to do. Well, it may not seem obvious but she's a sporty gal. When she was in elementary, she played for their soccer team. Also, she managed to join their swimming team during her final years in elementary. She just started to lay low when she transferred to middle school. She engaged to school activities less and focused on her studies. Thus, giving her an 'I am a geeky freak' image.

Nian07:hey you still there?

Littlepetals14:Hai. Just hold on a sec.

"Anou, would it be enough to use the name of one of my favorite anime characters? She asked herself.

Sakura kept on thinking about this until an idea struck her.

"Wait." She began to rummage on her things and draw out a pen and a piece of paper. "Let's see."

Sakura began doodling on her paper and wrote the word 'anime'. She began to write the letters in reverse and formed the word…


The name was just perfect. Maybe she'll stick to that name for a while.

Nian07:So? Haven't you decided yet.

Littlepetals14: I already did, Nian.

Nian07: Then, what's it gonna be?

Littlepetals14: Emina is my chosen name. Would this do? I mean, would be alright if I won't give you my real name?

Nian07: Sure. Anyways I'm didn't tell you my real name either. Also, I think that it's your prerogative not to leak any info about yourself to a total stranger.

Littlepetals14: thanks for understanding.

Nian07: -smiles-

"How I wish one day I would meet you in person and get the chance to see you smile."

And the two chatted for another hour or so….

The Next Evening

Sasuke just arrived home from school and he was really tired. He went in to the living room in hopes of meeting his parents there. But instead of seeing his beloved parents, he ended up encountering someone or should I say, something else in that room…..

To be more exact, it's a vase that came to greet our exhausted debonair.

Sasuke's eyes widened twice its normal size as the sight of a flying vase came into view. But being alert and agile boy that he was, Sasuke immediately docked and the vase missed him.

"Aw.'' Sasuke heard a familiar voice groaned.

The young Uchiha prodigy stood up and saw his older brother who was a few meters away from him. He seemed to be kind of disappointed about something and Sasuke knew the reason why.

"I missed." He said and sulked.

Sasuke on the contrary narrowed his eyes as he came face to face with the culprit who almost got him hurt.

"Hey you." He called his brother.

'What?" Itachi innocently asked.

Sasuke shot him a lethal glare before shouting.


"He-heh." Itachi nervously chuckled. "I was just trying to pull a prank on you." He said.

Itachi's previous statement made his little brother more angrier than what he already was.

"A prank?" he emotionlessly asked. "Does a prank require hurting people?"

"I sup- pose." Itachi stammered.

"You!" Sasuke snarled. "You insolent fool!"

Itachi saw that his brother was really enraged so he decided to make a run for it. He dashed off towards the wooden doors of the living room and was about to grab the door knob when it suddenly opened. The young Uchihas' parents stepped in and made the two blokes stop dead on their tracks.

"Mom, dad." Itachi nervously greeted.

Sasuke on the other hand, put down the lamp post that he was holding (he was intending to throw this to his brother) and greeted his parents.

"Konbanwa otou-san and okaasan." He said and bowed courteously.

"What the heck happened this time?" Uchiha Mikoto asked.

Itachi showed a scared expression while Sasuke just remained silent and emotionless.

TBC (To Be Continued...)

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