Hi Everyone-

Okay, this document doesn't technically constitute as a 'story'…yet. But it will, if you help me. Okay, what I want to do is make a Doctor Who/ House, MD crossover story. And it's going to be pretty good, I hope, but I do want to make writing this fic worth my while. So, what I need you to do is leave me a review if you would be interested in reading a House/Doc. Who story.

I know it seems kind of bizarre and maybe even conceited of me to ask before I start writing, but like I said before…I mean, if I'm writing this story (which always takes forever), and only two people are reviewing it, I wouldn't want to spend my time on it, because if no one's reading it I can spend my time on a different story! (Long sentence, sorry. Expect quite a few of those.)

Thank you so much and please review!