A/N: This story is set 8 months after My Little Crush and 5 months after Rent, which when you put is all together a year later. LOL.

Disclaimer: I don't own Rent….dammit

CHAPTER 1: A year in the life.

( Mimi and Roger)

Things have been doing great for Mimi and Roger, the two got married in May. Roger now works at a bar called The Velvet Rose, he also has got his band together again and has been keeping his distance from Benny. Mimi has been clean since April and quit the cat- scratch club, she now works as a waitress at the bar Roger works at.

( Mark)

Mark went back to Buzzline and is currently working on a new documentary about elderly people living in the East Village. Mark still has not found the right girl, he's been on several dates, he hasn't talked to the girl that asked him for a match.

( Maureen and Joanne)

Maureen and Joanne are shockingly doing well. Maureen has finally stopped flirting and Joanne has stopped acting like a control freak and is beginning to loosen up more. Maureen is working on her new protest against McDonald's that will be held on Christmas eve. Joanne has opened her own law firm and is winning cases left and right.

( Collins and Angel)

Angel has made it big with her clothing line " Evita" and moved to Los Angelo's with Collins , who is now teaching ULA. Even though money is rolling in for them and they have a house bigger then Benny's, they're still Collins and Angel and nothing has changed them.

Voice: Excuse me?

Me ( annoyed): What voice?

Voice: Why is Angel still alive?

Me: A) It's my story and B) Angel is freakin awesome.

Voice: Why don't you have Maureen being a flirt?

Me: Because I believe after Rent she changed her life.

Voice: Are you going to break Maureen and Joanne up?

Me: I'm not saying a word, now leave me alone before I go Matrix on your ass.

Voice: Are you on your period?

Me ( annoyed): I'm moving to the next chapter.

A/N: I hope you like me and the voice talking, it will go on frequently through the story.