Helpful Hints:

"…" – talking

'…' – talking with Kyuubi and Dragoon

italics – Dragoon talking

bold – actions within the normal talking

underline – thinking

(…..) – I'm talking

"…"– demon talking

-….- - time jump

"…" – other person on the phone

"You sure that you want to stay here Sasuke," asked Sakura as she was talking to her last teammate.

"Yes, Sakura," said Sasuke, "I want to stay here with Naruto."

It has been a couple of months since the defeat of Juubi. Naruto was fully recovered, but the Konoha council summoned everyone back. On the last day of their huge vacation, Grandpa Kinomiya suggested to a barbeque to celebrate their huge victory. Akatsuki was still around, but they weren't going back to the elemental nations. They decided to just hang out and find jobs where Tyson lives. In midday, Sakura and Sasuke were standing on a hill that outlook the entire place they were having the barbeque. The bladers were helping themselves to some fun competition while the ninjas looked on in awe. "I'm sure that you will be happy here with Naruto and Kai," said Sakura.

"I need to get use to seeing Naruto as Tyson," said Sasuke.

"Hey guys," shouted Tyson as he ran towards the two, "Why are you two up here by yourselves?"

"Just talking," said Sasuke.

"In fact," said Sakura, "Sasuke decided to stay here with you, Tyson."

While the three were talking, the others heard the announcement and were shock to see Sasuke staying. Tyson whooped in joy as he hugged Sasuke, like he would do with Kai. Kai scoffed and walked towards Team 7 with determination. He glared at Sasuke who glared at Kai. Kai pulled Tyson off of Sasuke and dragged him over to a beydish to start a beybattle. Sasuke glowered and stomped over, pushing Tyson away. "Are you sure we should let Sasuke and Kai be in the same town," asked Iruka while he sweatdropped.

"Well, it is all up to Sasuke really," said Tsunade, "But I'm sure Tyson can handle Sasuke and Kai."

"I think Tyson will need some help controlling those two," said Ray.

"I second that," said Tala.

Tyson sweatdropped when he heard the others commenting on his love life. After the final battle, Tyson made himself into a blue-haired, blue-eyed person. Hey, he needed some reminder of being Naruto too. The others were alright with this as they saw how happy Tyson looked with his new look. Kai and Sasuke were happy to see the crystal eyes that they love so much, but glowered more when they saw each other looking at Tyson at the same time. Now, it seems that they will be battling it out once more for Tyson's attention. "Hey Tyson," said Max.

"Yeah Max," asked Tyson.

"If you are going to be Tyson," said Max, "That means that all of us can go to Konoha!"

"You're right, Max," said Kakashi.

"Tyson doesn't look that much like Naruto," said Tsunade, "And with that blue hair-dye, the council will not suspect him being Naruto in a henge!"

"Really," asked Tyson while ignoring his two boyfriends.

Tsunade smiled and nodded her head. She was so happy that her surrogated son/brother would come back to Konoha for a while. It wasn't trespassing if you are a different person. Tyson whooped when he heard that as the others laughed at his excitement. The ninjas were happy that the bladers will be coming to see what Konoha was like. Since Tsunade was the hokage, there wasn't a need to go through the hazards of paperwork and the Konoha council. "Tyson," shouted Kai and Sasuke.

"What," asked Tyson as he turned back to stare into black and red eyes.

"Who do you like best," shouted the two.

"Um," started Tyson.

"Are you sure Konoha is alright to have these people over," asked Asuma as he saw the two try to get Tyson to like them more.

"I'm sure Konoha can handle the bladers," said Tsunade, "After all, this is Naruto we are talking about. What is the worst that could happen?"

Apparently, a lot can happen. Once the bladers were inside Konoha, Sasuke and Kai kept on battling each other. The fangirls were torn between the two while Tyson smiled sheepishly. The other bladers showed off their bitbeasts to the citizens, making a mass panic attack of so-called 'demon' nonsense running around. Tsunade, Iruka, Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai, Ibiki, Baki, and Anko sweatdropped at the mass chaos. "Tsunade, I think we found out what the worse can happen," said Ibiki.

"Tsunade," shouted Shizune, "There is a lot of paperwork from the mass chaos outside!"

"Darn it," shouted Tsunade as the others left her to wallow in self-depression over paperwork.