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UPDATE: "Vampire Hunter" has been uploaded!

Short Summary: Syaoran gazes at me with shame and struggle. I close my eyes and pull him towards me. "Let's commit something unforgivable…" With that his sharp teeth plunge into my throat, filling the air with the scent of blood…

Full Summary: Sakura is a Vampire Hunter in a future world where scientists have tampered with human DNAs to create half-humans. Five years ago, every experimental half-human broke free from the labs and cells, blending into the human population. Therefore, it is now up to the Hunters to track them down and kill them. Sakura believes it is right to hunt down vampires… until a horrifying incident awakens her from the pretence of it all – she slowly uncovers the truth behind how and why half-humans were created, and why they escaped. With fellow Hunters and half-humans hot on her tail, she sets out with her partner, Syaoran, with a goal to discover the truth and define what's right and wrong.

Genre: Romance / Drama / Action / Adventure (plus bits of humor, of course :D)


+Vampire Hunter+

Chapter 1 Sneak Preview

"The guilty one is not he who commits the sins, but the one who causes the darkness."

- Victor Hugo

It is 3000 A.D. – the Era of Chaos. The world is completely different from what it was in the past. Cities, towns and villages in every country have their own "time"; some cities are composed of up-to-date technology, some towns use concepts and knowledge from 2000 A.D., and other villages rely on ancient traditions and knowledge. However, half-humans such as vampires and werewolves were becoming a threat to everyone, regardless of where they lived.

As technology advanced, scientists were able to alter DNAs of human beings to become "special." This caused riots across the world, led by those who opposed such scandalous experiments. The scientists never revealed the reason for creating these "creatures." Consequently, on a fateful day known as the Crimson Night, every half-human held captive in the labs and cells broke free, killing and destroying everyone and thing in their paths. Many lives were lost, and most of the research done in the labs was destroyed. So, these half-humans now roam freely among us, unnoticed – until their monster side consumes their human sides. It's been five years since these creatures escaped.

And it is the duty of "Hunters" to track down dangerous half-beings and ensure they don't harm civilians. I, Sakura Kinomoto, am a specialty Hunter – I specifically target those who crave for blood. I am a Vampire Hunter.

Author's Note: This is the opening part of the first chapter... that's why it's pretty short. I don't want to give away the entire chappie, soo... But I think this is pretty descriptive and gives a clear overview of the story. It will be written in Sakura's POV, by the way.

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Shopaholic Walks Down the Aisle is officially complete now!

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UPDATE: "Vampire Hunter" has now been uploaded!