Into the Darkness

"Oh, look!" Vash said.

They were the first words he'd spoken in a while, and the first ones he'd said with any enthusiasm in an even longer period. Knives looked up from his musings, sighing with relief he didn't let show. "What is it, Vash?"

His easily amused brother smiled a soft smile. "I didn't think about it before, but the suns are twins, aren't they?"

Knives rolled his eyes, glancing cursorily at the bright stars that shone upon this planet. "Yes, I suppose so. Just like us."

Twilight was imminent. The horizon, shuddering with heat haze, seemed to rise up to swallow the two suns in night.

Knives' tongue peeked out of the corner of his mouth in deep concentration as he worked on a project he'd been putting together for the last week. The pieces were scattered around him, each different type organized and placed in its preordained spot. Nice and orderly just as he liked it.


He put the project on the sand with patience and looked up. "Yes, Vash."

His brother clasped both small hands together, eyes wide and thoughtful, lips pursed in an expression of innocent curiosity. "If they're like us, which one's you?"

Knives looked up to the blazing sky, his answer monotonous and immediate. "I'm the big one. You're the little one trailing behind."

Vash crossed his arms and plopped down onto the sand wordlessly.

Knives returned to his project. Several silent moments passed.


He laid it down with a bit less patience this time, but his voice didn't show the change. "What is it?"

"Why do you get to be the bigger one?" Vash's small fingers picked up handfuls of sand and let them drain lazily back to the ground.

"Don't worry about it, Vash," Knives said.

Soon enough, Vash wandered off, fascinated by a slender, black reptile slithering across the sands. Knives did not pick up his project again. He sighed, looking up at the twin suns with a different perspective. He really was like the bigger sun. It was the brightest one, the one that burned this arid planet, where the child sun's light was refreshing and soft. The child sun tagged along behind the other one, its soft light helpless to diffuse the wrath of the larger one. It was the one that made the temperatures bearable before nightfall. It was the second sun that everyone thought of when they thought of restful light.

But as long as the little sun didn't have to become as violent and wrathful as its twin, Knives was sure the big one could bear the blame. The big one would have to, or the little one would be forced to take the burden. The little sun couldn't bear it.

Despite its best intentions, it was the big sun that led its twin into darkness.

There was no way to change the destiny of the paths they took across the sky.

Knives thought of reaching toward his project, but he just didn't feel the motivation anymore. A soft breeze blew across the sands, and as Knives stared into the blinding light of fading day, he felt inexplicably cold.

Author's Notes: It's not a drabble, and yet it's not a oneshot, really. It's...short! I've been thinking about Knives and Vash as kids a lot, I guess, and somehow I ended up equating the suns into it. (nervously laughs) Anyway, little Knives is so fun to write! Please Review! Cookies and cute little genocidal Plants for your thoughts? (innocent grin)

Edit: Gah, I just realized that the site's going nutty! I haven't been able to see updates to stories on the front page, and when I try to visit the chapters, it says they don't exist. Lol, just my bad luck. Is anyone else having this problem?