This story uses copyrighted characters of which I do not own(DUH

This story uses copyrighted characters of which I do not own(DUH!). In the very unlikely event someone who actually owns them reads this, don't sue. This is like free advertisement for pokemon, so I don't see why anyone cares.

is pokespeach. [] is a pokemon talking in that weird way like entei in the third movie, which I think is telepathic speech. A clearer way is that it is a pokemon talking that humans can understand . This means thoughts.

What happened? thought Midnight. What was that weird pokemon?

Midnight lifted herself up and started to stand up. Then she realized that she was already standing fine on four feet. Looking down, she saw a black paw where her arm should have been.

There were never supposed to be three, but the other two were greatly feared. Five as the evo, without one all would suffer. Balance through the-

What did that mean? Three what? What are evo? Most importantly, balance through what?

And what am I?

Midnight started to walk back to her town. At first it was hard, but she got the hang of her legs surprisingly quick. She soon felt confident enough to run.

Racing along the path, Midnight realized that she was moving far too fast. Maybe whatever pokemon I am is just a really good runner, she thought hopefully. Like a rapidash or something.

Clinging to that thought, she sped into town.

"What is that?"

"Looks like that legendary pokemon, suicune!"

"Suicune isn't black, stupid!"

"You know what I mean! It looks like one. Color doesn't matter!"

"Looks more like a umbreon"

"Since when are umbreon that big?"

People! Panic raced through Midnight Wait, why am I so scared?

I'll deal with this later. Maybe Prof. Hemlock can help.

Midnight sped towards the pokemon reserve and lab.

[Prof. Hemlock!] called Midnight. [Prof., Hemlock I need to talk to you!]

"Who-what are you?" said Prof. Hemlock, coming out of his house "And what are you doing here?"

[I don't really know]

Hemlock stared at Midnight in shock and disbelief. "Maybe you should come in." he said.

Walking in, Midnight saw her reflection in the mirror. Stopping, she stared in surprise at the stranger. She was black, her body like a suicune or umbreon. She had markings like an umbreon, save that they disappeared completely when she tried to dull them, and glowed bright when she told then to. On her back rose dark wings, which she twitched experimentally.

"Come along," called Prof. Hemlock, and Midnight followed him.

So, does anyone have any guesses to what evo are? How about what Midnight is now?