Chapter 7 of Misunderstandings

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Summary: Story takes place two weeks after Jackson threatened Lisa. Jackson has escaped from the hospital, and Lisa has found a boyfriend, can Jackson just walk away? Or will he make a big brash message?

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"Thanks for the Quickie!"


I opened the door to the cabin quietly. The place was covered in dust. I turned on the lights, that, thank god, still worked. I carried Lisa into the house, and set her on the sofa. She looked so peaceful as she lay on the couch, her left hand touching her lips just so, her chest rising and falling to her inner rythym. Her brows were furrowed just a little, as if she were entering a bad dream. I laughed at this. If her dreams were bad, just wait till she woke up.

I could hardly wait to tell her that there was only one bed.


I woke up to the smell of a stew bubbling on the stove. My mouth felt like it was full of cotton, and my head pounded something terrible. I remembered what had happened as I looked around me. It seemed I was in a quaint little cottage, and under any other circumstances, I would have liked it.

There were green curtains on the windows, and no television to be seen. There was a rug on the floor, and the couch I sat upon seemed worn, maybe from the sixties. The walls were brown, and the floor was some kind of wood. Overall, the whole place was dirty, and covered in dust.


I looked up from stirring the pot to see that Lisa was awake.

"Well, it's about time Lisa." I said, enjoying her startled expression as she whipped her head around to face me. "Good afternoon, my love. Dinner will be done soon, and then maybe we can read from the Bible before bed."

She looked puzzled, and her hair slightly ruffled from her nap, making it look so soft and sensuous. A few of her curls fell onto her chest, and I stared a bit longer. I just wanted to throw her down on the carpet and ravish her right then.


Jackson looked at me like I had something on my face. I subconsciously reached to check. He smiled dreamily, and I wondered what had gotten into him, or what kind of drugs he was taking… and if I could have any.

He brought me a bowl of soup, as I tried to piece everything together. He wasn't religious certainly…

"You believe in God?" I asked.

He laughed that manical laugh. "No," he chuckled. "My Bible. It's a little something I came up with a long time ago. It'll really give you a new perspective on life Leese. Not like that Dr. Phil crap you were reading. This will really help you."

I wondered what kind of Bible Jackson could ever think was holy. Nevertheless, as I looked into my stew, I realized how hungry I was. I ate as quickly as I could, not stopping to think of anything else.

He sat across from me on a loveseat, smirking as he watched me eat. I knew however, that he hadn't poisioned it. He hated me too much to let me go easily. No, he would torture me a bit before he actually did it.


I smirked as I imagined our meals together. Thanksgiving… I would cut the turkey, and she would smile at me from across the table. She would have prepared a feast for us, and we would eat heartily before she would tuck our children into bed, and then we would make love in our bedroom.


I finished the stew and looked at him. I set the bowl on the coffee table, and he got up. He went to a little bookcase and took out a black leatherbound book. The pages were yellowed and stained.

"This is the bible Lisa. Learn from it, and you will succeed. Learn from it, and you will always be safe."

I shivered as he caressed the spine of the book, and opened it to read.