Dearest you,

After watching a re-run of a Degrassi: The Next Generation episode (it is my guilty pleasure, ugh), I somehow thought about this story. I just re-read most of the chapters for the first time in a long time and all I can say is.. Wow. That was soo long ago.

I remember putting this story on hiatus because I came down with a brutal case of writers block. and I guess the sickness just kind of stuck with me until I moved on to another fan fiction category. Whatever. I am back now, rejoice. While reading my story realized that I do believe it has a lot of potential in the characters and the plot, I just need to sit back and plan a little better. As I said it has been awhile and I think I could now write a better version of the story. This 'update' is my way of telling you to hold tight, be patient, because once I get the cobwebs shaken out of my brain I will be rewriting this story. Some things will remain similar, but some factors that I mindlessly overlooked will finally be included. Like, telling the parents and all that good stuff. So if you think you liked this hunk of junk even in the slightest bit, you're really going to want to stick around.

God I sounded so cocky just then.

Feel free to send me suggestions on what you want to see happen in the story. Just in case the writers block incident happens again, I want plenty of backup ;) Peace!