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Chapter 11: Startled Dominos

After exiting Josh's room, each of those in attendance went their own separate ways, filled with their own separate thoughts. Naturally, the news of Meredith's secret marriage would not stay secret for long; no one really expected it to, because there was no such thing as a secret at Seattle Grace. Nonetheless, all of them, with the possible exception of Alex who was Alex, wanted some time to process the information with which they had just been confronted. So off they went to try to get through a day that really was unlike any other they had ever confronted. All of a sudden, one of their own was, well, maybe not that anymore. Sure, they all had secrets, and sure, Meredith had kept her affair with McDreamy under wraps for a brief amount of time, but somehow nothing quite compared to this one. Nothing could, or would, be the same now…

Christina Yang was shocked. Like seriously, seriously shocked. So she went to find a quiet OR where she could go over everything and think. After all, it wasn't everyday that her best friend, her person for God's sake, revealed a long-lost, completely unknown husband. She wouldn't admit much of this to anyone, but she was a little hurt. A little hurt that she hadn't been let in on such a huge freakin' secret. Clearly, there was an entire part of Meredith that no one, not even herself or McDreamy had gained access to. She smirked to herself as she mentally recreated the image of Dr. Shepherd's expression as Meredith announced that the John Doe was, in fact, her beloved husband. After a few minutes of mindlessly playing with surgical instruments, Christina decided to go and find Burke, partially to share the news, partially, to well, get to talk about it. Ewwww. Great. Stupid Meredith. She's made me all girly and want to share some feelings or something because she has a husband that she failed to mention. Even though I'm her person. Damn her. With those thoughts, she headed off to find her boyfriend.

Isobel Stevens, unlike her fellow intern, was having no trouble whatsoever expressing her thoughts. She turned to George, who like her had to go pick up some labs. "Bambi, seriously? Did we just see and hear what I think we did? Meredith, of all people, married? How crazy is that? I mean of all people… Let's be honest here, ever since McDreamy, monogamy has not been her strong suit."

"Izzie," replied George, a little more sharply than he had intended. "Maybe, for once, just for once, we should leave her alone on this one. She has to deal with everything, literally everything publicly and somehow I doubt right now she needs her friends whining because she didn't tell us about it. Have you told us everything about your life before Seattle Grace? So why don't we just back off the gossip train for a few minutes and let her be. She'll tell us whatever she wants when she wants." George was not really in the mood to deal with Izzie, so he picked up his labs and went down the hall, leaving his best friend slightly shocked at his reaction. A/N: I've decided that Meredith and George hadn't slept together, btw. That way he can actually say something like this. He felt a little bad, but right now he just wanted to think about Meredith's revelation. Just needed some time to process the idea that Meredith, the woman whom he loved from afar, was someone else's forever. Dealing with her affair with Dr. Shepherd had been hard enough, but this particular revelation stunned him in an entirely different way. Sighing to himself, George went off to discuss the results of the test with Dr. Bailey.

Now, Dr. Bailey had seen a lot of things, and usually wasn't surprised by anything. Displeased, sometimes, such as when she had caught Meredith and Derek naked in his car, but not out-of-the-world shocked. She was Bailey, after all. But the existence of Meredith's husband, that caught her off guard. She wouldn't let anybody know it, of course, but still, she was taken aback. Shaking her head, the resident couldn't help but wonder how this would affect everyone. Not to mention how one intern's private life inadvertently was anything but, and how Meredith would deal. Underneath her hardened exterior, Bailey did care about her interns and wanted them to be ok. She suspected Meredith would do fine with this- or at least she hoped so. With that final thought, she attempted to put Meredith Grey's personal life in the back of her mind and went to practice some medicine.

While everyone else was contemplating the turn of events, Alex went about being his usual ass of himself. He didn't really care, truth be told. Just some more gossip about Grey, that's all.

There was one more person who, more than anyone else, would have to deal with the repercussions of Joshua's appearance. Mostly, Dr. Derek Shepherd would have to reign in the emotions pursing through his body as he exited his patient's room…

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