The Revival of Meredith Grey

Disclaimer: Do not own any of Grey's Anatomy. There are a few characters who are my own, though.

A/N: None of the stuff in the finale happened. Meredith, Derek, and Addison are 'friends.' Derek and Meredith are still flirting, though. And medical terminology is definitely, definitely made up!

Chapter 1: Looking and Suffocation

He was looking at her again. Damn it, he wasn't supposed to be doing this. He was married, and she was his intern. His dirty ex-mistress of an intern, but an intern to be sure, and he never looked at Izzie or Christina like this. But no, Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd persisted in looking at her with those searing blue eyes that could melt you. Melt you into you gave in and went out with the attending, woke up with the attending, and even worse: fell in love with the attending. An attending who happened to be married, though he failed to mention that early on. It was only when his perfect, Isabella Rossolini look-alike wife showed up that Meredith Grey had learned this. He hadn't signed the divorce papers; McDreamy had decided to try to save his marriage with his adulterous wife. So she was learning to live with the empty consequences, but still, he was looking at her. He had no right to be looking at her anymore. Seriously. She was trying to round here, to listen to Alex's presentation of a new patient, but Derek was watching her. They both needed to be watching, and listening to Alex. Stop it. She wished he understood. Actually, she sorta knew he did, but chose to ignore it. Such was the nature of the oh-so flirtatious, annoyingly persistent, slightly clueless Dr. McDreamy. Make that Ex-McDreamy. They were through, though, even if he wasn't letting go. Meredith was trying, but these blasted looks of his weren't helping anything. Finally they were done with his patient and ready to move on to another. As soon as they left the room, she could breathe again. No more of that suffocation that she felt these days around her ex-boyfriend and current boss. Or bosses' boss.

Christina Yang, Meredith's best friend, gave her a strange look as they followed their resident, Dr. Bailey (aka "The Nazi), down the hall.


"Is McJackass being a jerk again?" That was Christina's new nickname for her friend's ex. "He didn't take his eyes off you. Seriously. He needs to lay off. You want me to talk to him? You were practically hyperventilating or something."

Meredith couldn't help but smile at Christina's new nickname, or at her tone. "No, yes, I don't know. I do wish he'd just leave me alone. He doesn't make it any easier."

Meredith was about to continue with the train of thought when they arrived at the next stop. This time, she was presenting. She stepped to the front, picking up the chart. "Dana Matthews, age thirty-four. Diagnosed three years ago with spinal meningitis and arythimic ekeinithma of the lower atrium of the heart. The meningitis was treated with a combination non-affectioal drugs that primarily worked and the patient has been on anti-laminates ever since. She checked in for reoccurrence of spinal inflammation as well as difficulty maintaining consistant pulse and breathing rates."

Dr. Burke nodded, clearly pleased with Meredith's understanding of the patient's history and the case. "So, Dr. Grey, how would you recommend proceeding?"

Meredith looked down at the patient, and thought for a moment before answering. "A series of cardiac pulse tests, especially reistams, an ekg, and a strained manastoic diagnostic. Maintain a steady stream of oxidative drugs, and depending on what the tests and labs show, possibly perform a restorative tissue dactomy."

"Very good, Dr. Grey."

Since Meredith's patient was last on the list, the interns began to scatter to do the million things they had to do.

"We'll continue this discussion later," mouthed Christina as she began to head off in the opposite direction as Meredith, who had to go set up the tests for Ms. Matthews.

Meredith rolled her eyes but nodded, knowing it was inevitable with Christina anyway. Actually, discussing it with her fellow was nowhere near as bad as feeling it, or recapping Derek's sexy, I-want-you look mentally. So maybe she would be better off talking about it. Deciding to push it, and him, out of her head, she determinedly went off to start the day.