Past Meets Present


Helpful Hints:

"…." – talking

'…..' – talking with Kyuubi and Dragoon

italics – Dragoon talking

bold – actions within normal talking

underline – thinking

(….) – I'm talking

"…." – demon talking

- …. - - time jump

"…." – dream sequence/flashbacks

AN: This is my first time writing a fanfic of Beyblade and Naruto. Tyson and Naruto are the same person. You'll understand once you read it. Hopefully I don't screw this up. Hehe…. Also check out my other two fanfics: My True Self and True Love!

Disclaimers: I'm going to say this once! I don't own Beyblade and Naruto.

"What a day," said a blue hair boy.

"Tyson! Did you clean up your room," shouted a voice.

"I will, Hiro," shouted Tyson.

Tyson, a sixteen year old boy, was living with his brother Hiro and his grandfather. They live in a dojo in Okiyama. Tyson had friends, great friends. He looked at his picture of his team, the G-Revolution. He smiled as he remembered Ray, the calm cat-like long raven hair boy, Max, the hyperactive blonde hair boy, Kenny, the smart brown hair boy, and Kai, the stoic silverish blue hair boy. He even include that Hilary, the noisy brown hair girl, and Daichi, the wacky red hair boy, were his friends. He looked at all of the teams that he fought against and along side from the forces of evil: the Blitzkrieg Boys, White Tiger X, PPB All Stars, Barthez Battalion, F-Dynasty, and BEGA Bladers. As he opened another box, he saw something he didn't want to see again: a mask. This was not an ordinary mask for a Halloween gag. It was an Anbu mask from Konoha Village. You're wondering what is Konoha Village? Well, it's a village where Tyson first grew up. You see, Tyson isn't an ordinary beyblader; in fact, the Grangers adopted him. He used to be the number one knucklehead of Konoha, Naruto Uzumaki. "Never thought I see this again," said Tyson.

"What are you babbling about now," asked Hiro as he stepped into his brother's room.

"This," said Tyson as he threw the mask towards Hiro.

"Ah. The Anbu mask that you have kept a long time ago," said Hiro as he placed it down neatly.

"I guess with all the beyblading you taught me when I ran away from THAT place, I forgot the pain," said Tyson.

"hugs Tyson and tries to sooth his pain There, there. It's all right. No one is going to go and grab you away," said Hiro, "I guess you can clean up your room tomorrow. Night bro."

"Night," said Tyson as he began to fall asleep.

Dream Sequence

"Naruto! What did you do this time," shouted a pink hair girl.

"I didn't do anything! Honest," shouted Naruto, a blonde hair boy.

"Why is everyone trying to hurt you, dobe," asked a black hair boy.

"I don't know," said Naruto.

It was October 10, Naruto's birthday and the death of the fourth Hokage. Naruto didn't want to go to training today because of the villagers. He didn't even need training. Before Tsunade the Godaime, Sarutobi the third Hokage, made him the Midnight Fox, an Anbu when he was five. Everyone thought that Naruto was not smart and ate too much ramen. In fact, he was smart enough to graduate fast and take on a lot of missions. When Tsunade found out that Naruto was already and Anbu, she gave him a watch for him so she can call on him anytime. Naruto nodded his head and headed straight to his apartment where he found was trashed. "Naruto! Open up," shouted Sakura, the pink hair girl.

"Sakura-chan! Sasuke-teme! Kakashi-sensei! What are you doing here," asked Naruto.

"Naruto! You're late for training, dobe," said Sasuke, the black hair boy.

"We were going to train with the other rookie nins," said Kakashi.

Naruto looked behind him and saw the other nins: Neji – last year's rookie, Lee – last year's deadlast, TenTen – brown hair in buns, Ino – blonde hair girl, Chouji – a fat boy, Shikamaru – a lazy ass, Hinata – cousin to Neji, Kiba and Akamaru – dog lover and dog, Shino – bug lover, Gai – big fuzzy eyebrows teacher, Kurenai – genjutsu master, and Asuma – smoking addict. He also the three sand siblings and their teacher: Baki – teacher to the three, Gaara – Shukaku demon vessel, Temari – fan lover, and Kankuro – puppet lover. He walked into his apartment and then emerged as a fresh ninja. Everyone headed towards the training grounds. Nobody, except for the teachers, realized that Naruto was getting scorned at. They stopped to see Naruto being pushed down. "What did you do that for," shouted Naruto.

"Damn demon brat," shouted one of the villagers.

"We found out about your little secret," shouted another.

So, here they are. Team 7 arguing as usual. The rest of the nins were shaking their heads. Neji, Gaara, and Shikamaru were concern for Naruto. What little secret, they didn't know. Kakashi, Iruka who came to Tsunade's office, and all the other teachers were sitting down and wondering what Tsunade will tell the villagers. "Why are we here," asked Temari.

"Something to do with Naruto," said Kiba.

"Hello everyone," said Tsunade.

"What is this about," asked everyone.

"Well, Naruto has something to say," said Tsunade.

"Thanks, old hag. ducks from the punch Do any of you know about the Kyuubi," asked Naruto.

"The fourth killed it," said his friends, except for his teachers.

"Actually, the fourth didn't kill it. He couldn't. He sealed the demon inside a newborn baby. And that baby was me," said Naruto.

"What," shouted everyone.

"You're a demon," shouted Sakura.

"And that's not all. Naruto has been an Anbu since he was five. He has been doing mission after mission, trying to help out as best as he can," said Tsunade.

"Did all of you know about this," asked Ino, "About the Kyuubi and the Anbu thing?"

"We knew about the demon. We didn't know about the Anbu," said Iruka.

That night, Naruto got a lot of beatings from the villagers. He looked towards his friends, but they stayed away from him. Some were trying to get through, but the rest held them back. Those who were coming were: Neji, Shikamaru, Chouji, Shino, Kiba, Sasuke, Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro. Every villager held them back as they threw things towards Naruto. He saw the sad faces of the people who tried to help, such as Iruka, Kakashi, and the other teachers he remembers. Sakura, Ino, and the villagers were throwing things and trying to hurt him. He ran towards his apartment and stayed there until the fireworks came. "I guess they don't like me," said Naruto to the lonely room.

"Naruto, hurry towards the harbor," said Tsunade as she, Jiraiya, and the people who like him for who he was came into the apartment.

"Why," asked Naruto.

"Don't ask why. We have to hurry. The villagers are coming this way to burn down the place," said Jiraiya.

Naruto ran into his room, got all of his things, and ran out of the door. He heard a lot of angry people behind him as he ran into Konoha Forest and towards the harbor. He wanted to go away from this place. He looked around and saw the harbor. He got on the boat, hid himself, and fell asleep.

End Dream Sequence

"Ah," shouted Tyson as he sat on his bed.

"Tyson, my man! What's wrong," asked his grandpa.

"Nothing gramps. Just had a dream about Konoha Village again," said Tyson.

"Don't worry Tyson. Everything will be all right," said Hiro.

"Thanks guys," said Tyson as he ran to hug them.

"Since you are up, clean your room," shouted Hiro.

"Yeah. Yeah," said Tyson as he ran into the bathroom to wash up.

- In Konoha Village -

"I miss him so much," said a man with brown hair.

"I know what you mean, love," said a man with silver hair.

"Do you think he's all right, Kakashi," asked the brown hair man.

"I'm sure he is, Iruka. I'm sure he is," said Kakashi as both of them looked at the rising sun.

AN: Hiya! Well, this is another fanfic that I'm writing. I have to work on two others as well, but with these ideas, I have things I can do. Please choose which boy gets Tyson/Naruto in this story. The choices are: Shikamaru, Gaara, Sasuke, Kai, Tala, and Neji. Pick and enjoy the fanfics!