Rating: M because of later chapters, mostly due to graphic scenes.
Notes: This is one of the prequels to Sympathetic Shiver. The only characters that I can say are mine will be Kathryn, for she is a spawn of my imagination, and two babies that will make an appearance near the very end of this entire fic, and possibly an Auror. Ignores HBP.
Summary: What'll happen when a friendship between two long time rivals turns into something more, and how far are they willing to take it?

With the attacks on both Beauxbatons and Durmstrang the flow of students into the Great Hall was massive. The increase of students was greater than Hogwarts had ever seen, and just the task of making it to one table became such a task. Students were bumping into each other, some where even being shoved the wrong way. The term push comes to shove never made more sense then it did at that very moment. Even more students were coming into the Great Hall as more students were just getting off of the carriages from the Hogsmeade Station. The students that were already seated even seemed to be having a hard time as the other made their way around the hall to find their right tables. There was nearly no room to breathe or to move an arm. It was amazing that anyone had eventually sat down. Of course, then more students just piled in.

"I don't believe it," Hermione whispered as she was bumped into the person in front of her. She turned her head down and looked away. She had just lost Harry in the crowd of students, and now she was being drifted over to the Ravenclaw table, stumbling all the way. It was impossible. She would have had better luck just trying to crawl all the way over to the Gryffindor table; of course she had the likely chance of being stepped on if that happened. Hermione gave a sudden yelp of pain as someone stepped on her foot. Oh, the girl couldn't wait to get to her seat. At least then she wouldn't be drifting all the way over the place as she was now. It wasn't long before she was shoved down at the Ravenclaw table. "Oh, this is stupid," she muttered before standing back up, only to be bumped back down. Trying once again, she got up and began nudging her way to the Gryffindor table where she finally took a seat.

Now all that there was left to do was wait and hope that Harry and Ron both made it to the table without being shoved right out the oak doors.

As if that was the problem. Harry found him self elbowing his way around the hall. He had lost Hermione about three minutes into the Great Hall, but it wasn't that much of a problem; they were both headed for the same place. Well, Harry's problem was that he was currently bouncing around near the Slytherin table. He'd just seen Ginny, but didn't hear a word that she said as someone had shouted something in his is ear. Then Harry found himself thrown down onto a seat at the Slytherin table. What a way to start the school year off. He wasn't at that table long before he was up once more and then down once again, this time at the Hufflepuff table. He sat there for a moment talking with Ernie who just jumped at the chance to take a seat at his table. All the commotion in the Great Hall was beginning to give Harry a headache, not to mention that he was getting hungry.

The sixth year Gryffindor took to the floor, slipping under the Hufflepuff table. He crawled around under the table, peaking through open spots on the long bench. Crawling further down under the table Harry wrinkled his nose. At least the floors were cleaned. "Ow, feet, feet!" Harry said, just as someone had kicked him in the leg. There was a few glances under the table just before he moved from under the Hufflepuff table to quickly, and by quickly we mean attempting to run while on all four legs, get under the Gryffindor table. When he had found an open spot he took that as his moment to squirm up and take a seat. As luck would have it, he was seated next to Hermione, and Parvati right across from them. Well, my be it wasn't so lucky. Lavender had just sat down, joining Parvati in a sort of protest. Harry shot a glance at Hermione who just shook her head, looking equally confused.

"….Just say no to ogreicide!"

"Let the ogre's live!"

Hermione coughed loudly into her glass of pumpkin juice and Harry had to stifle his laughter as he began to pile some mashed potatoes onto his plate. After last year, they had both expected Parvati to get into something - but protesting against ogreicide was just completely out of the ball park. Harry didn't even know that there was ogreicide going on. Though while he find the whole case of protesting against it more on the boring side, he couldn't help but to gape at Hermione as she soon became engrossed in conversation with the other two girls. One or two times he had heard her bring up S.P.E.W. The other girls finally seemed interested in it.

Then Hermione made a point of kicking Harry in the leg.

"What?" Harry said, reaching down to rub his leg. "I didn't say anything!"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "No, not that," she said, glancing around the hall now that everyone had finally gotten to their proper tables and no one was wandering around. "Have you seen Ron? I haven't seen him since we got off the carriage, and Ginny's clear on the other end of the table, so I'm sure she hasn't seen him either."

"He's probably out in the bathroom or somewhere," Harry paused. "I don't blame him much myself. I'd be in the common room myself," he finished with a grin before Hermione rolled her eyes once more. "Y'know, if the Great Hall is like this now I'd hate to think of what the dormitories are going to be like." Hermione, by that point, had turned her attention back to Harry. She for one didn't think that it was going to be at all very pleasant. Lavender and Parvati seemed to be rather excited with the very idea.

Lavender seemed very thrilled actually. "Oh, we could have a party in the girl's dormitory," she said, taking hold of Parvati's arm. She waved her hand at the look that Hermione had shot the both of them. "Come on, Hermione, it's not like you'd be getting much sleep anyway. Everyone is going to be up tonight," Lavender continued, Parvati nodded beside her. The two girls were bent on having some sort of party, it seemed, and Hermione was the least thrilled about it.

Harry found himself grinning at Hermione, patting her shoulder. Knowing the boys, they'd probably just stay awake for a little while, just to get to know each other and do the whole 'Welcome back to Hogwarts!' thing. It was the same every year. Well, with out the getting to know each other part. Harry couldn't help but wonder how different this year was going to be from the last year. After all, Death Eaters had attacked both Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, and now their students were left to attend Hogwarts. The boy couldn't help but let his head wander, and in doing so glanced over to the Slytherin table. All Slytherins were accounted for.

Draco Malfoy was sitting beside Pansy Parkinson with Crabbe and Goyle in front of them. Draco seemed to have caught wind of Harry looking over at their table as he lifted his glass of pumpkin juice. The Slytherin couldn't contain the smirk on his face as Pansy caught his attention, whining about how crowded the Great Hall was, even after Dumbledore, who had just stood up moments ago for announcements, had enlarged the room. The boy could only retort to the girl that the dormitories would more than likely be the same. Pansy had just scowled at him. The girl was whiney, and everyone who at least knew of her, knew that fact. It wasn't at all as if she had tried to hide the small face.

Ignoring what other conversations that there were going on around the Great Hall, Draco cast his gaze from the Gryffindor table to the Ravenclaw table. There was only one person he seemed remotely interested in finding, and once he had found her, he rolled his eyes. His cousin, Kathryn Blair, was of course, flirting with one of the new transfer students. Of course, that was rather typical of the fifteen year old Ravenclaw girl Even as she finally caught her old cousin staring at her, the only thing that she could do was to arch an eyebrow and mouth off the words of, "What?" before the Slytherin boy rolled his shoulders. No one in the school, save for a few of the professors knew that the two were related. Draco spent much of his free time, the time that he got away from Pansy, with her. Kathryn, or Katie as she was most likely to be called (Or Kate), was the only person, next to his mother, that Draco could ever really consider his family.

They were both lewd to an extent, both always intent on getting on the others nerves. The two of them almost always seemed to enjoy a playful banter of sorts, though away from the eye of the rest of the student population. Slytherins and Ravenclaws weren't meant mingle after all.

Beside Draco, Pansy stirred, tugging at his sleeve. "Draco, love," she cooed in a sickening voice that would have caused Draco to flinch if he hadn't heard it since he was little. "Dinner's over. Everyone's leaving. Don't you think it would be best to get back to the common room before the herd of the student mass begins to franticly pile into the corridor?" Without awaiting an answer from the blonde boy, she tugged him up to his feet, taking him by the arm and dragging him out the door.

As they were making for the door, Draco noticed the Ron Weasley had finally joined the herd at the Gryffindor table and he had to suppress a snigger. Before he had any time to count his blessings Draco found himself in the corridor with Pansy clutching at his arm and Crabbe and Goyle following closely behind. All were subject to Pansy's inane whining and complaining about the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students, and how they made things simply too cluttered for her liking, as if the entire world centered around her.

It wouldn't be much longer before the rest of the student mass was in the corridors, making way for their own respective houses. This was just the beginning of one very long school year.