Kaname, Kagome, Shippo, Yana, and Sesshomaro where the only survivers after the battle with Naraku. Everyone except Shessy was packing there most prize possions. For they would never return to the Fedal Are

for the jewel of 4 souls was completed and went back inside Kagome. Everyone was very depresed but out of all the five Kaname was the most affected by the battle. For Frono not only killed her parents, found out

that she was adopted,and that she was the last Safire angel kitsone, or that she had to watch a jem that is very existance of the that was not the reason why she was so depressed she couldn't say the

real reason because it might scare the others. That she owed a big favor to someone for she almost died out there but a cerain kitsone had other still recalled there first meetting it still made her blush.

( flashback to a year ago)IN no ones pov)

"Hehe we have you now Youko. Don't try anything now we wouldn't want you to die before your brought to the lord now would we heheheheh" Youko growled at them for it was all he could do. For they had him tied

from head to was caught while he was just being well a lazy kitsone. If he some how got out of this he would alwas remeber not to nod off in brod day light. For he would have a nice scar on his side to remind

him of they slashed his side to weaken him so they could tie him up. "B-boss we should leave before that ninja shows up" but as soon as he said that there was a loud voice that said'OH FLAME BURNING

BRIGHT ... RELEASE YOUR POWER" with that said all the men except Youko where burned to ashes.

(Youko's pov)

'Huh what ok i am a bit confused and curise as to why someone would help me' I thought to myself but when i stopped thinking a beaifuly shaped teenage girl appeared dressed in a all black fighting suit with two

swords one hanging on her right hip and the other on her left.'Gulp- shes either a) here to save me no that can't be right b) turn me in herself maybe there is a mill on my head (sorry don't know japanese currence) or

c) kill me herself...'but I was suddenly interupted by a giggle. I looked back at my 'savior' to see her looking at me."let me answer your question..." she said to me in a beatiful hevenly voice.'gulp im dead thats the

same light she used to kill those idiots now I am sure that c) was right she was going to kill me 'but i was brought back to earth when she gigglied again."hehe... OH OVER FLOWING RIVER BRING US YOUR

BLESSING" '... huh i-i-i'm alive b-but how she try to kill my ho...' "your alive because i healed and saved you from.." but i cut in" oh fricken joy first humans catch me now i am saved by a wench could my DAY

GET ANY BETTER!" i yelled at her my words dripping with sacasum."FOR YOUR INFORMATION I AM NOT A WENCH MY NAME IS KA..."she yelled at me before she put her hands on her mouth as if she

was hiding something."your name is what?"leting my cureosity take over."what me name is is none of your consern... my work is done i will now take my leave...""oh no you don't" i said as i called upon the vines

to grab her by her arms and the roots to grab her legs. i let a smile grace my lips as she strugled to free herself"'let me go" "not until you tell me your name"" i already said it was none of your biuessness you over

grown rat with fur on its tail"my smirk widden ' shes has a lot of courage and spunk...'"i have nothing you can steal so let me go." 'hmmmmmmmmm shes right she only has her clothes on her back thats it and

those swords but something tells me not to touch them. wait ...sniff sniff...so shes a virgin and never had her first kiss there is something worth to steal from her after all' i grined at that and made

my plants move her towards was struggling more and more until i finally said,"you lie you do have something worth stealing""oh and what would thhmmmm"i did't let her finish as i claimed her mouth as my

own and let my hands explore her body. much to my delight she involentared 2 mins of what seem longer than that i sepoprated from her. I was happy to see her blushing . I decide to free her and leave

but before I could I heard her say," Kaname Kaname Kururugi." Then I continued walking while thinking,' until we meet again my kaname until we meet again.'

(endpov and flashback Kaname' pov

Huh Youko i miss you so much.I guess i shows for Yana keeps giving me reasuring smiles.

Yana's pov

Okasan must be having um... a flashback about Otasan. she must really miss him. I gave her a reasureing smile.i miss him to huh i also miss Kohaku, Sango, Kirara, and Miroku...I wish they where here but at

least they can reast in peace knowing Naraku, Frono, Kagra, kikyo, and Inuyasha are died...I still remember the Final battle it haunts my dreams every night..



Kagome 18

Kaname 17

Yana 3

Shippo 3 1/2

Fluffy 269

Youko 279

Frono 250

Kana 3

Kargra 3

Naraku 73

Kikyo who cares

Inuyasha 18







or an oc with them more vote pairs will be avalibale