A/N Hello, Snekochan here. I didn't think I'd actually put a story up, but it's so much fun! I'm a drawing person really, but I started out writing stories, so I guess you could say I'm going back to my roots- sassafras, no wonder my friends say I'm weird! Who actually talks like that? Anyway, this is my first fan fiction story, and I really hope you like it. Note on a couple of things. I'm going to change Rosette's and Chrono's personalities a little, just because I prefer stories involving growth (even if I can't write them- I can try!), so please don't get mad! Also, the things Rosette says about the city of St. John's (early in the story) are not true in my opinion. Ano...there was something-oh yah! About Chrono. In this story, the main Chrono (it'll make sense, I promise) is human, and does not look like a 12 year old! Give the guy a break! He's also not in his full "adult" height either- he's like he was when he was living at Eden, only skinnier and a little shorter- he's still growing. Think average teenage male with purple hair and big red eyes, 'kay! Anyhow, I think that's it, so here I go!

Disclaimer: look, I may draw comics, but I'm not brilliant (I can't spell either, forgive me). I do not own Chrono or any of the things/ people, oh you know what I'm talking about. Do I have to drag this out?

Rosette closed her eyes. He was back, he was finally back! She pressed her face into his chest, wrapping her arms around him as they toppled over, back among the pews. He'd lost an arm and an eye, but he was alive and he was here. Chrono. They were still falling. Puzzled, she looked up into his face, hoping for a clue, but he looked just as confused as she did as they continued down, down, down into a mist of grey. They could tell nothing of their surroundings and soon Rosette wasn't even sure that they were still falling, because above looked just like below. Were they even going down? Frowning, Rosette took hold of Chrono's hand and took an experimental step. Instantly, the sensation of falling stopped

"Where are we?" she asked. "And what the heck just happened?" Chrono narrowed his eye, trying to see through the fog.

"I think there's a light up ahead. Should we-" Rosette was already marching up ahead. For all her weakness before Chrono came, she felt fantastic, fluid and strong and- Rosette put a hand to her chest and gasped.

"Chrono!" she turned, nearly knocking him over because he was sticking close behind her. Without hesitating, she lay her palm over his heart.

Like her own, it was still. Rosette looked towards the approaching light. They were dead.

"Hey there, what's this?" a wiry man with a lamp on a Shepard's crook marched up. "Who're you two then? We got the lot for today." he narrowed his bleary eyes at them. "A demon- oh good Lord! A demon and a nun..." he started flipping franticly through a notebook. "Oh! Antham, that pathetic excuse for an Angel! Come along you two. I must get this straitened out." He darted away into the fog, leaving Chrono and Rosette to follow. They did, for there was nothing else to do. Led into an old cabin by the old man, they were told to wait. Numbly, they sat by the heatless fire, unable to ignore the bellows from within the room. Rosette shoved a smile on her face. Chrono smiled back.

"We're together in this, anyway." he noted, his smile becoming a little more truthful. "That's better than I expected." before

Rosette could answer, the door opened and the man scurried out.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY'RE HERE! THEY WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD YET YOU FOOL!" A second man stormed from the room, but he calmed at the sight of the Sinner and the nun. "Rosette and Chrono. A pleasure to meet you." he said curtly. He minced over and tipped Rosette's face up. "Hmmm. Well it can't be helped. I need you're help for a few years anyway. Yes, this may work out after all." he stepped back and looked at the pair. "Listen closely. There is no place yet in heaven or hell for either of you because we haven't had a chance to solve where you're going. It's oddly difficult, because of...oh anyway, that can wait. I'm sending you two ahead in time, where you'll get a second chance, of sorts. Do realize how often we angels have reincarnated you? And every time we do, some stupid fellow has to come along and ruin it. Ah well. You'll get together eventually. Now then." the man raised his hand. "Terribly sorry about this. You'll have to be patient." He snapped his fingers and the room swirled into black.

"Rosette!" the girl gasped as the black formed tendrils around her, dragging her into the deeper darkness that had taken over the fireplace.

"No!" She stretched out her arm, trying to catch Chrono's hand as he vanished, fully enveloped. Then she knew nothing.


This sucked. This really, truly sucked.

Rosette Christov dropped her suitcase beside her, comparing the address on the "house" before her to the one on the paper her new teacher had given her. NO way was she staying in this dump. No friggin' way. Scowling, the blond girl marched up to the house, across the rotting wood of the porch and knocked on the peeling paint of the front door with the least surface area of her knuckles possible. For a moment there was silence, then she heard a thump of something falling, then finally, the door creaked open.

"Hello. You must be Rosette. Come on in." Rosette turned to the source of the voice, the person who'd opened the door, narrowing her eyes as she did. It was a guy, about her age. He was skinny and bookish, a pair of glasses perched on his nose. Great. Now she was stuck living with a family that had this freak in it. Said "freak" raised an eyebrow at her glare and shut the door. "Come on then. I'll show you to your room." he picked up her bag and led her up a set of stairs- better painted than the outside, but still showing wear. Didn't these people know about repainting? The hall he brought her down was the same situation, worn, tattered around the edges, reeking of people who didn't change with every new trend. Staying in style obviously wasn't high on these people's lists. She eyes her guide's clothes. No, style was something she didn't think this guy understood. She could only hope the rest of the family wasn't this clueless.

"Where's everyone else?" Rosette asked, keeping her tone cool. He glanced at her in surprise.

"The other boarders? At work and at school. I stayed off today so there'd be someone to let you in. Oh yeah." he dug in his pocket and pulled out a key. "Here you are. This is the key to the front door so you can let yourself in if there's no one else home. "

Rosette took the key from him with two fingers and slipped it into her bag.

""Tha-ank you." she ground out. He shrugged.

"Whatever. Here's you're room, 2b." he opened the door to a plain room, painted white at one time, that contained a bed, a closet, a desk and chair, and a chest of drawers, none of which matched. "Sorry about the furniture. I wasn't expecting to get another boarder so soon." He laughed sheepishly. "The house's blocked up now. There's some other girls you're age here, Az- oops, Azmaria Hendric, Fiore Maggin and Satella Harvey. They're in 2a, c and d. Joshua McKay is upstairs with Viede Holloway, and I'll be downstairs in the lower apartment. Kitchen's downstairs on the first floor, along with the living room and the study." He took off his glasses and rubbed them with the hem of his sweater, squinting at her. "Bathrooms down the hall to your right." He put his glasses back on and headed back to the stairs. "Give a shout if you need anything, my name's Chrono." Thankfully, he said nothing else and went down stairs. This really, really sucked.

Rosette stomped into her "new" room. Were all the butlers in Newfoundland that chatty? Sheesh. Oh well. She sat on the bed, poking at the faded coverlet. At least there were other girls here, ones that were here age and a couple guys upstairs. What was it Ms. Valentine had said? You'll find it's not so bad, working and living with others. It'll give you a chance to stretch your wings. You never know, you might even like it. Rosette highly doubted that. How could anybody like it here, in this dump with no sign of a maid to clean up and put away clothes, let alone a weird, freak of a butler.

"Hey Chrono! Is the newwy here yet?" a voice called from the front door as Rosette heard it creak open.

"Satella! Don't call her that!" A younger, more childish voice cried. "You'll hurt her feelings!" There was a scrambling sound,

Like a play fight, laughs, one of which was a male chuckle, then footsteps on the stairs and a knock on her door. Chrono opened it, coming in.

"Rosette? I'd like you to meet Satella, Azzy and Fi, the other female borders." Rosette groaned as three, very different girls came into the room.

"Thanks Chrono!" The tallest said, patting the teen's purple hair. "We'll take it from here if you'll get down into the kitchen and make dinner, I'm starved." Rosette glanced at the clock and started, realizing she hadn't eaten for almost 9 hours. He stomach growled. Chrono laughed.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm going. But it's your week to buy the groceries Satella." Chrono strolled out of the room, and they heard him go down the steps. Azmaria squealed.

"You're Rosette! Oh that's so cool! And you're lucky. Chrono said he'd do perogies for supper, and his are always really good." The girl, who looked about twelve, sat on the chair while the other two sat on the desk. Rosette frowned.

"So he's a butler and a cook? How cheap is this place?" she groaned, laying back.

"About two hundred Canadian and one grocery shop a month." Satella said cheerfully. "It's not a bad deal, because Chrono does all the cooking and household cleaning. Don't worry," She added at Rosette's gasp. "He doesn't do our rooms."

"Who does?" Rosette asked, feeling very puzzled. "And we have to do what? Why doesn't he do the what-was-it- shop himself? Aren't servants supposed to do that sort of thing?" Satella came over and knocked Rosette on the head.

"Whoo boy guys. We've got a spoiled one here. Look. Here's the way it is. Chrono is not a servant. He owns this place and let's people like us, who're in the Real Life project stay here. He isn't a butler, although I thought that too at first, when I first came. He's a good cook, but he can come up with some crazy ideas for dishes. Not that I mind. It's all good."

"Hey Chrono!" Fi perked up.

"Joshua's back." she darted out of the room as Satella rolled her eyes.

"Come on newwy. You may as well wait to finish unpacking. We'll help ya after supper." Before she could say anything, Rosette found herself whisked out of her room and down stairs in the front hall. She nearly fell when Satella let go of her arm, but a hand steadied her.

"Easy. You're Rosette, right?" Rosette turned and looked up into a pair of sparkling blue eyes. Her face flushed as she stepped back and tried not to gape at the tall, blonde haired guy who'd caught her. Maybe Newfoundland wasn't such a dump after all.