Ohmygee! First GOG fanfic in the catagory. Pretty excited. :D um. enjoy what I have so far?


"Are you frinking stark raving yoicks!" The small barn owl shreed loudly, flapping his wings rapidly to stay a float. His dark eyes widened with fear, "Infiltrate the Pure Ones? Oh, for Glaux's sake, we'll be killed!"

"Not necessarily…" A calm female voice reassured him, belonging to another barn owl, "We can fool them. We have no motive; we do not come from the Ga'hoole tree. What would they think of us but two owls looking for somewhere to stay?"

"Racdrops," The other hissed, "Utter and complete racdrops! Sprink on the Pure Ones! We should mind our own business."

The female narrowed her eyes, shaking her head, "Reg, you have a beak on you that would make Glaux ashamed. We have to do what's right; we could be slipgizzles for the Great Tree of Ga'hoole! We'd be famous! Known throughout the kingdoms!"

"Is that all you're after...? Fame?" Reg muttered, eyeing her steadily, "Your crazy schemes have almost gotten us killed and this…this is just…the most…yoickish idea you've ever had!" He shuffled his talons, getting a firmer grip on the tree branch he was perching on, "I wonder about you Kale, I really do. This ain't exactly gunna easy."

"When is anything easy, Reg?" Kale said with a shrug of her wings, eyes glittering with excitement, "So tomorrow?"

"Fine…tomorrow. I can't believe I'm goin' along with this Glaux-forsaken idea of yours." He sighed, "I'm going out for a hunt." He lifted off, "It might be my last!" He said dramatically, flapping silently away.

Kale watched him go, a small churr escaping her beak. He had to have more faith then that.