Nobody even dared visit 1428 Elm Street anymore. A lot of people had claimed that it was haunted or something, but other people just thought it was really eery and just.. didn't like it. Children hardly ever visited the house in their dreams anymore, untill that one fateful night.

Holly had suddenly found herself at the house. She didn't know how, but she knew she was there. Her parents had told her not to go there, but Holly had always been just a bit curious. Now though, the house loomed before her, and she felt a shiver down her spine. She didn't think she would ever beable to pluck up the courage to actually go inside.

Holly gasped suddenly and turned around. A couple of kids in white clothing were playing jump rope and singing a song.. Holly couldn't quite make it out, though. She walked past them, keeping her distance, and found herself actually entering the house that she had always feared.

She'd always acted like she didn't fear the house; her friends did, and Holly supposed she did aswell, but she tried awfully hard not to show it. Now though she was terrified as she stepped foot into the house that her mother had told her to stay away from.

For a moment, everything seemed fine. Holly relaxed; why had she been so tense before? There was nothing to be afraid of. It was just some old abandoned hole of a house..

"I wouldn't go saying that about my place."

Holly jumped and spun around. Her heart sank. A tall man wearing dirty brown hat red and green sweater came walking slowly towards her. He tapped his foot impatiently on the floor boards and laughed cruelly at her.

"Hey, Holly. Shouldn't you be in bed right now?" The man said, and Holly was horrified to see that he was wearing some sort of claw on one of his hands. Holly stood frozen for a moment and the man seemed to be getting even more impatient. "Okay, come on, clear out! I've been working all day and I need my sleep." He grumbled, rolling his eyes.

Holly was shaking, her heart pounding in her ears. She stepped back and tripped up, falling flat on her back. Wheezing, Holly tried to get up again but found that the man had her cornered. He came into the light and Holly saw his face. She couldn't hold back the tears.

The man groaned as Holly began to scream. "Okay, I asked you nicely," He said, as Holly got up. He then lunged at her but Holly tried to run. Unfortunately, the room was so dark that she couldn't see, and so she ran straight into the wall.

The man stood over her and smirked. "Okay, Holly. Bye bye, now." He said, and began hacking her to bits.


A while later, Freddy returned to his bedroom to find Nancy sitting up in their bed, staring at him. Freddy knew she was half asleep and so he climbed back into bed and turned off the light. "Another one?" Nancy whispered, rolling her eyes in the darkness.

"Yeah," Freddy yawned, "But I dealt with her. Go back to sleep."

Nancy shrugged and lay down to sleep.

There were no further interuptions that night.