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Chapter 8- Confrontation and Girl Talk

School was almost done for the day and Claire had arranged to meet up with Allison at her house later. She had so far managed to avoid her old friends, but it was inevitable that she would have to deal with them at some point.

Sure enough, just as she was dumping books in her locker at the end of the day inevitability reared it's ugly head in the form of her four 'bestest friends ever!'. So Claire was surrounded by Melissa, Crystal, Georgina and Heather and they looked like they were out for blood.

"Why weren't you at Chubby's on Saturday? And where were you at lunch Claire? I mean, Samantha Jarvis said she saw you with a bunch of losers! One of the nerds and a pothead! But I knew it wasn't true, I mean like no way would our Claire ever do that. They're just so pathetic and you would never ruin your reputation for—" Melissa was interrupted by Claire who couldn't stand to hear anymore.

"Shut up! I don't give a damn about my reputation!" With that outburst from Claire the hall went silent as everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to watch the fight as Claire continued.

"I'm not some idiotic little airhead! I'm sick of following you guys around all the time and listening to all the crap you spew out. Those losers happen to be my friends, something you aren't and never were. And as for what you think of me, I really don't care! I finally see that you guys are the real losers", shouted Claire. She looked each of them in the eyes, daring them to say anything. All of them were speechless and Claire nodded to herself as she shut her locker and walked away. A few members of the crowd wooped and some congratulated Claire as she made her way out of the school. She felt so relieved and so much lighter. A weight had been lifted and she felt free for the first time in a long time.


At four thirty, Claire arrived at Allison's house and rang the doorbell. A few moments later, the door opened to reveal Allison with a grin on her face.

"Come on in, we can go up to my room", said Allison shutting the door behind Claire and then guiding her up the stairs and into her room. Allison's room was amazing; there was a mural painted along one of the walls and the others were covered in sketches and other pieces of art. Claire thought they were beautiful and she told Allison so. They settled on the window seat and Claire slipped off her shoes, getting comfortable.

"So, how are things going with Andy?" asked Claire. Allison smiled before answering her.

"Things are…good. He stood up for me in front of his friends so…I thought that was kinda cool of him." Allison blushed and Claire nodded. "I thought we could spend Friday evening here, cause my parents won't be around and we could just hang out. What d'ya think?"

"Yeah, it'll be fun. We can rent a couple of movies and invite the rest of the club over. I can bring some food if you want? Like chips and dip, easy stuff…"

"Sure. You and Bender looked…cosy at lunch today." Claire's cheeks flushed a deep red and the girls laughed before Claire replied.

"Mmhmm, he's been nice since Saturday at detention. Well, since the end of detention…" spoke Claire, the smile drifting off her face as quickly as it had come. When she looked back at Allison there was uncertainty in her eyes.

"You don't think that he…I mean he didn't really mean what he said, did he?" She asked Allison in a small voice that made it sound like she would shatter at any moment.

"Come on, I mean he was just angry and when people get defensive they say horrible things. He was purposefully trying to hurt you, but I don't think he really meant any of it", said Allison, reassuringly. Claire nodded slightly, looking out into the distance.

"So I saw you take Andy's patch on Saturday…" said Claire turning to Allison with a teasing glint in her eyes.

"Haha, yeah. I don't think his dad was very impressed with that. But y'know, I had to have something of his. Oh yeah, before I forget…" Allison got up abruptly and pulled her bag up onto her bed, rifling through it obviously seeking a certain something. She threw the object at Claire, who caught it and turned it over in her hands before a puzzled look crossed her face.

"A switchblade…" observed Claire.

"It's John's," she said, answering the unspoken question as she sat back down, "I took it during detention…He might want it back." She explained with a mischievous look on her face. "I'm sure you'll see him before I do."

Claire blushed and tried to contain a laugh, which managed to escape anyway.

The girls continued to talk happily for quite some time. Claire teasing Allison about her disappearing 'black shit' and Allison impersonating Claire's previous friends.

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