Freddy Jones stood at his fathers overly-expensive CD player, scamming through the CD as his friends around him laugh and play, plastic cups in hand. Finally, the song search was over when Avenged Sevenfold's 'Beast and the Harlot' began, sending a wave of satisfaction throughout the drunken crowd.

"Turn it up," a kid demanded, playing the air guitar. Gladly, Freddy turned the volume up until the floor beneath his feet was vibrating; more so then before. After a little head banging, Freddy walks towards the crowded kitchen just off the side of the living room, where beer bongs were taking place.

"Fred-rad!" Frankie Fitzgerald, weighing in at 232 pounds, jumps to his feet with a beer bong in his hand. "Wanna do one?" he asks, passing the bong off to Freddy before he could answer.

"Of course he does," a girl says from behind. Freddy turns around to find himself face to face with Katie Patterson, who holds a beer bong of her own as well. "He owes me a race," the girl with dark brown middle-of-the-back length hair smiles mischievously.

"Hey," Zack Mooneyham comes into the kitchen, his long dark hair falling over his eyes as usual, looking around anxiously. "Katie, did Summer say if she was coming tonight?"

Katie shrugs.
"I doubt it. It is a Freddy party after all."

Zack frowns, leaving the kitchen.

"So," Katie turns her attention back to Freddy. "Wanna go? Or are you skerd?"

Freddy stares at Katie in disbelief. "Are you insane? The kegs are full of Bud Light," he laughs, "I could inhale Bud Light. I could suck is down through my nostrils. I could-"

Katie interrupts. "You could just say yes."

"Yes," Freddy says sternly, pouring beer into the funnel. Katie hands the beer bong off to her nearby best friend, Marta Kelso, and gets down on her knees in beer-bonging position. After pouring the beer into the funnel, Freddy hands it to Frankie and gets on his knees as well. He looks over at Katie, who sends him a competitive look crossed with a drunken grin.

"On my count," Frankie says and Freddy and Katie put their mouths around the openings at the end of the tubes. "Uno... Dos... Tres!" he gives the signal and Katie and Freddy release the beer, shooting straight from the tube and down their throats. After seconds of desperately chugging and swallowing the beer, Freddy jumps to his feet, throwing his hands in the air wildly.

"Woo, I won! Sorry Katie P, looks like you been out drank!" he brags, breaking out into a drunkenly preformed victory dance. Barely a second later, Katie gets to her feet and sets the bong on the counter, wiping her mouth dry.

"In a few hours, after I'm faded, we should go again," Katie purposes.

Freddy shrugs, raising an eyebrow at her. "If you insist."

With that business taken care of, he walks back into the living room, where he's immediately pulled to the side by his squirmy friend Zack.

"Dude!" Freddy steps out of Zack's reach, adjusting his shirt collar to not choke him.

"Sorry, I have to ask you something," Zack pauses, "uh, did Summer tell you weather or not she was coming tonight?"

Freddy looks at Zack in a 'you've got to be shitting me' kind of way. "No, she didn't. Why? Why do you suddenly care so much about that refined dictionary junkie?"

When Zack doesn't answer, Freddy suddenly recalls a recent conversation in which Zack admitted to liking Summer and claimed that he wanted to ask her out, but could never get up enough courage. Well, Freddy tells himself, looks like Mr. Shady finally grew a decent sized pair of balls.

"No," Freddy says slowly, looking his friend up and down in confusion. "Dude! No fucking way, you can't. Reconsider, man, for the love of God sober up! If you ask that egotistical tight-ass out, she's not just gonna manage you. She's gonna mother you! A weekend with that girl is a weekend full of museums, libraries, antique shops, and... and... Classical music!" He shutters at the very thought, "and you can bet your sweet virgin ass that she's gonna drive you so insane that once you finally do break up, poof, you're gay. You'll find yourself up at Starbucks having coffee with Billy in no time. So screw that, man!" he says all in one breath.

Zack stands still, comprehending Freddy's Summer-dissing rant for a minute. "Have you been working on that all night?"

"No, actually, I made it up as I went along! But it's true."

"Okay first of all, you're making her sound like a grandma! Summer's really not that bad, not at all, and y'know if you wouldn't call her names like Tinkle-Berry and Cock-Block then she wouldn't hate you so bad. She's egotistical? No, dude, you're egotistical! You just can't handle a girl who's focused on something other then you, and making out with you, and having sex with you... I could never stand to be with the kinda girls you're with, so the fact that you don't like Summer only turns me on to her even more. And who are you to judge her anyways? You're high as a kite right now, man. Go drink another beer if it'll help you accept it, but yes, actually, I am gonna ask Summer out," he pauses, "right now... I'm going to her house."

Freddy looks at his friend, stunned. Finally, after seconds of silence, he speaks. "Dude, I thought you just liked her... I didn't know she turned you on!"

Zack rolls his eyes and practically runs towards the door.

"Later Zacky," a boy yells from in the living room crowd.

Just then, an arm locks with Freddy's.

"Hey sexy," Eleni Corbett smiles at her biggest crush of 3 years.

"Hey gorgeous," Freddy plays along, turning towards the girl and giving her a big hug.

"Happy almost birthday," she smiles sweetly at him once he pulls away.

"Happy almost birthday to you," he replies stupidly, causing the blond to laugh.

The majority of the party has cleared out, and only a small crowd of friends remain sitting around the livingroom coffee table, laughing and enjoying themselves still.

Freddy looks at his watch only to realize he's not wearing one. "Hey what time is it?" he looks up. Katie looks at her wrist watch.

"11:50," she replies. Suddenly, Freddy's face lightens up as he jumps up onto the couch, throwing his arms in the air victoriously.

"10 minutes til my birthday! Wooo!" he shouts, jumping up and down. Everyone around him laughs and Eleni, who sits right next to him on the couch, cheers happily.

"What are you gonna do now that you're 18?" Frankie asks, ripping open a bag of BBQ chips. Freddy sits back down on the couch and, despite the presence of his partial stalker Eleni, wraps his arm around Katie's shoulder.

"I'm gonna drop outta school and buy a liquor store called 'Freddy's alcohol only, no sale'," he replies with a grin.
Everyone laughs again, typical Freddy.

"Good plan, Freddy, except for your birthday is all about celebrating your date of birth... No where in there does it say that all your fantasies come true." Suddenly, Katie's cell phone starts ringing. She looks at it. "It's Summer," she announces, leaving for a quieter room.

"I think I'm gonna drop out when I turn 18," Shawn O'Keefe, Freddy's chemistry partner and common drinking buddy, chimes in.

"I wouldn't," Marta shakes her head from side to side, "maybe if you were getting a GED but a diploma's still better."

"But school's something that isn't for everyone," Freddy adds, taking a drink of his beer. "I think I'd rather have a GED then go through 4 terrible years of high school but shit... We're already seniors so there's not really a point in quitting now, y'know?"

Katie comes back in with a smile on her face.

"What's up?" Freddy asks as the others continue with their GED-vs.-diploma conversation.

"Summer and Zack are going out," she whispers. Freddy's face falls expressionless but full of disappointment all at the same time. "Are you okay with that?" she asks with a laugh

"That bastard really did it! I told him not to."


"Well... It obviously doesn't matter," the firey blond complains. "What could Zack possibly see in her, anyways?" he looks to Katie for an answer.

Katie considers the question, choosing her words very carefully so Freddy wouldn't know that her answer was coming from a personal experience.

"I guess it's just sometimes, when you've known someone for a long time, you begin to get curious and, eventually, you gotta give in to it because all you can do is wonder if the person's a good kisser or not."

She looks at Freddy, who is staring at her absent mindedly. Suddenly, he leans in and kisses her. Slowly at first, but as she slowly starts to kiss him back, the kisses get more and more out of control.

Frankie, Marta, Shawn, Eleni, Michelle, Gordon, and 4 other kids take a second to realize that their 2 friends are unexpectedly making out.

"What the hell!" Frankie, Marta, Gordon, and Eleni gasp at the same time.

Katie slowly begins to stir in the bed, grunting as she slowly woke up. Eyes still shut, she rubs her throbbing head. Oh my god, she thinks, I'm never drinking again!

She opens her eyes to a wall. It wasn't a wall she'd ever woken up to before, but she recognized the 2 posters, one of Led Zeppelin and the other of Kurt Cobain, and the white Disturbed shirt with autographs from each member of the band. This was Freddy's room. This was Freddy's bed. Hesitantly, she looks behind her to see a kid with messy, dirty blond hair sleeping with his back to her.

Oh shit, she says to herself, glancing under the large black comforter to see that they were both indeed very naked. Oh shit... What have I done?

"Hmmmm mmmmmmm what?" Freddy slowly turns over onto his stomach, rubbing his face into his pillow. "Where am I?" he asks, his words muffled.

He picks his head up and slowly looks over at Katie, his facial expression immediately matching hers, reading their every thought: Oh... Shit...