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Chapter 2 A New Life

last time on Rare Love

...I still remember the Final battle it haunts my dreams every night..

this time


The battle began in a dieing clearing in Inuyasha's Forest. Both sides refusing to give in no mattter what. For a time victory was so close ... that is until a shout was heard coming from a woman in a pink demon

slayer uniform."No fight it kohaku..." But her shouts fell to deaf ears as the boy attacked her hitting just below the neck those ending the young womans life."NO SANGO!" yelled a man in a puple monks

attire."sister...-a tears fall from his soul less eyes- i'm so sorry" was all that was said before he took the jewel out dieing was soon followed by kargra, inuyasha,kikyo,kirara, frono, and miroku."Its

time to die naraku" said a woman wearing a silver demon slayer attire. "kukukukuku you think you can defeat me miko...""no...she knows it" said a kitsone in a safire demon slayer out fit."Insolent wench""Kaname

get out the way!""Wh-"was all she could say before a silver blur took a hit to the stomach it took only 2 seconds before the maiasma went into his wounds."NO YOUKO!Youko please don't die you can't leave me...

Youko please"said a tearful kaname as her mate started to die in her arms."K-kaname""sshhhh don't speak save your strength.""I-I wil-ll alw-was l-love y-you"he died secounds later."no Youko YOUKO !"Only one

other person saw what happened and that was Yana .

mean while

"Die NARAKU"Kagome said while releasing an arrow filled with ice, fire, and purifing powers killing him instantly. She ran to the spot an fused the jewel together only to be covered in a white light.


"Its time to make ur wish young one""What?...Midoriko-sama""yes it is me child now what is your wish""i wish that everyones depise desires where grantied""done Kaname wishes to have a family and live

her life to the fullest so i shall make Yana and Kana her daughters. Shippo wishes to be your son. Kana wishes for forgiveness for all that she has done. Shessomaru wishes for three worlds to be made one the

humans live in, one for the spirits, the other for the demons he also wishes that kaname be the gardian of the The Barrier wish to find true love like Kaname did. It is done You will only have 9 more times to

use the well before its sells up forever. Untill we meet again Young miko Have sweet dreams.""wh-"

Outside the jewel

"Done there all your back what did you wish for""well-insert what happened-""thats odd but huh we might as well start packing hmm.""yeah"

end flashback

Kaname's pov

'There all done'I thought to myself as i unconsciencely rubbed my stomach where my child was.'oh Youko i never got to tell you t-that i-i was you'll never know.'I felt hot tears start to fall from my

cheeks.I laughed a hollow laugh as I remeber the shock on Kurone's face when i first told him. 'huh i can't belive this first kurone dies stealing something now i'm due in a day or two'i looked upto see a hano

bat demon be attack. I reacted on instinc an killed the apposing demon.i looked at the girl to see her crying over a died human woman body.'poor thing she dosen't have a family anymore.' "whats your name girl?" I

stated in my shessy voice. she looked scared."S-shioro m-mam." I smile aat her an picked her up seeing as i made my descition."P-please d-don't e-eat me"she wimpered."im not.i'm taking you to my home."why?"

"Because you need a mom an i want a nice happy family.""b-but im a hanyo an a bat would you want to be my mommy?""Because i'm not judgementale..and... i used to have a bat demon as a very close

you don't have to come"I looked to see her looking at the corpse."bye mom i live my life to the fullest promes."She lookes at me an noddes her head i smile in return.I brought shioro to the well after a long

explanation.I looked up to see...

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