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# 22- Jealousy

He, Albel the Wicked, was not a jealous man. Maybe selfish, but certainly not jealous. He had nothing to be green-eyes over anyways. He had it all. At least, he almost had it all.

Damn! Did she have to sit so close to him? And did she have to giggle at every, single, stupid joke he told? Albel didn't even understand the so called 'punch line.' How was it funny if he didn't understand it? It was oblivious to his mind.

And she always had to reserve that special smile for him. The one that was full of innocence and acceptance. She always had to touch his arm in that affectionate way; letting him know that she cared and was worried. She even said his name with nothing but love! Yet like he had stated before, Albel was not a jealous man.

So, he watched as the boy always sat close to her and told only jokes she knew. And he watched as the boy always gave a smile that flushed her cheeks and tried hard to pretend that, that wasn't something he wish he could do. He even watched now as the boy touched her affectionately, wrapping and arm around her tiny waist, bringing her body closer to his.

No, Albel wasn't a jealous man. That word was merely too light for what he felt as she always and forever found comfort in a boy that couldn't choose who he truly loved more.

Envious was a good word. It was stronger than jealousy. Sure he had everything; everything but loving warmth to keep him company on lonely nights when his dreams were the worst.

Yes, Albel was an envious man that desired the one thing that was always out of his reach. She was always dangling right in front of him, twisted within the palm of another. That young brunette girl named Sophia.

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