It was a foggy day in Tokyo it was 2 months since Godzilla had came and destroyed everything in his

Battle with Mega Godzilla who was at the G-force

Shop getting repaired. He had gotten beat trying to stop Godzilla from destroying the city. He had suffered a blast to the head trying to charge the absolute zero canon. Kim a reporter covering the tragedy was riding over to the site when no one

Would let her in because there was still a lot of radiation. But the fight was 2 months ago and the only blasts was from Godzilla and his blast don't

Have much radiation so she went to the head of the

Operation and they said people were complaining of huge holes so she went to one of them and it was huge and then she felt a quake then it stopped. All of the sudden another hole appeared and out of the dust was Megallon !

He started destroying the buildings were crumbling under his power. He seemed bigger and stronger than ever before. At G-force Mega Godzilla was done. Now stronger than ever before.

All his weapons were built stronger, and more

Durable. For Godzilla and his breath which destroyed the weapons in the first place. So he went to find megalon. Now they will test Mega Godzilla's strengths.

Megalon strikes first but it doesn't really affect

M-Godzilla so he went underground then he popped up thinking he was there but when he looked around no one was there when he turned around he got hit by the absolute zero canon. M-Godzilla went to see if he was still alive. He was but not enough to worry a bout so he went to fly away. But a storm started .lightning came down thunder, rain. Mega Godzilla scanned the air the ground everything was off the charts then he saw a familiar shadow he turned around it was Godzilla! At 150 meters and 100,000 tons he was bigger and from the looks of it

he was about double as strong. He was dark green and his spikes were dark blue. The final battle was about to begin.

Mega Godzilla goes in the air but is shot down by

Godzilla who has a stronger blasts. Then on the floor

Mega Godzilla remembers that he injured Godzilla's chest in the last battle. Godzilla walks over to finish

Him off. But is swept by m-Godzilla's tail.

Then he jumps on Godzilla then tries to again but Godzilla blasts his chests so he wont use his cannon

But it didn't hurt him. Mega Godzilla tries to tie him up and take him to the ocean but in the air Godzilla

Remembers last time and charges his breath and melts the wire and they both fall in the water and they continue on. Godzilla takes him and beats on him. But Mega Godzilla takes him and starts blasting

Him with bombs from his hands and lazers from his

Eyes then he used his absolute zero cannon.

After it was over Godzilla was gone he was then he heard a noise he turned around. And all he saw was dark orange it was the strongest blast he ever saw Godzilla use. And as he slowly fell to the ground he was thinking of what will happen. And as he watched

A wounded and hurt Godzilla walk away he slowly closed his eyes.