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Chapter One: Capture by the Moonstone

The two horses galloped hard against the ground. The first rider was a man in his mid- to late-twenties. His dark red hair was matted by sweat, sticking to his forehead. His body, from neck to toe, was encased in gleaming silver armour.

Gripping the man tightly around the torso was a young woman, about eighteen years old. Her pale blue-green hair flew behind her as she held on, fear and confusion both evident on her face. It was a delicate one, which would have made a sculptor proud; her skin looked as soft as silk, her nose was small. Her attire consisted gold plate armour which covered her chest and a dress which ended at around her thighs; her skirts billowed in the wind as the horse rode on.

The final rider was no more than sixteen. His expression was one of panic, one not very fitting to his soft, kind-looking features; a face framed by inch-long blond hair, with kind brown eyes and a mouth which would have made a gentle smile were he smiling, not frightened. He rode a fowl which wasn't much bigger than himself, and wore pale green armour

The man who led the large grey stallion halted it and turned back. He was horrified to see that the castle which they had left behind them was burning. It looked terrible, which, if one knew of the quick siege which had taken it down, was not a surprising fact. The knight sighed sadly.

'So quickly…' he muttered. 'Already, Renais has fallen. And His Majesty…inside. Why?'

He turned to the other rider. 'Franz!'

'Y-yes?' stuttered the younger knight.

'Ride ahead to Frelia. Inform King Hayden of the situation. Alone, you should be able to slip by the enemy forces easier than if you're with us.'

'Understood, General Seth!' replied Franz with more enthusiasm than was necessary. Hurriedly, he galloped off.

Seth, the Silver Lance, general of the Knights of Renais, turned to the young woman. 'Are you well, Princess Eirika?'

Eirika, collecting herself, nodded. 'Yes, Seth, I'm fine.'

'I'm sorry about that, but it was your father's orders. Now we ourselves should – No! We've been discovered!'

Horrified, Eirika spun to the direction Seth was staring. Sure enough, there was a flock of wyvern riders heading in their direction. Their leader had a two-legged wyvern, the rarer species, whilst the others rode four-legged ones.

Neither Seth nor Eirika had time to react for within moments, the riders were only several feet away from them. Eirika felt a shudder of fear pass through her, but she held her ground. Looking at their chest plates, she could see that, as she'd feared, they bore the crest of the Grado army upon them.

The leader lowered his wyvern for a landing, and his followers did the same. 'Say, would that be the wayward Princess Eirika of Renais?' sneered the leader, removing his helmet.

Eirika gasped. The man's face was the colour of sour milk, his eyes nasty and slightly sunken. His shoulder-length hair was an odd sort of darkish green, his nose hooked, and his mouth, with its thin lips, was set into a cruel smile. He looked like a demon.

Seth immediately rose to her defence. 'What is it to you if she is demon?' he barked, drawing his sword.

'Tsk, tsk,' the man shook his head, his malicious grin widening. 'How rude of you. No introductions whatsoever. Not that there is any need, of course; I know you're Seth, the Silver Lance, Commander of the Renais Knights.'

'What!' Seth gasped, faltering for a moment. 'How did you…?' For the first time she could remember, there was something which Eirika had never thought she would see on the General's expression: fear. And yet, she could see why. If this man knew Seth and wasn't afraid, then he was definitely dangerous.

Seth seemed to put his fears aside as he charged, his sword drawn. The Grado wyvern knight simply charged, his lance drawn. Seth lunged…and missed.

'Ah!' he gasped as his opponent flew right past him. Seth slowed his stallion to a trot, and gasped. 'Arrggh!'

'Seth!' Eirika hurried over to her comrade who was, to her horror, pulling the long spear out of his right arm. The wyvern knight was swooping up high.

'Hand me another spear,' he said coldly to one of his underlings. The man immediately complied, handing his own lance to his leader. 'Surround them,' was the next command. Eirika, who averted her attention from seeing Seth's wounds, turned back to find the dozen soldiers in a circle around her and Seth.

She finally found her voice. 'Who are you?' she choked out to the leader.

The wyvern knight laughed menacingly, lowering himself to be eye-level with her. 'I thought you'd never ask who your executioner was! I am Valter, the Moonstone of the Grado army, the finest general in the land!'

Eirika stared. 'A general? But…I thought the Imperial Three-'

'Has become six,' smirked Valter. 'I and two others have joined the rank among Duessel Obsidian, Glen Sunstone and … Selena Fluorspar.' He said the final name with something akin to spite in his voice, more so that the first two.

Two others, thought Eirika, shocked. What had Emperor Vigarde been doing in the past weeks, she had to wonder.

'Now then, perhaps you would surrender. Then again, it must feel like an honour to be slain by the greatest warrior in all of Magvel.'

'You are not,' said Seth firmly, looking the Moonstone squarely in the eyes.

'Not what?' asked Valter, narrowing his eyes at the paladin.

'The finest fighter in all of Magvel!' snapped Seth. 'Duessel Obsidian is the greatest fighter in the land. No warrior is held in higher esteem by the emperor, and even if it were not Duessel, the title would most certainly not go to one such as you!'

He had obviously crossed the line, because Valter's face was twitching all over. 'You…'the wyvern knight spluttered. 'You insolent worm! You dare speak so of me?'

'General Valter, do we have permission to execute him?' asked one of his underlings.

Almost instantly, Valter answered, 'Permission granted.'

The knights were drawing their lances, preparing for the kill, when Eirika shrieked, 'NO!'

Valter looked at her in inquisitive surprise. 'What?'

'You only want me, right? Please, don't hurt Seth,' she begged. 'I'll do anything; just leave Seth alone!'

'Princess, no!' gasped Seth. 'Your life is more important than mine. It doesn't matter what happens to me, but you, at least, must escape to Frelia.'

'And how, pray tell, would she escape me and my wyvern riders,' sneered Valter. 'Why sacrifice yourself, Seth, when you know that I'll still end up with her in the end? A life wasted… not that I care whether you live or die –'

'Foul demon!' snared Eirika, suddenly furious. It was obvious that Valter cared naught for anyone's lives save, perhaps, his own.

'- but I think it would be far wiser to surrender and accept your fate,' continued the enemy general as though he hadn't been interrupted. 'Maybe the Emperor will even spare your pointless lives for a while. Though,' he snorted, 'I'd much rather he let me kill you.'

Eirika looked over at Seth who, for once, seemed to have no answer to the situation. He gave a hopeless nod in her direction. Eirika turned to Valter. 'We will go with you, assuming you don't do anything bad to either of us.'

'I wouldn't dream of it,' sniggered Valter, though Eirika had a sneaking suspicion that he probably would. He had already proven that he was a cruel and heartless fiend with a desire to see them die. His next command was, 'tie them up. Make sure they have no access to their weapons, or they may very well escape. We're taking them back to the castle. Who knows; maybe they'll be of some use to us.' He laughed, a terrible, menacing sound that made Eirika feel numb – save the chills rushing down her spine.

Once they were secured onto the wyverns, Valter remounted his wyvern and gave his command, 'To the capital!'

And the winged lizards took to the air


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