A/N: This chapter was co written with toxical and my friend Brooke who gave us the character Jesse. Now, I present you with dunk!Draco, sober!Harry, and one very squicked out auror.

A little more than two weeks since his talk with Katie did he receive an owl from his mother. It was an article from the Daily Prophet. There had been a breakout in Azkaban and his father had gotten away. At first Draco had grimaced, it wasn't so bad. That was until he received his second owl, two days later, this time it was from none other than his father. Draco was to get the Dark Mark shortly after Halloween.

Like any sensible Malfoy, Draco didn't do what was expected of him. Instead, while his housemates were all off to lunch, he had stayed behind. He tore about the entire sixth year boys dormitory, everything but his stuff. Book pages were flying around the room, feathers from pillows were falling slowly to the ground. Lastly, Draco took to the adjoined bathroom, taking out his anger on the mirror.

He didn't remember what he had throw at it, but the sound of breaking glass was comfort, even has he stepped on the shards, cutting his bare feet. He didn't notice. He picked up a jagged piece of the mirror, and threw it against the wall. Draco did all of this repeatedly, his hands, by the end, cut up and bloodied just as his feet. He hadn't noticed the pain.

When he had finally come to his senses, the sting of the cuts on both his hands and his feet were unwelcome, and he cast a quick healing charm on them before looking at his hands in awe. Dry blood was caked around the hastily heeled cuts. They didn't look like his hands anymore.

Draco looked at his watch, but he couldn't tell the time, his eyes unfocused. All he knew, in his jumbled up state, was that this was a stupid hour to be up, and that it was passed curfew. And quite frankly, he didn't care. He didn't care if he ran into a Professor. He didn't care, at the moment, whether he was if he was stark naked walking through the halls (thankfully, he was fully clothed.) It didn't stop him from being completely lacquered, and getting more so by the minute.

In fact, in his hand was a bottle of beer. Muggle beer, to be exact. How he got it, Draco couldn't remember, but when he thought really hard, he could see galleons being passed back and forth, and him lugging away a cardboard (something Draco had found fascinating after about a beer) case away. He didn't know why he'd bought it from the faceless muggleborn, except that the feeling was absolutely delightful, once you got passed the first one. Needless to say, Draco had absolutely no alcohol tolerance what so ever. By the first one, he was giggly. In fact, the one that Draco held in his hand was only his fourth. But of course, Malfoy's only drank the priciest of wine, and rarely finished a glass.

Perhaps the whole buying muggle beer thing was one last act of defiance against his father and his name, and what Draco would have to go through the next night. It was less than twenty-four hours away, after all. But the numbing sensation that the alcohol had on Draco was more than enough for him to forget about the dreaded task at hand. Instead, he thought about trivial meaningless things that randomly popped into his head. Like how he suddenly wanted to be having this beer with someone, and not in the complete dark of the corridors, with only the waning moon for company. Yes, in his drunken state, Draco was feeling rather - corny.

What was worse (or at least, Draco would've thought so, had he been sober) was that he was walking around grinning like an idiot. He couldn't explain it, but he felt like he was walking on large fluffy clouds. Draco stopped as he thought he spotted someone walking along the row of windows outside. He only realized that he wasn't supposed to be out this late just in time to duck out of view (of which almost landed on his rear end from moving too fast). But as soon as the person had past, Draco looked out the window, and could help but snigger to himself when he decided that, whoever it was (obviously male - and he suspected it was an Auror) had a very nice arse.

Every so often he'd clink the beer bottle against the stone wall, just to hear the clink echo. Even in his intoxicated state, Draco couldn't help but grip the bottle tighter as he pressed on through the corridors that lacked windows, and therefore, lacked any light what so-ever. What was worse, is that he'd been daft enough to not bring his wand with him. "Idiot, that are you," Draco slurred to the darkness, and he thought he heard one of the portraits giggle. "What? Like you've never been -" Draco paused, finger on his lip, trying to think of what it was that had Draco like this. "Right - Like you've never been drunk."

"We haven't," commented a female portrait.

"We're paintings," growled a male voice.

Draco snorted, more at himself then anything. "Too bad for you then," his words were hardly intelligible at this point. With everything out of focus, Draco dearly wished that he had a light, as he fumbled his way through the dark. He began to hum - or rather, his throat was vibrating deep in his throat - a tune that he'd once heard his mother playing on a record in her room. It was the first and last fond memory Draco had of his mother. He had been walking past his parents room, and peeked in for a look to see what the noise was about, just to see his mother dancing merrily by herself. He didn't know what it was, and it wasn't the tune that Draco liked about the song. What he didn't know was that it was a seventies muggle song, Sugar Sugar by the Archies. It probably would've horrified a sober Draco to know exactly what it was he was humming.

Absentmindedly he swigged almost half the contents of the bottle down, twirling like a fool around a corner and running straight into somebody. He would've froze, completely closed up, at being caught doing such a juvenile act, if he were sober Draco. But he wasn't sober Draco, he was completely pissed out of his mind Draco, and instead he grabbed whoever it was' shoulders to steady himself, bursting into a fit of laughter. Drunken laughter, but laughter nonetheless. It might have been disturbing for some to know, that Draco Malfoy's laugh, when it was honest, was actually quite pleasant.

"Hullo," he said, looking up into the blurred face of whoever it was that he'd run into It wasn't a Professor, that he was sure of, but he couldn't contain himself as he burst into another gale of laughter.

Harry had been walking around the corridors at the late hour, having not been able to sleep. He had left the boys dormitory saying that he would only be down in the common room, where he stayed for all of twenty minutes. Something in the back of his mind just kept him up. It wasn't any strange feeling, or his scar, for once he just couldn't sleep was that so wrong? So here he was, wandering around the dark halls of the school, wearing a simple blue shirt and baggy jeans, which at one point had been his cousins. He didn't care if he was caught at the moment, what was a few house points?

Okay, so maybe he did care. Auror's were running around the school now, making Harry feel like a locked up bird, with people just watching him. He was sure that if he got caught, he wouldn't hear the end of it. One person would have their rant session with him, which he guessed would last all of twenty minutes before someone new stepped in to have at him. And not to mention the Order members. Merlin, if he was caught they might just lock him up in a room somewhere, putting bars on his windows, and hold onto his wand for him. Okay, so maybe that was a bit much, but he didn't doubt that could very well happen.

Quickly ducking into a near by nook, Harry watch with wary eyes as an Auror passed by. He exhaled slowly. Yeah, he didn't want to be caught. Not only would he get into trouble with Professors, Aurors, and probably Order members, but with his house mates. Groaning inwardly Harry noticed that he suddenly had to take a leak. Trying to think of where he was, he headed off for the nearest bathroom, which he found with in five minutes. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go. And he wasn't about to piss on the floor. It just wasn't right.

Zipping up his pants he left the loo, continuing on his way down the corridor, his hands placed lazily into his pockets. His eyes wide open, not a trace of sleepiness shone in the green orbs. Quickly, he threw himself against what he thought was a wall, but as it was, it turned out to be a suit of armor. He groaned as he heard a metal clank hit the stone floor. Surely someone would have heard that, and he was expecting to be over run by Aurors very soon.

But he heard a sort of soft clank, like the sound of glass lightly hitting something.

"Right - Like you've never been drunk."

"We haven't."

"We're paintings."

Harry blinked. Two of the three voices were portraits, but the first he didn't know, or rather couldn't make out. The voice had sounded familiar enough, even if slurred. He couldn't put his finger on it. Who the ruddy hell was that, Harry knew that he knew the person, he just had to. But who was it? Honestly Potter, it's not that hard! he scolded himself as he hoisted himself away from the suit of armor and around the corner. And that's when it happened.

Someone had run straight into him, seemingly taking ahold of his shoulders for balance, and abruptly busted out in a fit of laughter. Harry's eyebrow instantly shot up as he groan inwardly. He was going to be caught now, he just knew it. How could he not? Whoever this idiot was, wasn't about to stop laughing for the life of him, it seemed.


Harry's face paled. No way, it couldn't be, yeah he knew that voice, but even in the dark he could only see an out line of the person, and was just barely able to make out any facial features. One thing was for sure, the person smelt badly of alcohol. Malfoy smelt badly of alcohol. Again, the boy inwardly groaned.

"Malfoy?" Harry said, not believing it was really that blonde haird prat who had a hold of his shoulders, clealy pissed. God, if things like that only happened everyday, he caught himself thinking and instantly pushed that aside. Had he really just thought that? He really was loosing it.

"Oh, it's you," Draco said, upon realizing that it was the famous Boy Who Lived. The grin didn't leave his face though, and between words he was snickering. He put the beer bottle to his lips and drank what was left in it, before dropping it to the ground with a loud smash. He could hardly care if anyone heard it. And no doubt somebody did. Leaving one hand on Harry's shoulder, he pulled out two more bottles out of his pocket, shrunken to fit. He fumbled with his wand before tapping the bottles. They shrunk again, now smaller than his thumb and he cursed before tapping them again. This time they enlargened, back to their proper size.

Harry rolled his eyes. Oh yeah, it was him alright. He loved that answer. 'Oh, it's you'. Out of the corner of his eyes he watched as Draco put the bottle to his lips, clearly finishing it off, and then proceeding to drop it to the floor. The sound of shattering glass got a hold of his attention, and for a moment he just stared at the shards of glass. And for that moment, he didn't care if someone had even heard that.

"Here," He shoved one of the beer bottles into Harry's hand. "Enjoy." Draco would've been horrified to know that at this, he giggled. Like a girl.

"Er, right," he muttered. Strange, here he was holding a bottle of beer in his hands, but he couldn't feel it. Yeah, sure he wanted a drink but wasn't about to risk getting caught piss drunk like the blonde haired boy who at the moment was using him as support. What just about made Harry burst out laughing was the fact that Draco had giggled. Honestly, you'd think that he was some giddy git. Thus, another reason Harry chose not to drink. Besides, he had a higher alcohol tolerance. The bottle was tempting however.

Draco snorted, staring at Harry through misty eyes, unfocused and yet all the same it was as though he were seeing the world in a different light, like someone had ripped the blindfold off his eyes. He couldn't help but notice Harry seemed a bit uptight, though the reason, Draco couldn't fathom at this precise moment. "You're bloody uptight, Potter. I can never understand why," Draco said, patting Harry's shoulder with the hand that was wrapped around his shoulders. Obviously that all hate for the Gryffindor had been washed away by alcohol.

Harry snorted. Of course he was uptight. Why wouldn't he be, was there some new rule saying that he shouldn't be, besides, he was always like that, no matter what. Even around his best of friends. "Of course I'm bloody uptight. I have my reasons, too." Reasons, HA! That was a good one, Harry have reasons for being uptight? He could only blinks as Draco patted his shoulder.

Draco snorted, but didn't comment on it. Which was probably a good thing, because he'd regret it largely when he was sober. Actually, it probably wouldn't have mattered, as he was probably going to regret and deny the whole drinking thing had happened at all. After all, Malfoy's weren't supposed to get drunk. Or at least, get drunk and act like a complete and utter fool, which was exactly what Draco was doing.

He was now practically leaning on Harry, and if he surely stepped away, Draco would've gone crashing to the ground. "You know, Potter," his words were horribly slurred, and hardly intelligible. "I never would have p-pinned you for midnight galavering... galavernting... gallivanting! That's it," he said, before bursting into another fit of laughter.

At that the raven haired boy groaned, just barely able to make out what the blonde had said. Who didn't know that Harry was almost always wandering around? Well, normally he would have stayed in the common room on a night like this, but he didn't, and he was now wishing that he had. Oh if he only had a brain. Muttering to himself he shook his head. "Never would have pinned you as a drunk," he mused. Actually, the thought had crossed him quite a few times.

"Ha! You know nothing," Draco slurred, a grin plastered on his face. "I pity you, Harry, really I do," he said, practically humming while he talked. "Gryffindors," he announced, holding the bottle to his chest as though he were about to make a speech. "Are cursed with knowing everything," he paused, before shaking his head. "Nothing. I mean nothing," his grammar was horrible, his speech slurred, and he was confusing words. It was a horrible state, but amusing none the less. Draco reached over and went to pop the cap off his own beer, so he was practically hugging Harry's neck without knowing.

Draco, with all his intoxicated thoughts, couldn't help thinking that Harry looked incredibly sexy as he did. But then, he probably would've thought an over-weight pug dog would've been sexy. He snorted, before taking another large gulp of beer. "Harry," he started, looking quite thoughtful. "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually think a girl was hot?" he laughed as though this was the most ludicrous thing, and then, he stopped suddenly and looked at Harry. "Oh right, you're -" he gulped down more beer. "St - straight, aren't you? Ha! Too bad for you then," this was the second time he said that this evening, and he was feeling as though he were the luckiest person in the world, which he very well wasn't.

Harry blinked. Did Draco just confess that he was gay? Oh he could have started laughing right there, if it weren't for one thing – he'd never actually thought a girl was hot. Sure, he'd thought one was cute at one time, but never really feeling anything himself. Popping off the cap to the beer, Harry put it to his lips just before saying, "Yeah, too bad for me then," and took one long drink, letting Draco's words sink in, and forcing his own thoughts from his head.

"Mm," Draco nodded in agreement, before taking a long gulp of beer, tipping his head back, which almost caused him to fall backwards, but he grabbed a fist full of Harry's robes to keep him steady. "S'good thing you're here," he laughed, his fist still bunched in Harry's robes. "Drinking alone is so boring."

"That and you'd probably have fallen on your arse by now, and wouldn't have been able to get up, either, eh?" Harry said, cocking an eyebrow. "Dunno about you, mate, but I'd rather drink alone." Now, he just rolled his shoulders slightly. Well, he'd only liked to drink alone because that's what he was used to doing after all.

Draco laughed. At himself. Which was an amazement all in itself. Draco never laughed at himself. "Ha!" he said, as though he were indignant about it, but then he spoke again, with a snort, "Yeah, probably. Of which," at this point, he shoved one of his slender fingers into Harry's chest. "I thank you for. And I, Draco," he intentionally left off his last name. "Never thank anybody. After all, I'm supposed to be a cold hearted bastard." There wasn't a single amount of resentment in his voice, in fact, he looked particularly giddy about the whole thing.

He then proceeded to sling an arm around Harry's neck, as though they were best of friends, despite the fact that he was practically using Harry to support his dead weight. He then began to walk forward, the way he'd come, but found himself stumbling over his own feet, so he stopped trying. "You know," he continued to talk, as though he enjoyed the sound of his own slurred voice. "This muggle drink is great stuff, in'it?"

"Beer," He pointed out. "Beer, Malfoy, it has a name," Harry took a moment to look at at his shoulder as Draco slung his arm around him. The boy needed help, badly. Shaking his head, he put the bottle to his own lips once more, taking another drink. "And I've had better," he muttered into the bottle.

"Better? There's stuff better than this?" Draco said, amazement on his features. "Maybe them muggles aren't so stupid after all," then his brow furrowed in thought, and for an astonishing minute, he was completely silent, no humming, no giggling or laughing. He was completely an utterly silent.

The raven haired boy snorted. He knew he probably shouldn't have said anything. But what was said was said after all, and there was no way to go back and change that. No way to go back and change that? Oh that thought just made him smirk, and as the word time turner popped into his head, he almost started laughing himself. "Yah, amazing, ain't it?"

And then Draco began to hum again. That old Sugar Sugar tune again. "We need music," he commented, before humming again, finishing off his fifth bottle of beer and his last, unfortunately, as he'd given up his sixth to Harry. He dropped this one to the ground, with broke into pieces, the small amount of remaining beer spilling on the floor. And then he heard it, but he didn't care really. Running footsteps coming their way. Someone had heard it. Probably a Professor, but Draco certainly didn't care. He just kept humming.

Shattering glass, humming, foot steps. No, Harry wasn't about to get his arse caught, not at the moment. Not tonight, not with the drunken ferret. There was just no way. Taking a quick swig of beer he shoved the bottle into Draco's hands before starting to move around the corner to the nook. Getting the blonde in the nook first, Harry stood in front of him. Moments later it had been a Professor and an Auror that came.

Draco was then dragged over to a secluded spot, he was just about to speak, very loudly, before he realized they were hiding and clapped a hand over his mouth, trying very hard to suppress a fit of giggles. It was rather pathetic, really. And then he grinned mischievously, noting that Potter was in front of him, hiding them from view. He then wrapped his arms around the other boy's neck from behind, reaching forward and grabbing Harry's t-shirt, snickering in the Gryffindor's ear, his breath thick with the stench of alcohol.

The professor and the auror talked for only a moment before cleaning off the floor, riding it of the glass and little beer there was. When they'd finally gone, Harry stepped out making sure they were ear shot, turning back to Draco he said rather bluntly, "You need to stop dropping those bottles."

When Harry turned around, Draco let go of his shirt, but kept his arms around the other boy's neck. "Breaking gl - glass, Potter, is fun," he said with a grin, before pulling his hands back and showed off his hands. From that afternoon, there were now scars, but some of the cuts were still there. The white scar-tissue was thick around the cuts, showing that they had been hastily healed by magic sometime that day. "S'very good way of getting rid of anger," he nodded.

The thick sent of alcohol on the other boys breath was enough to send shivers down Harry's spine, and make him weak in the knees. He wasn't exactly sure what it was about the sent of alcohol, but it always had a way of making his mind reel.

Now, they were facing each other. Oh could this get any worse? Inwardly, Harry groaned.

"And you call me mental," Harry pointed out, raising an eyebrow slightly, looking at the scars. Oddly enough, he hadn't been bothered when he had Draco's arms around his neck. Either he was completely loosing his mind or… well, he didn't want to even think about that one.

Again, Draco shrugged. "I said you were mental, but I don't think it," he said honestly. Hell was freezing over, surely. He grinned mischievously. If he had been sober, and this had been somebody completely different, he might have been sympathetic for Harry. After all, he was stuck in close quarters, likely straight (though he hadn't admitted it), with a very blatantly gay Slytherin. Realizing he had a beer in his hand (Harry's, but that didn't matter.) Draco took a large swig of it, before giving it back to the raven-haired boy.

Harry blinked. Hell was indeed freezing over. He'd heard it in the boys slurred voice, but couldn't believe what he was hearing. It was mind numbing to hear that come from the Slytherin boys mouth. He saw the grin on the boys face, and just had to wonder what was going on in his, oh, this would be one night his friends would never hear about – ever. No matter how much it bugged him to keep it locked up, hell he'd deny this night had happened himself.

Oddly enough, he took back the bottle and took a swig of it himself, very glad indeed to have a rather high alcohol tolerance. It would take a lot for him to get drunk, and he would need more than just beer, but he wasn't going to let that slip. No, he wasn't that insane.

"You know," Draco slurred, leaning heavily against a wall. He tilted his head to the side, studying Harry through clouded eyes, blonde hair falling slightly in front of his eyes, which he didn't bother to brush aside. "You're dead sexy in this lighting," he said, and though he was still a bit giddy, he sounded completely serious about it. And what Harry didn't know (or maybe he did) was that Draco was honestly being truthful. Again that mischievous look came to Draco's face, and he grinned, a full out grin that sparkled in his otherwise cloudy eyes.

It was so sudden that Draco didn't give Harry a chance to move or suspect a thing. Grabbing hold of Harry's t-shirt, bunching his fists up in it, and pulled Harry towards him in which he practically threw himself on him. He pressed his lips firmly against the other boy's, in a rather messy kiss, completely unaware that this was his enemy, everything he stood against, and the fact that the other boy was probably straight.

Merlin, Harry thought. He'd opened his mouth as if he was about to say something, but ended up closing it only half way, not finding the words he was looking for. For a moment he just stood there, the beer bottle in his left hand, as both his arms fell limply at his sides. Did Draco Malfoy just say what he thought he said? He hadn't expected that, nor did he expect what came next.

Draco had grabbed a hold of Harry's shirt, pulling him forward, if you will, and firmly pressed his lips against his. Now, Harry was still in shock of what he had said, and by the time that had passed he was just now realizing what had happened. He was being kissed by Draco. The smell of alcohol was stronger now than it had been when he had his arms wrapped around him, and Harry could help but to let a soft groan escape from his own lips, adding more to the smell of alcohol. And who had just kissed him?

"Damned kids gallivanting around!"

Jesse rolled his eyes as he roamed down the halls, his mind on what Gabriel had said only moments before when the older man had come up to Jess with an empty bottle of what looked like some form of liquor in his hands.

Now, Jesse used to be one of these "gallivanting" kids back in his Hogwarts years so he had chuckled at what Gabe had told him. It brought back fond memories of when he and a couple of his buddies used to sneak liquor into Hogwarts, once getting caught by Snape himself! It was memories like those that put a smile on his face.

But sadly it was short lived. Now it was Jesse's turn to roam the castle, as Gabriel had gone off to bed for the night. Roaming around the castle at ten past midnight wasn't all that fun. Nothing exciting ever happened except for the rare chance of a student out after hours, and that was always pretty boring, too!

So when Jesse heard the sound of glass shatter, he almost jumped for joy! Finally, something interesting! He could possibly get whomever it was who had the liquor to give him a bottle in exchange for not telling that the student (or students) were drinking, and out after hours! I mean, it's not like anything bad was going to happen tonight, right? And besides Jess, and the student making all of the noise, no one would know he had been drinking. No one else was up!

So the man walked briskly down the corridor, following where the sound had come from. It didn't take too long to find, and after seeing what he did, Jesse wished he hadn't heard the noise in the first place!

Right before his eyes, Jesse saw two boys kissing! One he noticed, right off the bat! Harry Potter. The other, blonde haired one, he didn't notice as the boy was blocked by Potter.

Blinking once, and then twice, and then three times he cleared his throat loud enough for them to hear. "...You two! You...aren't supposed to be out here at this time of night!" He said, trying to sound stern. Of course, he sounded more like someone completely weirded out by what he had just seen!

Even in his drunken state, Draco couldn't help but grin slightly as he heard Harry groan. Ha! He wasn't even thinking about letting go, either. After all, he was drunk, he hardly knew what he was doing, and probably wouldn't even remember in the morning. Which was a very good thing. Because, of course, he would've been horrified to recall such a thing in a sober state. He would've pushed Harry against a wall, too, except Harry wasn't facing a direction so there was a wall behind him. And in any case, Draco probably would've fallen, as he could hardly remember how to move his legs properly.

Draco heard Harry drop the bottle of beer, but didn't much care as it broke. Who was breaking bottles now, hmm? Draco snickered, he couldn't contain himself. He could hear someone rushing down the hall, but he was far too into this to care very much. What? He was drunk wasn't he?

"...You two! You...aren't supposed to be out here at this time of night!"

Draco groaned. So much for that plan. Or, what little plan there was. He couldn't see who it was that was yelling at them. Pulling away from Harry, he peered around him to see who it was. And this caused Draco to be victim to another fit of giggles. It was the owner of the cute tush! After Draco had regained his composure (or what little of it was still left to him), he cleared his throat.

Harry himself groaned at that, and he was the sober one, though it didn't feel like he was anymore. Hell must have froze over, too many things had happened today, and this well, this just blew them all away. Really, it did, don't ask how, that much is quite clear. When Draco had pulled away to peer over his shoulder to see who had said that, Harry took this moment to attempt to clear his mind of the sent of alcohol.

Also while he had the chance he had attempted to close his mouth just a little more than it already was, seen as it was half way open. One thing was for sure, he sure as hell didn't feel sober. He felt drunk.

"If you don't mind," he slurred, his words, still, were hardly intelligible. "We're kind of busy." And as though to prove himself, he pressed his lips against Harry's again, this time a bit more fiercely.

Why was that always happening? Though Harry should have expected that he'd have been kissed again. He let out another low groan. Damn that smell of alcohol of Malfoy's breath, that just had to be the only reason he didn't resist. It had to be. Unless. It hit him, and another low groan escaped from him. Bugger, he thought. I'm gay.

When the blonde peered over Potter, Jesse was very shocked to see Draco Malfoy of all people looking drunkenly up at him. Jesse had to fight to keep from cringing, and pull Potter loose of the other. It was like he had been pulled into the twilight zone, or something! This was just a dream. A sick, twisted dream! No! Nightmare, even!

Jesse was absolutely disgusted at this point. Not only had he walked up to Malfoy, and Potter kissing, but now the blonde git was kissing the damned boy again! This was something Jesse did not want to see in the lest! No! So what did he do?

He grabbed the dark haired boys shoulder roughly, and pulled the two apart; a mixed expression of anger, shock, and disgust on his face. "Look, unless you two are looking to get into shitloads of trouble I'd suggest continuing this elsewhere!" He hissed, realizing at the moment he sounded a bit like Gabe. Was Gabriel rubbing off on him?


Quickly, Jesse discarded the thought, and reminded himself he had something to take care of. Looking down at Malfoy, he narrowed his eyes on the boy. "Jesus! Get a fucking room, would you?" He practically yelled at the two, grabbing the bottle as he let go of Harry's shoulder, and walked off down the corridor, never looking back.

He could only hope the next time he was forced to roam the halls he would never again see the sights he had just witnessed tonight!

Harry groaned again, and Draco smirked against the other boy's mouth. He was just getting into it too (again…) when that damn Auror pulled Harry roughly away from him. He almost had half a mind (actually, in this state, he didn't have any mind) to pout, but instead licked his lips, and grinned.

Harry wasn't sure if he should be thankful that the Auror pull him away. What he had just confirmed with himself horrified him, greatly. But beging jerked back like that somehow managed to pull him back into reality and out of his twisted thoughts, which was just about the only reason he hadn't done a thing, had he not been thinking, he would have done something. Though what he would have done, he didn't know.

Draco was only slightly surprised. After all, the Auror finding them there could've gotten them into enough trouble by marching them to a Professor, to take away a million house points just for being out, and then a million more for Draco being drunk.

Draco's smirk broadened. "Good plan, we'll do that right away," he said with a lazy wink. He couldn't help snickering with laughter. It was good that one of them were finding this amusing. He grinned when the man began to walk away. He stumbled around Harry, and leaned on the wall.

Harry couldn't help not smirking as he turned around to face the Auror himself. Hold on, why was he smirking anyway? Oh hell, he didn't know. He knew now that he was gay as well, but well, he just wasn't coming to terms with it. He might as well have blamed this on his own lack of a proper childhood, it was the only thing that seemed to fit really, and his own answer.

"Nice arse!" he called out, before whistling, and then dissolving into a fit of laughter, clutching his sides that were now aching, his cheeks hurting. He didn't think he'd laughed so much in his entire existence. He was absolutely loving this beer stuff. Of course, that would disappear as soon as he woke up, or ended up throwing up.

Harry snorted, walking around Draco, moving to lean against the wall the blonde had been closest to, and lean against it he did. He watched the Auror walk off. Nice arse indeed. Oh, Merlin! Mentally Harry kicked himself, there he went again. God, he blamed Draco for this, really, he did. On some level anyway.

Draco turned back to Harry, still laughing slightly.

"Where were we?"

"I'm bloody gay," Harry muttered, starting to laugh himself. God, now he wished he was drunk, that way he could just wash this all away for the time being. "Bloody hell," after that, the boy went into a small fit of laughter. And then he realized something else. Now he was leaning against a wall, groaning inwardly the only thing out of his mouth was, "Fuck."

Draco snorted in laughter at the poor boy. "And," Draco started. The drink was starting to wear off after all that laughing, and there was a dull ache beginning in the back of his neck. "Pray tell, what is so wrong with that? Except that there aren't any other gays around here, except me," Draco grinned. He was probably just making this worse for Harry, but he could hardly care. "Which is perfectly fine with me."

And with that, Draco walked (albeit a bit clumsily) towards Harry, until they were but a breath away from each other. He reached up and took Harry's glasses off, before pinning Harry against the wall and kissing him again. This time the kiss wasn't half as sloppy as the previous two, surprising coming from the drunk. Draco groaned for a moment and pulled back.

"I hate you," He said, almost in a hiss. Which was surprising, considering his previous giggly mood. "Your fucking gorgeous and I hate you for it," and with that he planted another one on Harry.

They stayed like that; Harry against the wall, pinned by Draco, and connected at the mouth. There was absolutely no telling how long they had stood there, or how long it had been since Draco had 'gotten into' the kiss. The fact that alcohol was wearing off only seem to improve the kiss, on Draco's end as Harry just continued to stand there in mild shock, still. That wasn't to say that Harry didn't kiss him back, it was just weakly.

When the two of them had finally pulled apart it was because they both had enough sense to hear the sound of foot steps coming quickly their way. While Harry backed as best he could further onto the wall, Draco just picked a spot beside him, and slid to the ground in a fit of sniggers. He couldn't stop himself. Better sniggering then giggling like a mad man - no like a girl. The thought actually brought him to a round of giggles before the source of the steps came into view, and the sharp in take of breath sounded around them.

"You shouldn't be up," Draco slurred, looking up at the certain Ravenclaw girl who was just three feet in front of the boys. He sniggered again before his head lolled to the side and he was looking lazily up at Harry. "Potter," he sniggered, "this is my c-cousin Kathryn Lestrange."

Katie, the apparent person to have stumbled across the two boys held a gaze with Harry before breaking it to look at Draco. She shook her head. "You're a bloody git," Katie snapped before kneeling down in front of Draco, getting a good look at him. Then she caught the sent of alcohol. "You're drunk!" She hissed, swatting the boy on the head. Draco recoiled hissing in pain.

"Right," Harry said, finally able to get a word in, or rather, once he had regained his voice. "I think I'll just be…Y'know, off - back to my common room, where I plan on - sleeping."

There were identical snickering from both Draco and Katie before the girl just shook her head again and gave a faint, "Right, and I'll see this one back to his common room."

It was left exactly at that. Harry had all but darted back down the direction of the Gryffindor Tower and Katie was left to pull her cousin to his feet before making what would be a very long trip to the dungeons.

"Why are you up?" Slurred words.

"Don't worry about it." A snappy reply.

"…Your robes are mussed."

"Shut up, Draco!"


"Bloody bint."

Another smack followed by a snicker.

"All right, all right. I get the point you bloody bird!"