"Boy! Get your lazy ass down here right this minute or I'll beat you so hard that you won't be able to walk for a week." Vernon yelled while slamming his fist into the wall to prove his point.

Vernon began to tap his fingers on the stair rail slowly at first but as his annoyance grew so did the speed of the tapping. His foot joined in the rhythm as well, clearly showing his aggravation. The boy was not hurrying as fast as Vernon would like. Oh, he is going to pay, thought Vernon. He is probably intentionally doing this to me. He knows that I have a meeting that I have to attend. Vernon looked at his wrist watch. In twenty minutes.

He looked up as he heard fast paced footsteps on the stairs. "About time boy." Vernon growled.

Vernon looked at his sad excuse of a nephew. He was sporting a bruised cheek in the shape of a handprint and a cut lip. He deserved it, Vernon reasoned.

"Sorry, Uncle Vernon," Vernon growled. "I mean, Sir." Harry said showing respect, even though Vernon didn't deserve it.

"Damn right you better be." He grumbled giving Harry a stern look.

Harry averted his eyes. He couldn't stand looking at that pasty whale of a man. Sometimes, when Uncle Vernon got angry, his face would go from a pasty white to a peaky red. The color was quite funny but it was dangerous all the same. Harry knew to avoid his Uncle at all costs when that occurred. But most of the time, Vernon came looking for him.

"Well, boy?"

Harry looked up at his Uncle; he had been staring at the floor.

"Did you hear what I said?" Vernon barked. Vernon grinned viciously, he had a feeling that dear Harry hadn't been paying attention to him. Oh, he was going to have such great fun with the boy.

"No, I didn't Sir, I'm sorry." Harry whispered with fright laced in his voice. Harry dropped his gaze, staring at a particular red spot on the floor. That brought back memories.

Vernon growled to himself. The boy wasn't paying attention again. I guess I am going to have to teach him a lesson. He looked at his watch. I can spare a few minutes, he thought.

Vernon gripped Harry's arm as tight as he could. He was beyond mad, he was downright pissed. Harry looked at his arm in Vernon's tight grip and then at Vernon's eyes. He was like an animal and his face was peaky red.

Harry gulped. He had missed the transition from pasty white.

Vernon dragged Harry back up the stairs, purposely knocking Harry into the wall as many times as possible. Vernon threw open the bedroom door.

He grinned sadistically at Harry as he threw him on the bed.

The door slammed closed.

"NO!" Harry screamed as he sat straight up, banging his head on a student's trunk. He wiped the tears from his eyes but the tears kept falling as much as he tried to force himself to stop.

"Don't think about it, Harry, don't think about it." He mumbled to himself as he tried to get resituated to fall back to sleep, hoping there wouldn't be any more bad dreams or memories.

Harry was jerked from his sleep when the train came to an abrupt halt. He lifted his arms in a catlike stretch and yawned for all that he was worth.

"I think something's back there." A voice said from outside the luggage compartment.

"And why would you think that Weasley?" Malfoy chided.

"Malfoy." Ron growled. "If you must know, I heard something back there." He pointed in the direction of the closed door.

"Ron, don't start a fight." Hermione commanded.

"Yes Mudblood, better keep the Weasel in check." Draco laughed.

Ron made to take a step forward.

"Ignore him." Neville said.

"I'll try."

There was laughter from the Slytherin's.

"Drake, why are we standing here when we could be enjoying the wonderful feast that's waiting for us?" Pansy whined, putting her arms around Draco's waist.

"Weasel, here, believes that something horrifying is in the luggage compartment." Malfoy said, grasping Pansy's arms and stepping out of her embrace.

Pansy snickered, "Oooh is the Weasel scared of the kitty cat's and birds?"

Ron shouted, "I am not."

At the same time Neville said, "Let's check it out."

"Gryffindor Golden Boy." Blaise coughed.

Neville growled but took a step forward and pushed the luggage compartment door open.

"It's just a boy." Hermione said gazing at Harry, who was looking at them as if they were provided for his entertainment.

Draco scoffed, "Just a first year."

An indignant look crossed over Harry's face but it disappeared before anyone noticed it. Or that was what he thought.

What was with that look? Thought Draco.

"Are you okay, boy?" Neville asked.

Harry shuddered. That phrase was too close to how Vernon talked.

"Well, boy?" Said Ron, gaining his confidence and cocky attitude.

Harry nodded and stood. "I'm fine."

"Why are you in here?" Draco said, gesturing to their surroundings. "Can't afford a real seat?" Everyone laughed. "Oh, wait. They are free. You must be dirt poor if you have to sit with the animals."

Harry stayed silent. He walked past all of the taller students but paused at the door as if he just remembered something, "I'm a sixth year, like you all, for your information." Everyone's mouths dropped open in shock. "If you even care."

Harry whispered to himself, "No one ever does."

"What does that mean?" Asked Hermione concerned.

"I'm always invisible." Harry walked away.

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