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-Chapter 75-

Another night of falling rain / your memory flickers like a flame

It echoes like a distant tune / Dances on the four wall of my room.

"Dear Ros… no, to formal." The violet haired man paused, tapping a well-chewed pencil against his lip. Geez. Why was it so hard to start a letter (or an email, he'd tried both).

It echoes like a distant tune / dances on the four wall of my room.

He sat up, trying to straiten the sleeping bag. Of course it was hard to write the letter! It was only…he frowned. If he went to exactly a year after he started writing, he'd be at his 1825th letter. Well, maybe a little less than that, because lately he'd dropped off to once a week.

It would be so much easier if he'd gotten a response.

With hair as black as a book of prayer / Your laughter filled the morning air.

"Uncle Chrono!" Marie stuck her head around the door. "We're home!"

"What?" he put on a face of mock-shock, jumping up. "What do you mean you're back so fast?"

"Uncle Chrono!" Marie, Tawny and Kye stood back as Jane, Kari, Keith, Kino, Ben and Jacky, the New Brood as they were called, flocked over, jabbering about how school had been, how they'd taken a field trip, and could they bake cookies tomorrow? Nina was the only child of Aion's who was currently with her parents- the rest had opted to spend time at Chrono's whenever possible, with the exception of Kye, who's mother was currently studying an archaeological site in Peru. As Mr. Remington said, he couldn't blame them.

"Whoa!" Chrono laughed, putting the half written letter in the stack of papers on the

milk-crate desk. "Take it easy! Now, one at a time…"

Now it doesn't seem so long ago / but how we ever parted I don't know.

Chrono hummed, his feet pattering lightly on the sun-warmed pavement, a breeze tugging at his tee shirt. "Alright." He had awhile before the concert, but Brad and the others had called saying they'd forgotten their percussion sticks again. This was getting stupid- how many times did he have to get their things after they'd gone off flirting? Grow up.

Where are you now? -so far away

If only some how the night would disappear, and I could have you here!

He paused by the railing overlooking the harbour, watching as a ship docked before stopping at Brad's apartment to pick up the needed sticks, turning off the radio sitting on the kitchen table blaring out Demonic Angel's latest hit, Kissing Rain.

There's a breeze on the water / blowing time back to me.


Why hadn't she responded to his messages? He chewed his lip, meandering past a café. Surely she'd gotten one of them.

And maybe she didn't want to see him. His heart twisted at that possibility, but…in all likely hood, that's exactly what it was too, wasn't it?

I can still see your face

Kissing rain…

Shaking the thought away, he pushed open the performers' only door at Kilo One and stepped into the cool stone hall, shivering, a prickle tapping across his shoulders. He could've sworn-

"Rika, come on!" He turned, the prickle growing as a third girl mounted the steps, her aura dull.

We wandered through the hundred days

And watched the stars on Half-moon bay

Then like the season you were gone

You left me on a frozen April dawn.

You were the storm -in my sky.

If only once more I could be so free,

Feel you washing over me!

He froze, watching the pale face ringed in dark hair (she dyed it?). She looked so much older, paler, as if… he took a step towards the girl-

There's a long cool river / running wild to the sea, and I am calling your name, Kissing rain.


"Watch where you're going, bastard!" a blonde haired girl shrieked as he scrambled to gather the mallets he'd dropped, his head throbbing from where her guitar had clipped his temple.

"Ow! I'm sorry! Miss!" he yelped. I'm a prisoner of time and I'm chained to memories.

"Oh I just bet you are you pathetic excuse-"

"Mary, calm down!" One of the other girls ran over, smiling apologetically. "I'm ow- MARY!- sorry! She gets like this sometimes."

"Lemme attem!" Mary snarled, struggling. "He's gonna pay!"

"Mare, you were the one who knocked him down!"

"Don't mind her," Rosette said, smiling- could she see him? Say something! He pleaded. Please! Unfortunately, Mary broke free and started clawing at his face.

"Ow! Ow! I said I'm sorry! Sassafras!" Ice charged up his back and he pushed the other girl away, dashing to Rosette as she gasped, falling. "Rosette!"

How can you be so free?

"What happened!" Mary shrieked, scuttling over. "What did you do to her, bastard! You cast a spell on her! I bet those aren't mallets!"

"Mary, doll, WILL YOU LEAVE THE GUY ALONE!" The other girl in Rosette's group snapped, crouching down. "Is she alright?" He nodded, lifting her up bridal style (Didn't he wish).

"I think she just fainted, not that I've known her to be a fainting sort. That's my department. You her band-mates?"

"Where are you taking her!" Mary squealed, and he braced himself for a second (third?) attack, but the other held her back. "I'll tell the- the stadium manager about this! I will, I know him personally!"

"Mary, give it up! Yes. I'm Russ by the way. You a stage hand?"

"Chrono D'Crusa. And the stadium manager is a woman. Satella Harvenhiet." he pushed the door to his rehearsal room open with his hip. "This is my rehearsal room for the show, but I'm sharing it with a couple other bands. You are-"

"The Dynamic Sunshine-"

"Yeah, you're in here anyway." he grunted, sitting Rosette on the cracked leather bench. "Come on, wake up." he grumbled, kneeling on the floor in front of her as she slipped sideways, a small silver pendent slipping out from beneath her collar. Heart frothing his blood, he fingered the tiny forget-me-nots.

"Oy, D'Crusa. What's up? You finally decide to end your waiting?" Brad asked, sauntering in. "Who're these lovely creatures?" Sensibly, Mary and Russ inched away.

"Rosette! And no, I'm not done waiting." Roy laughed, clapping Brad on the shoulder.

"Told ya man! D'Crusa's stubborn. He's not going with another girl!"

"Hey, are all in a band too?" Russ asked, trying to find a place to sit that wasn't covered in candy wrappers, yellowed stuffing and gum. Rosette, wake up! Chrono chewed his lip, watching her face. She wasn't hurt but- he glanced briefly at the others, all seated on the benches around the old coffee table.

"Brad 'n I 're members of Tiny Little Pond, but D'Crusa's a solo artist." Roy chugged his cola. "He plays with us, now 'n again, like today, but he usually flies lonely. He likes it, although that shouldn't be an excuse for being a virgin- the Demonic Angel is more popular then all of us guys put together!" Chrono snorted. Waiting, waiting.

"Come on…!" he hissed through gritted teeth. She was so pale! But then, she'd looked pale coming in, and the dim lighting wasn't really helping. Still, bad lighting, bookish glasses (like his) and dyed hair couldn't hide the large eyes with long lashes, the pert nose, her mouth- nuh-uh, don't go there, D'Crusa. Tempting. Very, very…

"What the fuck!" He yelped, knocked back as she sat up with a small scream, her face going whiter. "How- what- what the-" her hands floundered at her hips looking- looking for- a gun! He hid his grin- if anything showed who she was, it was this! "You- no!" she scrambled up, backing away, her eyes blazing. "You bastard! I don't know who the hell you are, but this is horrible! How dare you-" He stood, but he was watching her aura. It was still dim, but streaks of her blue were showing in it again. Slowly, he stepped closer, trying not to bite his lip as she stepped back again.

"Ro-" he reached for her, his breath lost.

"No!" she shook her head, still searching for a weapon. She settled for clenching her fists. "G-get away! Y-you were dead!"

"Rika!" Mary jumped up, but Brad caught her arm.

"Don't." he made her sit down. "Chrono won't hurt her. He'd kill himself first."

Rosette stood, staring at the man before her, her heart twisting. He looked just- well, not just like him. He was older, but then, so was she- but he was dead! "NO!" she choked as he stepped closer. "NO!" his hair, thick and violet, it was longer, its tight twisted braid draping halfway down his back, his eyes- those eyes- red, gold, just as she remembered. "You were dead!" she took a step back, shaking her head. "You were dead! I- I was there!" His hand- long fingers- from playing guitar, she supposed, reached for her face, a flower reaching for sun. "I- you were lying there, after I kn-knocked Aion o-out, and-" the shaking wouldn't stop.

"Rosette-" he was a ghost! He had to be. Except ghosts looked like the person did when they died. "Rosette, I wasn't dead- er well, I kinda was- but not really- I mean, it wasn't time yet, so I got sent back- Aion was still causing trouble- he's in jail now- but-"

"No…" he was so close! Against herself, she answered the shy fingers on her face with her own, nudging is cheek. "You're dead- I know you were- I was there!" she croaked. Damn, she couldn't see! "Y-you weren't moving, and I- I tried to get you to wake up, but you wouldn't! And- your heart! I-It was b-beating but t-then, i-it slowed down, and I kept screaming, but no one would h-help." she sobbed, burrowing her face in the soft knit of his shirt. "You- you were so c-cold, and…" His arms pulled her to him, pressing her against him- he was so tall! She struggled for a minute, it was a trick- but beneath her ear, she could hear it.

His heart.

He was alive, holding tight, taking her ice and her shudders.


OH HELL! She shoved him away, gasping, her eyes flashing even as his widened in surprise.

"You- you- ! You were alive this whole time and you left me to MOURN for FIVE YEARS?! DID IT OCCUR TO YOU TO TELL ME?! JERK!" Her shriek silenced the other's chatting. Chrono stood, frozen for a moment before flushing red, his hands curling.

"I tried-"


"I never asked you to wait that long! You didn't have to mourn at all!" he snapped. "And I did try to contact you, dammit! I went back to the LABS for pity's sake! I didn't ask you to change your stupid name!"

"I had to disappear!"

"Well you did a pretty sass good job, Rika Saunders!"

"Shut up! It was that or following my father!"

"Yeah, but you didn't have to change your NAME! And you didn't tell Azzy or the others!"

"Maybe I didn't want them to find me either!"

"Oh, you wanted to forget all about us?" he paused, eyes softening.

"- Bastard!" Damn him! He could be as sympathetic as he like, he was still a bastard for not finding her, screw her name change!

WHACK! They both stilled, looking at her hand.

Russell and Mary stared, slack jawed.

"She-she hit him!" Mary croaked, covering her mouth. "Oh no-"

"Hey Guys!" the door opened and Mr. Remington stuck his head in. "You're on in a few for your combination piece, so make sure you're ready." He blinked, frowning at the duo standing back to back, their noses in the air. "Am I interrupting something?"


"He's just being stupid."

"I'm being stupid?!"

"Very!" Brad laughed, leading Russell and Mary from the room.

"Best let them be." Roy agreed. "We stick around and they'll be at it for hours."

"HOURS!" Mary squawked. Russell swatted her.

"He's speaking figuratively!"

"Nope." Brad shook his head as they passed the vending machines. "Chrono and Rosette have been known to keep stupid arguments running for days." he glanced over his shoulder as the other two followed, 'glaring' at each other. Remington grinned as they reached the stage doors. Beyond, they could hear the crowd, chattering, cheering.

"Big group." Rosette noted, swallowing. "I still get butterflies." Chrono smiled, leaning on the door jam.

"Me too."

"Shut up Mr. Super-popular."

"I didn't want to be popular. I wanted to be found."


"And go!" the door opened in a wash of blue smoke and the others rushed, yelling and cheering to the clatter of applause and whistles. Rosette hesitated, peering around the corner at the black before the brilliance. Chrono turned, halfway there.

"Hey Rosette?" He held out his hand.

"Yeah?" she took it, holding tightly as the smoke cleared, slithering around their feet.

"Are you mad?" One step, two steps, three steps, four.

"Damn right I am!" Out into the spotlight, together once more.

"Oh." She smacked into him as he stopped short, chewing his lip. What was with him! "Am I going to have to hit you again?"

"Since when did you ask?"


"That's my Rosette!" he whirled and planted a kiss on her lips.

Once again, they froze in surprise, eyes to eyes. Chrono swallowed, tugging lightly at her pendent.

"I missed you." he whispered, stepping close again. She nodded, dropping her forehead to his chest.

"Whooo!" the spotlight's eye shattered the cocoon of black around them, lighting the embrace like a New Years firework.

"Oops." Chrono squeaked, darting away as she lunged, murder in her eyes.


"Rika- Rosette!" Mary shoved a microphone in her hands. "Come on!" they'd run onto the stage! She tried to hide her blush as she stumbled to centre stage. Oh sassafras! There were so many of them, all chanting and cheering- she steadied herself. She'd done this tonnes of times! She opened her mouth as the music start, but the words were caught, stodged up like tears in a bottle. Why- another pair of hands wrapped around her microphone, another face next to hers.

"So you've come to this bridge, in an unfamiliar land

And you know it's a bridge you are going to walk on

And the only thing you know is

Everything you know

Will do you no good from here on." she shook him off, clenching the mike and scowling at him as he shrugged and backed away, picking up his own mike, mouthing 'as you like it.' as she took over.

"And the day that you spin
From your little cocoon-
Well, you can't be prepared
For the beauty you'll find there.
And you will find beauty,
In the toughest of places.
And I will be thinking of you out there."

"So pick up your bags.
Look around at your friends
And you know none of them
Would ever have enough strength
To cross the bridge and lose control…
I never felt this bold.
Never felt this good."

"And the day that you spin
From your little cocoon-
Well, you can't be prepared,
For the beauty you'll find there.
And you will find beauty
In the toughest of places.
And I will be thinking of you."

"Stay true to your nomad skies
Keep your eyes out for coyote.
A thousand secrets are lost
In the archival dust
So lay your ears upon the tracks."

"One day you will come back.
With wrinkled hands and grey hair.
And there you will stand on the spot
And you'll marvel how the place is still the same,
Though you are somebody else now.
Fly on butterfly."

"And the day that you spin
From your little cocoon
Well, you can't be prepared
For the beauty you'll find there.
And you will find beauty
In the toughest of places.
And I will be thinking of you out there."

"Well!" Rosette glared at him. "Some one stole my first song rights! Jerk! I don't know where the angelic part comes in, but-" she waited for the crowd to stop laughing. "It's my turn to choose now. Help if you can. If you know it, that is!"

"Be my guest." Chrono bowed, his gold eye sparking. Shit. She'd forgotten that.

She closed her eyes; letting the harsh spotlights scar her face, etch it before she opened her mouth.

"You and me we were the pretenders
We let it all slip away
In the end what you don't surrender
Well the world just strips away." Chrono leaned back a little, cradling the mike, his eyes hot on her face.

"Girl, there ain't no kindness in the face of strangers
Ain't gonna find no miracles here
Well you can wait on your blessings my darling
I got a deal for you right here…
I ain't looking for praise or pity.
I ain't coming round searching for a crutch.
I just want someone to talk to-
And a little of that human touch
Just a little of that human touch"

She straitened her shoulders, meeting his eyes with her cool ones, taking tipping her mike to him. He nodded with the cue and raised his own.

"Ain't no mercy on the streets of this town" He continued, shaking his hair from his eyes.
"Ain't no bread from heavenly skies.
Ain't nobody drawing wine from this blood.
It's just you and me tonight.
Tell me, in a world without pity
Do you think what Im askin's too much?
I just want something to hold on to
And a little of that human touch.
Just a little of that human touch." her heart bumped, and she slowly reached out her hand, curling it around his, putting her other hand on her hip.

"Well boy, that feeling of safety that you prize;
Well it comes at a hard hard price.
You can't shut off the risk and the pain
Without losing the love that remains
We're all riders on this train." she snapped, pulling away, yelping as she tripped on the cord. As usual, he caught her. Man, it was irritating! He pouted.

"So you've been broken and you've been hurt.
Show me somebody who ain't.
Yeah, I know I ain't nobody's bargain
But, hell, a little touch up and a little paint...
You might need something to hold on to
When all the answers, they don't amount to much.
Somebody that you could just to talk to-"

"-And a little of that human touch.
Baby, in a world without pity
Do you think what I'm askin's too much?
I just want to feel you in my arms
Share a little of that human touch.
Feel a little of that human touch.
Give me a little of that human touch…"

"Let's have a round of applause, ladies and gents-" the MC yelled, not that it was necessary, as he was barely audible over the crowds standing ovation. "Give it up for The Dynamic Sunshine Girls, Tiny Little Pond and Angelic Demon!"

They grinned, waving before heading back stage, hand in hand- after all, that's how they'd done everything, off and on for the past few centuries.



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Songs: "Kissing Rain" by Roch Voisine.

: "Beauty" by Shaye (Two Newfoundland girls in there! Yeah!)

: "Human Touch" by Bruce Springsteen. I've been wanting to put that one in for awhile, and now I could!

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-The end-