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In the land of Shadows

Where spirits never dwell

That is where you'll find me

Come listen to my tale.

For you, I weave a tale from the fabric of time itself

For this tale is immortal, as immortals can only be

It shall continue going, and living as this tale only can

Come now, it is time for me to tell.

There once was a child who visited the land of spirits. She worked to save her family, with the help of a young dragon. It took a long while but she did it, she made friends along the way, she helped many and many helped her. She was finally able to venture out of the land of spirits. She wished to go home, yet wished to stay with the new love she had found in the young dragon boy. Yet he says they will meet again, so she must return to her proper world.

Now my tale has stopped

But only for a rest

For no one, not even me, knows what happens next


When you're asked where you've been, just say: with Story-teller

And all will know what you mean

In the land of shadows

Where spirits never dwell

Go now, from this place

You've listened to my tale.

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