Freddy arrived back at the hotel at around 9PM. As he entered the living area, he saw Chris and Nancy sitting on the couch, or rather Nancy was sprawled out on the couch whilst Chris was sitting next to her. Nancy had her legs up on his lap, which angered Freddy immidiately.

"What the fuck's going on here?" He demanded, walking up to them.

"We're rehearsing for tommorow," Nancy explained.

"Yeah, whatever," Freddy muttered, eyeing her suspiciously, "Just don't go cheatin' on me. Just 'cause you're my wife doesn't mean I won't hack you up."

Nancy stared at him. "Uh, Freddy, we're engaged.."

"Oh, right. Whatever!" Freddy growled, turning to stare at Maggie, who he had only just noticed was in the room with them, who was sitting in an armchair, her eyes fixed upon the television set. She appeared to be watching Lost, and this angered Freddy even more.

"Hey, what gives, Dad!" Maggie protested angrily as Freddy switched it off. However, she seemingly couldn't be assed moving to turn it back on again, and just sat there. "Where did you go? I haven't seen you since earlier, when I uh - oh yeah - saved your ass!"

"I didn't think I needed to tell you where I go during the evenings," Freddy muttered sarcastically to her.

"But you need to tell me!" Nancy piped up angrily, sitting up now. Freddy turned to stare at her and couldn't be bothered to make up an excuse. Besides, he'd only been walking down Sunset Boulevard. What was the harm in that? Well, he had car-jacked someone and spent a few delightful hours picking up prostitutes, but apart from that.. what was he getting all this shit for?

"Oh yeah," He mumbled feebly after a moment, "Well, I thought you were so involved in this now that I didn't need to be around while you and Chris were rehearsing."

Nancy raised an eyebrow at him but before an arguement could break out the door swung open and there stood Jason, Samara, and Michael Myers. Freddy stared at them, his eyes wide, whilst Nancy went completely mad and jumped up, screaming insanely as she ran to Samara, hugging her.

"Thanks a lot for making my ears bleed there, Nance," Freddy groaned, sticking one of his knives into his ear.

"Where the heck have you been? I thought you'd be here earlier than this!" Nancy enquired, ignoring him.

Freddy, who hadn't known that Samara and company would be coming until now, turned on Nancy, "Did you perhaps neglect to tell me of this, Nancy? So, before when I wouldn't tell you where I'd been, that was bad, but now you're not telling me when people swing by? Yeah, hypocrite."

"Oh, shut up," Nancy snapped, "Sam, Jason, Michael, this is my new co-star, Chris," Nancy said, introducing them. Chris stood up quickly and, looking at these newcomers, most of them masked, with a look of horror, gave Nancy a fleeting look of shock before storming out of the room. "Oh, well.. you'll probably see him later." Nancy carried on, smiling sweetly at them. "And here's Freddy and, his daughter, Maggie..."

"Her name's Katherine, and uh, hey, guys.." Freddy muttered uncomfortably, recieving hugs from all of them. "So, you guys came to see me in action, huh? Came to see my big movie? Y'know I'm directing it and shit aswell. Well, that Hitchcock guy is helping out, but I'm the brains behind -"

"Actually, we're also here to see Nancy in her comeback role," Samara explained, which almost sent Freddy through the roof, "And this Chris guy.. is he really playing Freddy?"

"Yeah! I think he's gonna do great," Nancy said happily, and Freddy began to make retching noises from behind which she did her best to ignore.

"That dumb kid could never play me, but that's okay! 'Cuz I'm gonna be the best victim I can be." Freddy said proudly, and Nancy started to giggle. "What? What's so funny?" He enquired, annoyed.

"You're playing a female character and you also get killed about twenty minutes into the movie. Or did Hitch neglect to tell you that?" Nancy explained and, satisfied with the look of fleeting horror etched across Freddy's face, took Samara's arm, "I'll show you guys to your rooms. I managed to get us joining hotel rooms! It's so good to see you all again."

And with that, she left with Samara, Jason and Michael, leaving Freddy standing there, wanting to sink right through the floor and never be seen again. He took off his hat and threw it down, then stormed across the room to the couch and sat down. Maggie watched him, a grin tugging at her lips.

"What the fuck is up with you?" Freddy exclaimed, but Maggie just chuckled.

"Well, one thing's for sure, you haven't changed since the last time we saw eachother," She said, and leaving him sitting there, she stood up and went off to bed.