Despite the fact I am writing about pokemon, I do not own them

Despite the fact I am writing about pokemon, I do not own them. That is why this is called fanfiction, because it is stories written about the show/book/movie/cartoon strip/ etc. that we like but do not own (otherwise this is what would be happening ON the show). And may I add, DUH!

According to the reviews, the legendary things are dogs. And entei and raikou do look like dogs. However, since I don't think dog is all that good to describe a very wild creature that runs away so it won't be caught, I'm calling them wolves.

"I'm going to go to the library to see if I can find out what you are. I think I've seen you before." said Prof. Hemlock once they were inside. "Stay."

What does he think I am, a growlith? thought Midnight, annoyed by his command, but she didn't move. She was very tired and tried to lie down and go to sleep, but she was too scared. Oddly, she felt more worried about Hemlock and his assistant, who's smell was clear, then she did about the fact she was turned into something, something that was probably a pokemon.

Pacing back and forth, her streamer-like tail lashing, she tried to reason with her fears. I'm just overreacting. I'm so scared I'm getting spooked by normal things. Besides, I've never smelled humans before, so I might just need time to get used to it.

After what seemed like an eternity, Prof. Hemlock came back, holding a huge book. "I think I've found your species," he said, opening it to a vague picture, without much detail and the colors blurring. It was also dark, and the creature was half-veiled in shadow, so the picture was mostly worthless, but it had the same basic proportions as Midnight, and the wings coming out it's back were the same.

[what do you know about it?] she asked.

"Although I couldn't find it's name, it was the connector between the legendary birds and the legendary wolves, the connector between the air and land, much as Lugia is the connector between the air and sea. Without it, the legendary wolves and the legendary birds separated. It was killed, supposedly, by people, for the crime of being a dark-type pokemon. Many people hated dark-types back then. But seeing as you are here right now, that part of the legend is clearly untrue."

Prof. Hemlock smiled "But further research will need to be conducted. If you are the same one, then the legend is may be discredited. But if you are reborn, it will be irrefutable proof for of the theory of reoccurrence vs new evolutions!" he said excitedly "Not to mention that no legendary pokemon has ever been caught and studied. I will be the most renowned researcher ever! Even bigger then the legendary Prof. Oak! Do the legendary wolves really have the abilities to alter their surroundings? And this is new insight to the many rare pokemon that exist here! If I could find out what drew you here, I might discover what draws many rare pokemon here! I might even find a way to force rare pokemon to appear in certain areas!" by now, Prof. Hemlock was raving.

Midnight took a step back. She had no wish to be studied![I have to leave now] she said nervously.

"You aren't going anywhere!" shouted Prof. Hemlock, reaching into his pocket. Midnight could guess what he had. He pulled out a masterball.

Ah, the masterball. The very best ball available. Given only to pokemon researchers and, on very rare occasion, trainers. The Holy Grail for any pokemon trainer, and the ultimate nightmare for any pokemon: a pokeball that could catch any pokemon without fail.

Although her mind had no intention of being caught, she could have tried to explain that she was really a human. But her instincts took over. At the sight of that tiny soon-to-be-cage, she bolted like a spooked rapidash.

Can anyone guess what evo are yet? If anyone is wondering why Prof. Hemlock is acting like this, the answer is in his name. See if you can guess it.