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CHAPTER 1- Clouds and downpour.

Saturday, after detention.

As soon as Claire is alone in her room she lets out a happy scream. 'I can't believe I kissed John Bender', she thinks. 'He isn't as mean and tough as he wants everyone to think.' She walks over to her dressing table and sits down. She admires herself in the mirror and raises her hand to her ear. She looks at the lone earring and a slow smile breaks out on her face. However, her happiness doesn't last for long. A loud crash is heard, coming from the hall downstairs, followed by the angry voices of her mom and dad. Claire closes her eyes in an attempt to tune out the heated fight downstairs. But her attempt is mostly in vain and she catches parts of their argument, voices carrying up the stairs.
"Detention! I can't believe her, it's your fault you know. You encourage her to do stupid things and always give her permission to go out when she shouldn't. You're a damned horrible influence on her, what gives you the right, huh!"
"I'm a bad influence! Look at yourself, it's just after five in the afternoon and your already drunk."
"I only drink to endure YOU!"

Claire glances out the window, the sky is filled with dark, nasty clouds. 'How fitting', she thinks. She can still hear her parents downstairs, but the words seem to bleed together. She gets up and changes her clothes, pulling on a pair of jeans and trainers. She opens her wardrobe and picks out her brother's hooded sweatshirt. It makes her feel safe when she wears it. Grabbing her door key off her dressing table, she leaves her room and runs down the stairs and out the front door without her parents noticing.

She doesn't really know where she's going, but somehow makes her way to the park. Just as she enters the gates, the sky opens up and rain drenches her in mere seconds. However, Claire is not deterred and instead of leaving, she heads towards the swings. She sits down, shoulders slumped, and head lowered facing the dirty tarmac. With a pain-filled sob, she lets go and there is no longer only rain sliding down her cheeks.


"You good for nothing piece of crap, go get my dinner ready!"
'Ah, just another wonderful afternoon in the Bender house', thinks John as he smiles wryly. He subconsciously fiddles with the diamond stud in his ear while deciding whether or not to just leave. His decision is made when he hears his father yelling in the other room. "Where's Johnny, huh? Where is that little punk?" John grabs his long, grey coat and scarf and hurries to his bedroom window.
Without even thinking, he opens the window and jumps out, landing heavily on the grass. He lurches up and runs from the house while pulling on his coat and scarf. One thing John knew was that you could never be too ready for whatever might happen, hence the warm clothing if he spent another night outside.

Once he had run three blocks from his house, his pace slowed until he was walking along the road quite calmly. 'What did I do to deserve a father like that?' John asked himself. All of a sudden, it starts raining, full-out pelting rain and John sighs dejectedly but carries on walking. He is headed for the park. The only safe place he knows.

Minutes later John reaches the gates of the park and upon walking through them notices someone else in the park. 'Probably just some stoner-chick waiting for their dealer', he thinks. He moves forward, towards the sheltered slide and awkwardly climbs up the slide and sits himself under the protective roof. He lights a cigarette and slowly inhales the soothing smoke. John pulls his coat tight around himself and closes his eyes. He can hear the angry rain pinging off the tin ceiling above him, and another sound. Quiet, but noticeable. He opens his eyes and looks over towards the stranger on the swing. 'Is she crying!', he thinks. He watches intently and notices the way the girl's shoulders shake. Curious, he drops his almost finished cigarette to the ground, slips off the platform of the slide and carefully makes his way over to the girl on the swing. 'Damn my caring and curious nature', thinks John. As he gets closer he sees a peek of face and a mop of wet, red hair.