The Last One

By Blessed Eternity

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Chapter 1: Haruno Sakura

This was where it all began… A few locks of pink hair fell over her eyes whilst the rest of tresses were tied into a perfectly shaped bun. She slowly, yet gracefully pushed the bangs aside from her eyes. The room was filled with smoke that escaped the pipes of wealthy men and women. Sakura slowly shifted around in her seat as she waited for her introduction. After so many painful times of being sold, from one to another, she was sick of fearing who would bid for her with the highest price. She simply saw no point in fearing anymore. She knew everyone was waiting for her name to be called.

"I know you've all been waiting for this prized possession to be bid off," A male announcer spoke loudly. Sakura's eyes remained on her folded hands that were placed on her lap. She'd been sitting behind the tissue paper screen for merely an hour. She was always the last item to be sold off. "The last of the 4 Japan Beauties, from the famous Haruno Geisha House, Haruno Sakura. As of today, she still stands as a virgin."

Sakura stood silently as she walked onto the stage from the screen. There were awes and gasps as some men looked at her with passion filled eyes, and women with their eyes filled with envy. Indeed she was beautiful just like her other 3 sisters had been, before they passed away. She hated how the announcers worded it. The last of the 4 Japan Beauties, from the famous Haruno Geisha House, Haruno Sakura. It may not have been worded exactly the same every time, but they made it sound like she was one of the most wanted geishas ever. But the fact was, she wasn't even a geisha. Her family specialized in the teaching of geisha talents, but yet, they made her seem no different from a geisha.

"Starting bid, 5,000,000 yen!" The announcer began. And so, it seemed to start all over again. As Sakura stood silent, listening to people discussing the high price.

"6,000,000 yen!" A random bidder shouted.



"20,000,000," A broad, masculine voiced calmly. Everyone's eyes roamed over to the man who dressed himself entirely in black attire. Even Sakura was surprised to hear such an outrageous price.

"20,000,000 yen? Going once, going twice, sold! To the gentleman in black," The announcer happily stated. Sakura glanced at the man that bid such a high price for her. He was very handsome. His spiky dark bangs covered the side of his face, while his dark obsidian eyes glanced into her jade lens. His eyes never left her

Right after the bid, Sakura was taken to the widely known Uchiha mansion by carriage. She sat silently across from the man in front of her. After a few minutes, the carriage stopped. He carefully opened the door and offered Sakura a hand to help her out of the carriage. She gracefully accepted and stepped onto the ground with guidance of his hand. She smoothed out her kimono, making sure it didn't ruffle. As they entered the huge household, the man who bought her was greeted with the name, 'Itachi-sama' by the maids. She could see a woman and two men in the room. One of them looked almost exactly like this man named Itachi, but he looked slightly younger.

"Itachi, this is the woman?" One of the males spoke.

"Yes," Itachi replied. Sakura held her stoic face as she followed Itachi deeper into the room so they were closer to what seemed like his family. "Sasuke, this will be your new wife."

Sure she felt like an item when he stated the word this instead of she, but she couldn't help but flinch when she found out she was going to be wedded so soon. She looked up to face the man that was known to be Sasuke. His eyes were filled with outrageous anger. She did nothing more but stand there with nothing to reply.

"Where is she?" Sasuke angrily demanded to know. Itachi turned to his younger brother with a smirk on his face.

"Didn't you say she was merely a servant girl?" Itachi stated slyly. Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows in anger. Sakura began to wonder who he might've been talking about. "So the rumors were true? You were madly in love with her?"

"Why do you have to take everything that's precious away from me?" Sasuke nearly screamed.

"I'm not doing it intentionally," Itachi remarked.

"He's right. The Uchiha name must not be scarred. No Uchiha could ever marry a servant girl," His father stated.

After the argument in the living room the first day she arrived, she knew she wasn't going to have a good time living here. The wedding was to take place in an hour and Sakura was yet to be ready. She stared down at the traditional wedding kimono that was laid on her bed early in the morning. She sat on the bed beside it, with her fingers trailing the beautifully embroidered textures. The red silk with golden thread made the outfit astonishing. Her eyes landed on the red and white colored fan that looked hand sewed with great craftsmanship. She didn't understand why it was there. Suddenly, a knock appeared on the door. Her eyes darted to the entrance and immediately, she was relieved to see a familiar face.

"Hinata," Sakura quietly greeted.

"Sakura-sama," Hinata replied. Hinata followed Sakura everywhere, ever since the Haruno Geisha House disaster. She didn't care if Sakura didn't belong to the high class anymore. They were friends till the end. "The wedding will begin soon. We must get you ready."

Sakura simply nodded in reply as Hinata began to help Sakura into her wedding kimono.

The wedding ceremony seemed brief and short. But even so, many that attended were part of the Uchiha clan as well. Sakura noticed that everyone wore attire that consisted of the hand sewed fan on their backs. It must've symbolized the Uchiha clan. Soon enough, Sasuke's mother, Mikoto had escorted her back to Sasuke's room. She was told to wait for Sasuke there. She entered the room and took a seat on the floor by the table whilst waiting for her now, so called husband to arrive. Just as she seated herself, Itachi's words replayed in her mind. Remember, after the ceremony, you'll be a free woman. You won't belong to anyone. But, after you wed, you must do everything the Uchiha mansion requires you to do as the wife of one.

It was like being a slave and a free woman at the same time. But Sakura didn't care. At the word free, she was already overjoyed on the inside. She wouldn't be sold… Wouldn't be treated as an item any longer…

Night has fallen upon the town of Konoha. Sakura was still seated at the small table, waiting for Sasuke to arrive. She let out a sigh and stared over to the bed. Did she really have to do this? Suddenly, the doors slid open loudly, and Sakura's head turned instantly to see who came in. It was no other than Sasuke, holding a bottle of sake. He held the stench of alcohol as he wobbled his way inside. He was definitely drunk. Sakura stood up and bowed her head as he entered.

"Sasuke-san," Sakura greeted. Sasuke's attention averted to Sakura.

"It was you! Your fault they sent her away!" Sasuke angrily raged. Sakura stared at him for a moment, standing still. He suddenly came charging at her, pushing her against the wall close by. "Why did you have to come along!"

Sakura was terrified. All she could do was stare at him in shock as she began to tremble immensely. With all her strength, she pushed him off her, with him landing on the mattress beside them. She made a run toward the door, with his hand suddenly catching her wrist. She jolted and quickly brushed it off. She tried to open the door, but it was locked. No… No! Sakura fidgeted with the door and began to panic. She turned around to see the condition of Sasuke. She was relieved to see that he was drunk enough to fall asleep on the mattress. She panted as she released a soft sigh and headed back to the table. She was definitely not going to sleep on that bed with him tonight.

The sunlight shone through the windows as Sasuke's eyes tightened in the view of light. He finally gave into the light and opened his eyes. They were blurry, probably from all the alcohol he consumed at his wedding. My wedding…Sasuke darted up and was met with a sharp throb in his head. He sneered and held his head to relieve the pain. He looked down to himself to realize he was still dressed in his wedding outfit. His eyes traveled around the room to see a pink haired female sleeping soundly on the table. She was also still in her wedding kimono.

He stood up and walked over to her, continuing to hold his head for relieve. He gave her a small kick on the thigh to wake her. Still, she showed no sign of movement. He kicked her again and her eyes fluttered open. Sakura looked up to see Sasuke right in front of her. Suddenly, she remembered what happened last night, and fright took over her body once more. She quickly backed away from him, her back meeting the wall. Sasuke continued to stare at her strangely until he finally received glimpses of what he'd done to her last night. He kneeled down beside her and stared into her eyes. She quickly looked to the side to avoid his gaze.

"You're terrified. How pitiful," Sasuke menacingly remarked. He got up and left the room.

Half an hour later, Sakura found herself sitting in the Uchiha dining room, having breakfast with the family. She was seated next to Sasuke and everyone was just quiet. She took small bites of the rice cake that was on her plate.

"So Sakura, did you have fun last night?" Itachi nastily stated. Sakura's head quickly lifted to face a smirking Itachi. She didn't know how to respond to such a comment. Looking around for help, her eyes landed on Sasuke. He gave her a cold stare, signaling her not to tell them what really happened. She simply gave a nod to Itachi and forced a convincing blush onto her face. Both Mikoto and Fugaku laughed at Sakura's convincing shyness.

"Welcome to the Uchiha family, Sakura," Mikoto smiled. Sakura nodded once again.

Sakura began to head back to the room she now shared with Sasuke until she heard a voice from behind her.

"Sakura," Itachi stated. Sakura swiftly turned around.

"Itachi-san," Sakura greeted. Itachi walked up to Sakura.

"I know you were lying at the breakfast table," Itachi bluntly stated. Sakura stared at him in shock. "He'll calm down soon. I want you to treat him well."

With his last words said, he turned and walked away.

It was night already, and Sakura was told to prepare Sasuke's towel and night clothing for him to go to the bathhouse. And so she did. As Sasuke entered the room, she held out his neatly folded towel and clothing for him. He gave her a queer look before accepting it and exiting the room. Sakura sighed once more as she took a seat by the table. Hinata joined her and sat across from her, pouring Sakura a cup of tea.

"Thank you Hinata," Sakura affirmed.

"Your welcome, Sakura-sama," Hinata replied.

"Did you make yourself comfortable here yet?" Sakura questioned sweetly. Hinata smiled in reply and shook her head.

"Not yet," Hinata quietly stated. Sakura sighed and took Hinata's hand.

"Me neither. But I don't want the maids to treat you badly. Don't take any orders unless I'm the one giving them. Understood?" Sakura questioned again.

"Hai," Hinata simply responded. Sakura let go of Hinata's hand and stood up.

"Well, at least you have a bed to yourself," Sakura enviously stated. "You could go now. You're dismissed."

Hinata stood up and bowed, slowly finding her way out of the room. Sakura sighed, wondering where she was going to sleep tonight. She walked over to the vanity table and seated herself in front of the mirror. She took the small pins that held her bun together out of her hair so that it fell onto her back. Her pink locks were now wavy, hence holding a tight bun on her head all day. She pulled the pink locks from her back to one side and tied it into a low ponytail. She stood up once more and untied the small obi around her waist. She pulled the first layer of the thin kimono off, revealing a thin white layer underneath that hung loosely over her shoulders. She carefully began to slip off the second layer until she heard a voice that abruptly came from the doorway behind her.

"What do you think you're doing?" Sasuke asked sharply. Sakura froze and quickly pulled the white undergarment over her shoulders to cover her bare back. After holding the layer tightly around her waist, she turned around to greet Sasuke.

"Sasuke-san!" Sakura frantically greeted, afraid for what he saw. "I-I was just changing into my night garments."

"Hn," Sasuke simply replied. "There's a changing screen over there."

Sakura obediently followed his directions and picked up her night garments to go change behind the screen. Sasuke made himself comfortable on the bed and soon Sakura walked out from the screen. She stared at Sasuke on the bed and didn't know what to do next.

"I'll go get the futon," Sakura suggested awkwardly.

"Hn," Sasuke replied. Sakura scurried around the room to look for a futon and finally succeeded when she found it behind the bed frame. She pulled it out and laid it on the floor beside the bed. Just as she was about to go underneath, Sasuke got off the bed and seated himself on the futon.

"Sasuke-san?" Sakura questioned.

"You can have the bed," Sasuke quietly stated. Sakura smiled a bit and did as she was told. She climbed under the sheets and rested her head on the pillow. The room was already dark and just before Sakura closed her eyes to go to sleep, she stated "Arigatou, Sasuke-san."

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