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Summary: Shopaholic Sakura is back! And this time, she's armed with a gorgeous diamond ring… because Syaoran proposed to her! Sakura is thrilled – so many choices, from Chanel to Vera Wang… But her marital bliss is soon overshadowed by the cons of being married – and she's not sure if it really is fab being married.

And… I'm back! With the sequel you've all been waiting for! (sure.) the sequel to In the Shoes of a Shopaholic!

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Shopaholic Walks Down the Aisle

Chapter 1 – Guess Who's Back?

Ok. DON'T PANIC. Do not panic.

Take a deep breath, exhale, without looking like a monkey… He said he hated… No, he said he liked… Oh my God, I am the world's worst girlfriend ever! I don't remember what my boyfriend likes! AHHH!

Hmm, may be I should buy both…. But that'll cost… Oh, the dilemma. If I buy this, he might really like the other one, and… vice versa! Oh, dammit, Sakura! Think, think… Oh. I can call him and ask him! Except… he said not to call him while he was away on business trips… He's in Australia right now.

Well, the first and last time called him when he was on a trip… I was on speakerphone, unintentionally… and let's just say that some old guys got to hear me talking dirty.

That's why it's so hard having such a busy boyfriend! But he's so hot. And we've been together for almost a year…

Oh, the hell with it, I'll just buy him both and give him the receipt. Or give the one he doesn't like to charity, or to Eriol. Oh, the possibilities. And I could ask him to buy me something in place of my lost money. So, it's a win-win situation.

But… he's always telling me about how I "waste my money all the time."

Like he has any right to say that! I mean, just 'cause I'm his girlfriend… and secretary. It doesn't mean he has to ban me from my passion.

I stare at the two shirts in front of me; one beige Ralph Lauren, and a deep green Armani. And there is also this tie that would look absolutely sexy on him with that other shirt I got him last week…

Wait. He uses Armani aftershave, so he must like Armani… But may be he only likes the fragrance? I don't know. I'm really lost.

Then an idea hits me; call Eriol, Syaoran's best friend! Yes!

So I set the two shirts on my arm, take my cell phone out from my chic Chanel purse and dial his number. He answers after five rings, and when he does, all I hear is a baby wailing and screaming. "Call-me-back!" his strained voice yells. Then he hangs up.

It takes me a while until I put my cell phone back. Well then… I'll just buy both. And that tie. Only… Syaoran once complained that I buy him too much stuff. But that was only once. Plus, it's kind of good to spoil your boyfriend. I think. Yep. Besides, these things will only add up to…


No way. Two shirts and a tie? I make a quick mental calculation;

Ralph Lauren - $124

Armani - $ 224

Sexy tie - $100

Bullshit. No way. What a rip off! It's all for my sexy boyfriend! There should be a discount for buying your hot boyfriend stuff. Then Syaoran's voice echoes in my head so realistically, I actually flinch. "I don't need any more shirts." I could so imagine him say that. Hell, I just heard him say that.


I whip around, only to come face-to-face with my boyfriend.

The Syaoran Li.

He smirks, his gorgeous amber eyes crinkling along with his lips. He bends down, takes the items and places it on a random counter. "What are you doing here?" I ask, my mouth wide open in disbelief. Syaoran shuts my mouth by lifting my chin. "Aren't you glad to see me?" he raises his eyebrows. "Well… you're supposed to be in Australia! And you said you weren't going to be back until tonight!" I say carefully. He shrugs and conceals my lips with his for a brief moment.

Mmm. He tastes like coffee…

"I didn't want to risk missing the party, so I ordered a private jet," he grins smugly. I roll my eyes as he holds my hand and leads me out of the shop, then out of Saks 5th Avenue. Empty handed. I don't believe it.

As we walk through the parking lot, I casually ask, "Syaoran, you know those shirts I was looking at? Which one did you like?" He stares at me. "Which one was which?"

"Well, the beige one was Ralph Lauren and the green one was Armani."

"Armani," he says without hesitation, looking at me weirdly.

I knew it!

Wait… shit. Now that I think about it…

Oh yeah. He went out with Ralph Lauren's cousin, Blond Bitch Longlegs… I mean, Emily Lauren. DAMMIT! Well, it's hard to remember someone you've only met like, once, and… hated to her guts.

Darn it.

I should just start a list of what he likes and hates.

I glance over at him as he puts on his Armani shades. Wow. He's so hot. He reminds me a bit of Orlando Bloom, and the really young version of Tom Cruise.

Well, he's so hot, I once secretly doodled "Sakura Li" on my memo pad while receiving calls at his office. Then he came in, and I'm not sure if he saw it or not… It was pretty big and obvious, with hearts and doves and everything. I hope he didn't because, I mean, I only wanted to see what it looked like! I don't want him getting wrong ideas, you know?

Well… also… I wondered about… our sex life. I mean, if we can go that far when we've dated for a year, how far can we get if we're married?

A grin breaks out on my face at the thought, but I don't drool. I'm just curious, after all. And I'm a mature woman. I mean, sure, it'd be cool having a diamond ring to show off, and to be able to say, "This is my husband: You know, a girl can dream.

Oh my God. I momentarily forgot about my boyfriend being the modern-day Obi-Wan Kenobi. Shit. I hope he didn't hear anything…

Syaoran wordlessly opens the door to his new, shiny black Porsche for me, and as I get in, I make sure to take a whiff of the air. I scowl at the unpleasant smell. As he gets in, I smack his arm. He frowns. "What was that for?" "Smoking, you pothead!" I say, waving my hand in the air. He rolls his eyes, laughing. "I think I'm entitled to one smoke a day, if you remember my job." I pause. "Well, yeah… but still! What if I die from secondhand smoke?" I retort, watching him laugh.

"You'll be widowed before we even get married!"

Oops. That just sort of slipped out.

Syaoran looks over at me with interest, and I blush in embarrassment. I don't know what he's thinking though, because you see, unlike him, I'm a normal human being. He wordlessly pinches my cheek, kisses it and begins to pull out of the parking lot. Oh God. Awkward moment there…

"So?" he finally speaks up, as normal as he ever is… If he really is normal. "What did you get for Eriol and Tomoyo?"

Glad of the change of topic, I start excitedly, "Oh, you know, something every married couple needs!" Oh shit. I screwed that one up.

He doesn't seem to notice, to my relief. "And what's that?" he honks irritably at a slow-going Benz in front of us. "Well," I say, glancing at him nervously, "I got them cool clothes that look gorgeous together! Like, Tomoyo's and Eriol's outfits will look… married… yeah…" I trail away, noticing his smirk.

I flush as he nods. "Very thoughtful of you. Clothes. I would have never expected it from you."

"Oh, shut up!"

He grins boyishly. And oh man, is he gorgeous. He's like, all the good-looking Hollywood stars in one. Those sunglasses make him look like one. I just wanna…

"I know I'm hot and all, but it's pretty hard to focus on the driving if there's sexual tension going on right beside me, darling," he raises his eyebrows at me. I fluster. Here we go with the "Darling" again… He even called me that before we went out. Seriously. The guy's a hypocrite. But a very sexy, loveable one, too…

After stopping by at his flat then mine, we pull over at Eriol's place; a huge, ancient, antique mansion that's been in his family for years. It reminds me of Syaoran's family house, but this one's got a more European feel to it, with the old English style design and all.

Although Eriol and Tomoyo don't like having maids and butlers, only a housekeeper, a gardener and a nanny, today is an exception. They've hired ushers at the grand doors and security all around the property.

The garden's decorated lavishly with flowers and candles, and I see bartenders and musicians. As the ushers greet us, sign us off and let us in, two butlers take our gifts in. The foyer is normal, but the corridor leading to the living room is decorated beautifully with bouquets of flowers, spelling out "Happy Anniversary."

I can't believe it's been a year since they married… And that Syaoran and I have been together for almost that much. I jump as I hear a familiar screech from the living room. When we get there, I watch in amazement as Tomoyo holds up a giggling little Danny, her bare arms and Marc Jacobs shirt wet with… baby burp.

She turns to look at me with a evil look in her eyes, but they soften as she grins. "You're here! Can't believe Syaoran actually took an early plane," she raises her eyebrows as Syaoran shrugs. "Today's a special day," he says, bending down to say hi to Danny.

I can't help but smile at the sight of Syaoran with babies. It just seems so… nice. He grimaces as Danny holds his fingers, leaving streaks of chunky liquid on them. "Yeah… I'll just leave you two to look after your… female duties," he pecks me on the cheek before dashing out of the room. Tomoyo and I start giggling helplessly. "Well, I need to change – again," she rolls her eyes. "This is the third outfit of the day. I might as well just stay naked."

"I think Eriol would be happy with that," I smirk as she wipes Danny's messy face and fingers with his shirt. I follow her up the stairs and into her huge, personal walk-in closet.

Eriol turned his empty storage room into a closet as Tomoyo's birthday treat. Isn't that just sweet? I hope Syaoran does that for me... I'll just have to hint it out for him. Casually.

I blink as Danny is thrust into my hands and Tomoyo wipes her hands in a towel from her pockets. "God, I just need to… chill," she sighs. "But Danny here isn't really helping." She sticks her tongue out at her baby son, who giggles again and coos.

God, I just can't get used to the fact that Tomoyo has a baby. And that she has her own family. It's just… weird.

"Sakura," she calls me, snapping me back to reality, "I think we should start getting ready." She grins excitedly. "You could give the baby to Eriol for me, please," she turns around to find our dresses. I give Danny a smooch before heading towards Eriol's study. The baby coos and reaches up to my face, his chubby (and smelly) fingers pinching my nose as I knock on the door with my foot.

The door swings open, and I meet Syaoran's dazzling amber eyes.

He gazes at me with an unreadable expression (like it's ever readable) as he watches me pull Danny's fingers away from my nose and into my hand. A warm smile etches across his face as he bends down to kiss me then Danny, and steps aside for us.

Eriol pokes his head out from behind the couches, grinning and raising his glass of wine. "What's up," he stands up and greets me. ""We're going to get ready, so you and Syaoran can take care of Daniel here," I hand the baby over to Syaoran, and he manfully juggles him and his own glass. "We need to get ready too; the reason we have a bloody nanny is for situations like this," Eriol scowls. "Tell that to her," I shrug. I wave at Danny, kiss Syaoran and head out.

At last.

It's time for the party.

All the guests are here; our families, friends, colleagues… Eriol told the security to ban all press members, because he hates being on papers.

Syaoran's talking to my dad and Tomoyo's parents. I can see Touya, my annoying big brother, and his wife, Kaho, talking with Syaoran's sisters. I sip my wine and realize Yelan, Syaoran's mom, is coming towards me. I nervously smooth out my chic, light green dress (Vera Wang) out, waving at her. She smiles and comes over to me.

Man, she's so elegant… But she's also got this intimidating aura to her… No wonder her son's like, Obi-Wan.

"How are you, Sakura," she hugs me before taking a look at me and nodding. "You look healthy and well, as usual." I grin, "So do you." There's a pause, and I can hear the band playing a lively tune that reminds me of Fall Out Boy. "It's beautiful out here," she takes a look around the garden. "It is," I nod, taking in the view of the fountains and lanterns.

Before long, Syaoran comes over to me and kisses his mother, holding my hand. "Tomoyo wants us to dance," you know, he says to me, draining his champagne. "Oh?" Yelan smiles, "Go ahead, I'll just busy myself with other people."

As she walks away, Syaoran gives me a full kiss on the lips that makes me giggle. "What were you talking about with my dad?"

"Oh, I told him about how you spilled coffee on me again," he smirks, emphasizing the 'again.' I blush. We met by me spilling coffee on me, and him making my buy food and tea for him to give to his bodyguard. And my dad finds it hilarious. "I also told him about how Eriol and I became best friends by punching each other in the face." "Yeah, then you two were both like, "No one's ever done that to me before!"" I mutter, sighing. Men.

Syaoran grins. "We always thought I'd be the one to marry first," he says lightly, but I nearly choke on my wine. "But it turns out we were wrong," he sips his glass and turns to me, a curious, innocent sparkle in his eyes. "How 'bout you and Tomoyo?"

I cough, smoothing out my hair and nearly tripping on my high heels. "Well… we… always knew Tomoyo would be the first to go…" Quick. I need to show him I'm not some desperate girl wanting to marry him! "And… we always thought that I'd wait at least… five years after I settled in my job," I nod approvingly. I'm good.

He suddenly starts to choke on his drink, nearly spitting it out. "You're not serious," he says disbelievingly. "You want to marry when you have graying hair?"

I knew he wasn't serious.

"I'll be twenty-seven, and I will have all my ahir, thanks!" I fluster, draining his glass after mine. I wave at Syaoran's four sisters… who might ruin my outfit by hugging me again.

I glance at Syaoran, who's absentmindedly running his hands through mine. After a moment, he wordlessly smiles and kisses me.

And for the rest of the party, we party with Tomoyo and Eriol, not saying one word about marriage.

No that I care. Really. Yeah.

Don't you believe me?

Chapter 1 – Guess Who's Back? - End

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