This is a little drabble type thing I did one day. It's really not much. I have not run it through any spell checks and such, so there are errors.

This contains no real spoilers, but it is best viewed after reading volume 17 of the Fruit's Basket manga.

Shigure stared into space instead of the paper tauting him on the desk. The house was abnormally silent. Yuki had been held up by another student council meeting, and Tohru and Kyo had gone shopping. Shigure had tried to take the oppritunity and get some writing done, seeing as how the deadline was comming soon. That meant another chance at ruffling the feathers of his editor. But, in order to acomplish that task, he has to finish the book first.

Shigure's eyes slowly unfocused. He then let loose a loud sigh. The one time the house was quiet was the one time he could not come up with anything for his new book! Normally his own slew of tangled emotions were enough to fuel his plots, but today nothing wanted tostep foward. He leaned back in the chair, carefully balancing a pencil on the end of his nose. It only occupied him for a moment (for he performed the manuverdozens of times every day) and it failed to stir up anything useful in his mind.

He remained in the same position for a few moments. Now he was slipping into bordom, and he could not have that.

Shigure supposed he could always invent a new way of killing Kureno...

No. That was an event that would only ever take place mentally, and if he could not perform the acts, then what was the point of dreaming them in the first place? No, the private joy he got in killing Kureno would have to take place some other time. Right now he had a deadline coming towards him.

His eyes roamed around the room. The wallpaper was starting to fade in a most unpleasent manor. He would have to get it replaced soon. Shigure hung his head, forgetting about the pencil as it rolled off his nose and onto the floor. Where would he ever get the money for a venture like that?

Oh...right...the book he was supposed to be writing. Shigure looked down at the paper again with new purpose, and realized that he had not finished the sentence. Quickly, he bent over and picked up the pencil, and with a small flourish, added the missing period. Shigure grinned, giving himself a mental pat on the back for a job well done. At this rate, he would be done in no time! Now, to start the next sentance...

Suddnely, he heard the sharp swoosh!of the door being slamed open.

"Stupid rat!" Kyo screamed. Shigure let out another dramatic sigh.

"Idiot cat." Came Yuki's voice. It seemed as if the three had meet on their way home. The argument slowly escalated in tone. Thanking whatever gods there were that they did not have neighbors, Shigure set down his pencil and rose from the chair to go try and calm them. Inside his mind whispered wistfully, there went the lovely silence.