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#15- Touch

It had been so light, so delicate that he almost didn't realize they touched when she passed by him absentmindedly. He wouldn't even have given it a second thought had the chilling shivers not coursed down his spine.

At first, it had slightly shocked him, leaving his body completely rigid. The feeling had been almost too overwhelming for him to not act out in some way or form in his usual manner. The thought had occurred to him that maybe he had been caught off guard and struck with an electrical attack of some nature, but it wasn't until the feeling sizzled out into a dull shiver that he finally understood what had happened. That one second of skin connection had left him utterly frazzled. Had the girl cast a spell on him?

No one seemed to notice that he fell back farther from the group then normal, but it couldn't be helped as he slowed his movements down. His body tingled with a sensation he never knew existed. It was so strange and unfamiliar. Just the way he hated it.

Sophia turned her head slightly around, smiling pleasantly at her comrades. There was Peppita to her right and Fayt to her left. They seemed cheery compared to the more than frustrated Maria to Fayt's left as she tried desperately to understand the even more frustrated Marietta. From what she could hear over the communicator, as well as everyone else she supposed, the Diplo's navigator was having trouble dealing with an over excited Lieber. Seemed he was displaying some dramatic scene on the ship about what Maria was doing and if she would be back soon.

It caused a choked giggle to vibrate the back of her throat silently. He was very much so a drama king.

Cliff, Nel, and Adray were trekking leisurely behind them, discussing matters unknown to her.

Yep, everyone was there except…where had Albel disappeared to?

Sophia raised her brows in suspicion. She could have sworn she had just seen him mere moments ago.

Turning her head fully around, the brunette caught sight of the Black Brigade captain several meters away. Was something wrong with him? It wasn't normal for the knight to stray too far from the rest.

Sophia looked up at Fayt, seeing if he had noticed, but he was more preoccupied with the other woman to his side.

Slowly she stopped completely and waited for Albel as the others passed on by her. No one seemed to really have taken in that she had stopped, or perhaps they just didn't really care. Either way, it didn't bother her that much as it usually would have.

As Albel neared Sophia, he halted just a few feet away, given necessary distance from the center problem. At first Sophia picked up on nothing wrong until he lifted his gaze from the ground. For a moment, she became stock still as their eyes made contact. There was a glimmer of something unknown to her in the knight's crimson orbs, but it was gone just as quick as it had appeared.

Sophia dubbed herself delusional as a smile graced her face.

Albel's once unreadable expression slid into his usual scowl.

"What do you want girl?"

His voice was so gruff. Not nice, but amusing in a comforting way.

"Nothing really. Just wondering why you were so far back."

Albel scoffed. "And why does it matter?"

Sophia shrugged, placing her hands behind her back. "Just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong," she spoke candidly.

Albel's frown deepened. "Mind your own business worm."

Sophia slightly pouted as he began to walk pass her, but as he did, their hands collided gently against each other for a moment. The same shock that had made Albel's spine tremble snaked around his body yet again. He didn't quite understand, but this girl sure made things complicated. A smirk twisted his features. It was only her that did this though.

Sophia watched the knight head for the group at his normal pace; shaking off whatever had been bothering him earlier.

Slowly, she brought her hand up towards her chest. It tingled. A small smile split across Sophia's face, before she soon dashed off, catching up with her departing comrades. What a lovely day.

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