The Last One

By Blessed Eternity

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Chapter 5: Tenten-san

After breakfast ended shortly, Sakura followed Sasuke into the training area where his sensei was supposedly waiting for Sasuke's arrival. As Sasuke and Sakura made their way to the slightly distant area, Sasuke clutched his katana tightly.

"You should really just go back to our room," Sasuke stated.

"I have nothing better to do," Sakura shrugged.

"Hn, take this," Sasuke stated, halting suddenly. He turned around, grabbing Sakura's right hand roughly, secretly sliding a short metal object up her sleeve. She instinctively accepted the gift, not sure as of why Sasuke gave it to her in the first place. They arrived at the Uchiha training grounds shortly to find the doors to the dojo opened. Sakura can make out a figure of a man with long black hair standing by the doorway. She followed the Uchiha closely, precautious of what would happen.

"What kind of man is he?" Sakura softly whispered.

"A dangerous one," Sasuke simply replied. She nodded as they approached the dojo. Then, she could see his face clearly. Purple lines were clearly marked on his eyelids, and his skin was white as snow. He held a sneaky look, with the deadly stare of his golden eyes.

"Ah, Sasuke-kun, it's been a long time hasn't it," The sannin spoke.

"Hn," Was all Sasuke could reply.

"And you brought, I presume, Mrs. Uchiha?" His snaky voice sounded. Sakura looked up and gave a small bow in greeted. "What a beautiful young lady."

"Arigatou," Sakura stated.

"She has manners as well, young Sasuke-kun. You could learn something from this young lady," The man teased.

"What do you want Orochimaru," Sasuke bluntly stated. The man simply leaned against the edge of the door with his arms folded.

"Is that really the way you want to address your sensei?" Orochimaru questioned, sarcastically hinting sorrow in his voice.

"You're not my sensei," Sasuke corrected.

"Ah, let me correct that. Your former sensei," Orochimaru avowed.

"Well get to the point. What are you here for," Sasuke solemnly stated. Sakura continued to stare at the two men's secret argument.

"I see you forgot about that favor you owed me," Orochimaru snickered. His eyes glanced at Sakura for a moment before quickly returning to Sasuke. "I might have an idea of what I want now."

"Come back when you make up your mind," Sasuke rudely demanded. He turned around to leave, with Sakura following. Suddenly, a massive grip held onto Sakura's wrist, turning her around. She let out a small gasp before feeling a light brush of fingertips under her chin. The snake sannin was face to face with her, his eyes penetrating her own.

"I won't forget you Sakura-chan," Orochimaru slyly vowed. He smiled and brushed pass Sakura, following the path to the exit of the Uchiha mansion. Sakura stood in shock for a moment, and suddenly came back to reality. She took small steps out of the dojo, heading toward Mikoto's practice room. She slid open the doors to the small practice room, greeting by small hands tugging her to enter the room.

"Sakura-chan, you're late!" Mikoto shouted as Sakura troubled herself from being unable to balance herself from the impact of Mikoto's pull.

"Gomen, Mikoto-sama," Sakura apologized sincerely.

"Well, what are we waiting for? I've bought you the perfect kimono for Itachi's event! I want you to try it on. Hinata's waiting for you by the accessories over there," Mikoto urged, giving Sakura a light push toward the pale eyed servant girl.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm horrified to say that it has been over a year since I updated. I had to reread my whole story and I realized how horrible my writing was just one year earlier. OO Well I'm continuing the story now, 12/3/07 and that top portion was probably written a year ago but never completed. I don't really like it, but I'm going to keep it there anyway. Please try to ignore the sudden difference or change in writing style that may be conveyed in the future chapters. I've completely forgotten my research about geishas and kimonos so I probably won't be using the correct Japanese terms anymore. Also, the characters personalities are highly likely to change because of this one year absence. I also apologize for this chapter being so short because it was an unfinished passage from last year that I meant to update but never did.