I wish you knew


Sango noticed this and couldn't help but smirk just a little bit. He was so attractive when he was angry. The way his eyes shined and eyebrows moved with every facial expression. She looked away once again trying her best not to stare.

By now, Inuyasha and Kouga were fighting, once again, over Kagome's affection. Shippo, Miroku, Sango and Kilala sat down in the nearest clearing and began to set camp. They would be here all night.

Chapter 8

Desire and Jealously

She felt his hand on her thigh and shivered with anticipation. Her breath quickens as his powerful hands caress her in places that she has never been touched. He kissed her lips and neck passionately, his hand wandering ever so close to her expanding womanhood. She felt it going higher and higher to a point where self- control was completely useless…..

Oh….. Inuyasha!

Sango woke with sweat covering her entire body. She felt the familiar heat of the fire near her sleeping bag, but what she felt even more was the heat coming from inside her sleeping bag. The dream was so vivid and felt almost real. How she wanted it to be real. The more she thought like this the more difficult things were going to become. She sat up and felt the slickness the dream had caused her. She berated her traitorous body for giving in so easily. "Why am I so weak?" She normally didn't have dreams like this; they always took her by surprise usually at the worst time.

"I'm becoming more like Miroku everyday I suppose."

She glanced around the camp site wondering if anyone else was awake. Thankfully, no one. Sango didn't dare look at Inuyasha, she would hate for him to open his eyes and catch her staring at him again. Just of the thought of those amber eyes made her sweat and long for the unruly hanyou. Just the thought of him got her hot all over again. She closed her eyes lying back so her body could be in a more relaxed position. She attempted to sleep, but the fantasy wouldn't leave her mind. She longed to touch and caress him likes she does in her dreams. "If only fantasies could come true." She sighed and grinned; fantasies were always so much fun, even if they seemed completely far-fetched. She closed her eyes, praying that her next dream would be much more realistic and much less embarrassing. If anyone else knew of her secret longing…. Well that could lead to a very uncomfortable experience.

The event with Kouga was so typical and predictable that she completely forgot about it till she glanced at Kagome. It was ironic to her that Kouga so deeply wanted Kagome, yet Kagome seemed to almost care less. How she related to that. That made her and Kouga in the same boat. She rolled over on her side, back facing the younger girl, and presumed sleeping. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander.

Bright, yellow eyes shined from the tree above, giving the leaves above him a demonic glow. His eyes scanned the campsite, but stopped once he reached his destination. He watched her closely, studying her every movement. It was like he was trying to read the young women in her sleep, understand her in ways he seemingly couldn't when she was awake. Inuyasha sighed and leaned against the tree. Sango was such a mystery to him, a strange mystery. One day he would figure her out, and that day would come sooner than he originally imagined.

The next day was a blur to Sango. She felt completely drained and she wasn't sure why. She was sleep deprived, that much was true, but something else was bothering her. She couldn't quite place it or give it a name; it was just there.

Maybe it was the way Shippo kept whining about the weather? No, she expected that.

Was it because Kagome kept talking and talking, while no one was listening? No, that was usual.

What was bothering was something different, something she hadn't felt before.

She glanced over at Miroku and noticed his obvious attempt to pretend like he wasn't staring. That was it!

Now that she had figured out what was her frustration, she had to solve it, but how? Bluntly asking did not seem like the best route. She was going to have to be discreet. Sango turned slightly and gave the curious monk a tedious smile. He returned the smile with full force and just like that: he was hooked.

"Hello, Sango!" he rang cheerfully as he filled the empty space on her right side. She nodded politely, almost regretting her need for his company. "I should have just stayed curious." She thought solemnly as he rambled on and on about countless things. She tuned him out as she turned to what was in front of her.

Kagome was on, for some reason or another, Inuyasha's back. "Like a baka, she probably tripped over a trig and twisted her ankle." Sango thought with disgust. So pathetic. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the annoying sight. That familiar pang of envy went through her veins. It seemed to come so easily now. As the days went by, she felt herself getting angrier and angrier over seemingly just little things. Why?

She closed her eyes, trying the block that image from her mind and the jealously that has controlled her brain. But there was no use. It would never leave.

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