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The cliff seemed to drop off the face of the earth into a pit blacker than death, where the only visible features were upright rocks contrasted by the blue-silver glow of the moons.

Vash sat down on the precipice, letting his feet dangle over, sighing as they were gently manipulated by what was left of the violent winds that plagued the valley far, far below. To anyone standing up here, it looked so peaceful, but what they wouldn't see was that the seemingly calm haze at the bottom was a near-constant sandstorm. Beneath the surface of such a bleak landscape, turmoil tore that beautiful valley apart.

A soft expulsion of breath caught his attention, and Vash's head jerked around, right hand settling on his gun.

He relaxed when he recognized the casually standing silhouette. "Wolfwood," he murmured, seeing the following puff of smoke as ash fell to the ground.



"—Don't. Shut up, Needlenoggin. I did what I had to today."

Shaking his head, the black-clad priest sat down by the edge, taking a deep breath of smoke and blowing it out in a stream that lingered over the precipice and then was torn by the currents of wind. "Amazing, huh?"

Vash didn't answer. He opened his mouth, but then he closed it again, painting a smile over his face with a huge amount of effort. His eyes stayed on the windy valley. "Maybe...dangerous," he finally replied.

Wolfwood shook his head, leaning back and dropping the cigarette onto the ground, crushing its yellow embers with a rock. He sighed, shaking his head. "Ya always gotta crash the party, huh? Try lightening up."

Vash offered a sheepish smile that turned ironic. "Like you?"

Wolfwood smirked. "Surely there are better role models around."

Vash continued to stare out into the darkness. "You don't have kill. Anyone can change."

"I do what I think is right, Needlenoggin. No time to think about it. Hesitation is worse than anything. That kid today..." Wolfwood drew a very deep drag on his cigarette and turned away, trailing off, his voice stolen by the whistle of the wind.

Vash let out a slow breath.

Wolfwood surprised Vash with a friendly punch to his shoulder. "You're getting all brooding again. Don't. I do what I do because that's what I must do at this point in time. Soon I'll have the time to think. For now, I live by what I've been taught. We can't all throw our lives carelessly onto the table like you do, ya idiot. Soon... soon I'll have the time to rest and do other things. Not now, though."


But he waved as he turned around, dropping yet another spent cigarette to the dirt. "See ya around. Don't go and get yourself killed."

Vash nodded. "Same to you, preacher man."

The dark form shook with dry laughter. "Who me? Now why would I do something stupid like that?"

Vash sighed as Wolfwood disappeared in the distance. He should probably go in, too.

They'd all need to be alert for their journey to Tonim tomorrow.

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