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"Okay, so once the ritual begins both of you," Willow turned to Angel and Spike, "will have to stay inside." Buffy and Cordelia continued to paint the symbols from the text on the Wiccas bodies. Giles had wanted to do it himself, but Cordelia had put a stop to that.

"Umm, I think not. They need these little squiggly lines all over and you are not getting near another woman's naked body. Are we clear?" She stood with her hands on her hips and Giles fought for all he was worth to keep from laughing.

But Spike and Oz were in total agreement with Cordelia for once. "I can't say I wouldn't rip your head off Rupes if you came near Tara with her clothes off." He turned to Oz. "Am I right?"

Oz shrugged. "Well, if I had a preference…"

"Fine, but this has no sexual connotations, this is for a very complex spell." He looked to Tara and Willow. "You do understand?" He was starting to feel quite uncomfortable.

"Of course." Tara defended the watcher, she turned to the two younger men. "This is to save the world and you're concerned with Giles seeing our breasts? He knows the text better than anyone. I mean if there are any inconsistencies in the transfer…"

Willow saw Spike's jaw tighten and Cordelia's eyes get all squinty so she spoke up. "Alright, a compromise. Giles will do our backs and arms while Buffy and Cordelia watch so they can get the hang of it and then they can do our fronts." She smiled at her problem solving skills. "Sound like a plan?"

"Yes my dear, sounds like a very good plan." Giles rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Are we all in agreement then?"

Spike went to Tara. "Love, it's just that…hey! Put a towel over her bum there."

"Spike, really, you know what we are doing here is of the utmost importance and you just have to relax." She turned to Giles as Cordelia returned with two very large bath towels. "Well then, let's get started."

Willow looked over at the watcher as he prepared to begin. "Hey, who's gonna paint Giles?"


The ritual was long and difficult, but with Giles, Willow and Tara conducting the spell and Buffy standing guard, it went off without too many problems. The one thing no one expected was the fact that once the sun made its' reappearance the earth would make its' orbit in record time, twelve minutes to be exact. Which gave demons world wide little time if any to move out of its' path. It took almost a month for it to settle on its' proper course.

It had been just over a year since the sun had returned. The ritual had set a series of events in place that would change life as they had known it for the whole previous year. Once the sun had made it reappearance the earth made its' orbit in record time, twelve minutes to be exact, which gave demons world wide little time, if any, to move out of it's path. It took almost a month for the planet to settle on its' proper course, and when it had at least half the demon population had perished with the unexpected dawn and as the sun rose the rift in the world began to repair. The sun had begun to heal the gaping wound in the sky and it stopped the constant influx of new demons. The human population was still greatly diminished, but at least there was hope and fractions of fighters began to pop up all over the world. There were still plenty of demons to battle, but at least humans had a good chance and were taking their world back.


Buffy stood in the shade of the roof top overhang and watched as the sun began to rise over the horizon. She would never take this miracle for granted again. Angel's arms wound around her waist pulling her close to his body. He kissed her neck and took in her scent. "Mine."

She chuckled. "My, aren't we feeling primitive today. Must be all that cave man sex last night." She twisted around in his arms to look up at his face. His beautiful face. Mine, she thought to herself.

"Mmmm, must be."

She sighed against his neck. "I will never get tired of being in your arms." Buffy turned back around to look out at the sky. "And I will never again complain about the sun coming through my window too early in the morning."

"Did you ever think we'd be here?" She turned to look at her lover, her husband as far as she was concerned.

"Living the high life in Sunnydale?" He smiled down at her.

"You know what I'm talking about. This bizarro world, fighting the good fight everyday and loving each other every night." She twisted around in Angel's arms again and faced him. "Are you happy with me baby?"

He held her tightly and chuckled. "How could you even question that? You are my everything sweetheart. I can't imagine my life without you, here or in the old world. And in the old world I don't think we could've been together. Too many things would've kept us apart." Angel rested his chin on the top of her head and closed his eyes. "I may be the most selfish bastard in the world, but I would not trade a single day here with you for ever going back there Buffy." She felt him shrug. "Do you think less of me because of that?"

Buffy couldn't help the giggle that escaped. "Oh my god, I feel that same way every single day. I was just too ashamed to ever verbalize it." She burrowed deeper into his arms. "You are more important to me than anything, ever. Guess that means we'll never get to heaven, but I can live with it 'cause every time we make love, every time I wake up in your arms, everyday I'm with you," she took a deep breath of his scent, "well, I'm already in heaven."

Angel bent down and took her lips with his, kissing her deeply. "For me too baby, for me too."