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A Life Lost

Chapter 2: Foreplay

Harry P.O.V

I was panting and I knew it. We had been running all morning. Where had those buggars escaped to? They couldn't be far, we were tailing them. I looked to my left and saw that Ron was searching frantically, sweat evident on his forehead.

"Ron do you see them?"

"No, but be careful, they're dangerous and can't be underestimated." Ron looked at me and I nodded.

They were cunning and very sly. We have been chasing them for hours, but they always seem to just barley slip between our grasps. We can't let them escape! I kept looking around, waiting for any sign that might lead us to them. Nothing. They're out there somewhere just waiting for us tom let our guard down.

"Harry, maybe we should get back up?"

"NO! That's just what they want, to trap us all together. They think they're so brilliant, but I'm onto them." I hope they were close by and believed what I said, because I as sure hell didn't.

Suddenly I heard a crack behind the bushes, followed by whispering...definitely two males. I quietly got out my wand.

"Disparecio." I whispered and slowly my body became invisible. I stealthily crept behind the bushes and saw two shadowed figures.

"We'll get them so good they won't know what hit them. Some Aurors they are." One whispered.

"Yeah we'll attack from behind." The other one sniggered. I smiled, this was it, finally we were going to get them once and for all.

"Finite Incantatum," I jumped behind them, "Gotcha!" The two shadowed figures jumped up and turned.

"Awww Uncle Harry that's no fair, you cheated!" Nathan whined.

"Yeah you can't use magic if we can't!" Patrick glared.

I laughed. Nathan and Patrick Weasley were Ron and Hermione's six year old twins. Much like their uncles, Fred and George Weasley, Nate and Pat were inseparable, identical, and ingenious. They were major tricksters like their uncles, very determined, bordering stubborn, like their Aunt Ginny, and fun like their father. The best of the Weasley bunch, yet of course they were also wickedly brilliant like their mum. But as much as they were trouble-makers they were also fiercely protective and loving, especially to their only girl cousin, my little Lucinda.

"Come on you two, what did you expect; we were just going to sit around and wait to be bombarded by the terrible twins!" Ron retorted. I chuckled, but Nate and Pat looked scandalized, but then just as quick as a snitch they shrugged and ran off laughing.

"Bloody hell, I still can't believe that you have twins! And I'm the godfather!" When they told me I swear it was like a bludger hit me. Hermione beamed at me and Ron looked both anxious and proud. Pansy...well she looked rather amused and yet understanding. I don't know how but it was like all the feelings that were swarming around inside of me, she just knew. All the happiness and pain, the pride and betrayal, the sheer joy and the loss, she just understood it all. And all she had to do was look at me and smile and I felt it. How did she do that? When did this happen?

"Harry! Ron! Come on we're going to the Burrow now. Bring the kids." Hermione bellowed from inside. Ron chuckled.

"Alright where did those three run off to? We were circling the yard when we spotted Nate and Pat in the tree. They were snickering and whispering to one another about something. What were they up to? Literally. I looked down and saw Lucinda playing in the grass. Apparently I realized too little too late what they were about do to, because the next thing I knew they pounced.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The scream pierced the sky and the tree my little godsons were just on blew up into millions of little pieces. Ron and I just barely dodged thousands of possible splinters (ouch) and Nate and Pat looked horrified. Then Ron and I turned to see my little girl with tears in her eyes and a look that would make even Voldemort wince in fear. It was definitely her Slytherin half coming out. I've seen that look on Pansy before, not a good thing.

"You two scawed me! I was pwaying a game! You guys made me shwimmer!" Lucinda fumed between sobs.

Shwimmer? What was she talking about? Did she do all of this? Just as I was about to ask, Pansy and Hermione came running out. Hermione was looking at the tree then Ron and I, while Pansy rushed to Lucinda.

"NATHAN AND PATRICK WEASLEY, YOU TWO COME RIGHT HERE THIS MINUTE!" Hermione roared. Wincing they both hurried over to their fuming mother.

I looked back at Pansy, who was trying to console our very spooked little girl. Pansy looked up at me and Ron.

"How long was it for this time?" I was completely lost. How long was what? Ron however seemed to know exactly what she was talking about.

"Only a few minutes, we didn't even notice, Pans." She nodded and picked Lucinda up.

"And it was only the tree?" She asked a mixture of concern and fear in her beautiful blue eyes.

"Yep, I think so." She looked a bit relieved yet still had lines of worry on her forehead. I looked t her and she returned the look, one that said she would explain things to me later. I nodded and we turned back just in time to see Hermione join us, both Nate and Pat looking paler then before.

"I think someone needs to apologize NOW." Both Nate and Pat went to Pansy and Lucinda, who was hiding in the crook of her mum's neck. They looked a bit scared but Pansy gave them a reassuring smile. She really was brilliant with kids; it just made me smile too.

"We're sorry Lulu." They said in unison.

"Honest we'd never want to hurt you!" Nate said vehemently.

"Yeah you're our favorite cousin!" Pat added.

Pansy whispered something into Lucinda's ear. She poked her head out, a small watery smile on her face.

"Weally? I'm your favowit?" She whispered shakily but with some awe in her little voice. The both smiled and nodded their heads vigorously.

"Of course." They both said. Lucinda looked at both me and Pansy and beamed.

"Did you heor that mummy? I'm theyor favowit!" She smiled. Pansy giggled. "I sure did, luv." Watching Pansy and Lucinda together always seems to make me feel warm and makes my heart swell. This was MY family. These were MY girls. Now all I had to do was remember that. Nate and Pat took Lucinda's hands and all three of them went running into the house laughing.

"Come on everybody let's go see Grams and Grandpa! Time for some S&S!" Nathan cheered.

"Yay! S&S! S&S!" Cheered Lucinda, Ron and Pansy chuckled. Hermione rolled her eyes. I felt like I was out of the loop.

"What? What's S&S?" I asked. Pansy's smile broadened and Hermione snorted.

"Spoiling and Stuffing, mate." Ron said with amusement etched across his face. Hermione just sighed.

"Honestly Ron you started this."

"What are you-"

"Harry, when you go to the Burrow doesn't mum always spoil you?"

"Well yes but-"

"And stuff you?"

"Always but-"

Well there you go, mate. S&S."

"Oh Ron you encourage it. Always wanting your mum to wait on you hand-and-foot and stuffing you face with so much food they'd think you starve at home."

"With your cooking I would." Ron mumbled under his breath. I chuckled and Pansy covered up a giggle with a cough.

"Ronald Billius Weasley!" And with that Hermione proceeded to chase Ron into the house. Those two would never change.

Pansy came up next to me and took my hand in hers. I looked down into her eyes as if being pulled in by some sort of force. She smiled this brilliantly warm smile and squeezed my hand.

"Ready to go, luv?" All I could do was nod. I feared my voice would fail me with all the emotions I was feeling at the moment.

So to the Burrow we went.

When we got there I fell out of the fireplace. (Never got the knack for Flew Powder) Ron laughed, while Hermione glared at him. Pansy came to me and held out her hand. I gladly took it, pretty sure that I was turning red in the process. Once up Pansy leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"Don't worry darling I hate flew powder myself." I looked at her and did notice she was pale. Concern must've been evident in my eyes because she put her hand up to my cheek.

"No worries, nothing sitting down and some tea wouldn't fix." She smiled. I nodded but wasn't completely convinced. I guided her over to a chair.

"Oh hello Harry, dear, how are you feeling?" Mrs. Weasley came over to me with her arms open. She gave me a hug while I looked to Ron, Hermione, and Pansy questioningly. Ron winced, while Hermione shook her head. I looked to Pansy and she mouthed to me, 'She doesn't know,' and shrugged. I nodded. Mrs. Weasley pulled away.

"I'm fine, Mrs. Weasley, thank you." She smiled and ushered me into the chair next to Pansy. Pansy gave me a small smile which I returned.

"So what time is that appointment of yours today?" Mr. Weasley who was playing with Lucinda asked. Pansy looked shocked for a moment and then turned to the clock.

"Oh for the love of Merlin, I almost forgot! We should be at St. Mungos by now." Pansy gasped. I was about to ask for what, when I remembered that yesterday Lucinda asked me if we were still going to the see her new baby brother today.

"How on earth could you two have forgotten that? I mean I figured that's why you came here to drop off Lulu." Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were looking at us puzzled. Pansy looked a bit apprehensive so I decided to make myself useful.

"Well of course we didn't forget, Mrs. Weasley, I mean I don't think there two people happier then us right now. We can't wait to see our new baby. We just didn't realize that we were so late. We thought we'd get here earlier. Ron and I must of lost track of the time; we were outside playing 'Aurors and Deatheaters' with the twins. That's all so don't you fret about a thing." Pansy looked up at me with a beautiful smile and Ron and Hermione looked deeply impressed. I had to say I was pretty impressed myself. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley seemed to be satisfied with my reply so they just smiled and said bye.

"You come back soon; I want to know if I'm going to have another grandson or granddaughter!" Mrs. Weasley cried joyfully. Pansy smiled and kissed Lucinda goodbye. I followed and kissed her goodbye too.

"Bye mummy, bye daddy, bring me back a picter of my baby brover!"

We got into the fireplace and Pansy grabbed a handful of flew powder. Unconsciously my hand snaked its way across Pansy's waist and held her close. Then within just seconds, though it felt like an eternity, we arrived at St. Mungos. I got out first and then helped Pansy, who had once again gone a bit peaky.

"Thanks, Harry." She smiled at me.

"No problem, Pans." I replied and Pansy looked a bit shocked.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing, it's just you haven't called me Pans in a while, I suppose. Well that's certainly an upgrade from 'Parkinson.'" She smiled cheekily. I chuckled. I hadn't noticed that I called her 'Pans,' it just happened so…..naturally? Just as I was about to ponder that thought some more a young man came up to us smiling.

"Pansy, darling, there you are. We were getting a little worried about you. It's not like a doctor to be late to an appointment, especially her own." He smiled at her and kissed her hand. Pansy giggled and I couldn't help but feel a pang of….jealousy? No it couldn't be.

"Oh Theodore, don't you have an off button, seriously. I am after all pregnant." Pansy smiled and gave him a hug.

"Ah yes Pansy, but you are positively glowing and gorgeous." He replied suavely.

I tightened my fist when his arms went around her and he held her close. Wait, what's the matter with me? She is your wife. Yeah, but I shouldn't be acting this way. But he is getting a little to chummy. That's true and she is pregnant with MY child. Exactly, and he hasn't even noticed you. I decided if he wasn't going to take notice to me, I would just have to make myself noticed. I cleared my throat that seemed to at least get Pansy's attention. She let go of 'Theodore' and smiled at me.

"Theodore you know Harry, my husband." I loved her for putting an emphasis on the word, husband. Whoa, wait, I mean I appreciated her for putting an emphasis on the word, husband.

"Hello." I replied a bit coolly at Theodore.

"Of course, Harry, it's good to see you. You seem so busy all the time I wasn't sure if you were going to show." Theodore said a bit condescendingly. Pansy sensing the tension spoke up.

"Harry you remember Theodore Nott from Hogwarts." Nott, of course, a skinny Slytherin that use to hang out with Malfoy and Zambini, he did fill out a bit and wasn't to grotesque looking I suppose.

"Ah yes, Nott, of course how could I forget." I replied tightly. Pansy looked at me suspiciously.

"Well now that we're all best mates, Theodore would you please show us to the room and tell Dr. Chang that we've arrived." Nott nodded and took us to a room and left.

"What was that Harry?" Pansy asked me when we were alone.

"What are you talking about?" I asked a bit too innocently.

"Oh come on Harry, what was with the frost bite out there with Theodore. You've never been that cold toward one of my colleagues. Were you…you weren't….I mean….were you jealous?" I turned walked around the room. Was I jealous? I mean she is my wife and I was standing right there. I mean she's pregnant for Merlin sakes!

"Well did you hear the oaf Pans, I mean he was really laying it on thick! I mean he practically was ready to drag you into a room and shag you senseless. I mean and you're even pregnant! With MY child no less and the great buggar doesn't even have the decency to not do it right in front of me! You're MY wife!" I ranted. Then as if realizing what I did I turned to look back at Pansy ready to apologize, but when I looked at her she had this strange look on her face. It was a mix between loving and caring, annoyed and exasperated, and horny and passionate. I must say I wouldn't have minded the first or the last ones but before I could say anything about that the doctor walked in. I was gobsmacked. Of course, Pansy told Nott tot ell 'Dr. Chang' that we were here. I just hadn't realized it would be….

"Cho, how are you today?" Pansy asked.

"Oh I'm fine, the question is, how are the parents-to-be?" She smiled at Pansy and me. It was still a gorgeous smile after all these years. I must have lingered on it for a bit too long because the next thing I knew when Cho turned Pansy's elbow came in contact with my ribs. I grunted and turned to look at her. She had her eyebrow arched and had this menacing glare on her. I smiled sheepishly but she would have none of that.

"So shall we see if we are having a little girl or a little bloke?" Pansy smiled and nodded. So she had Pansy lift her shirt up to the bump that was our unborn child. Cho applied some sort of gel onto Pansy's stomach which made her grimace.

"Is that stuff hurting her?" I inquired rushing to Pansy's side. Cho smiled while Pansy giggled.

"No Harry it's just cold and tickles a bit. Come on sit down." I nodded a bit hesitantly and pulled up a chair next to her. Cho turned on the machine and started to probe Pansy's stomach with a device that looked much like a computer mouse. All of a sudden the room was filled with a light pattering sound. I looked around the room.

"That is the sound of your baby's heart beat." Cho answered for me." Pansy's eyes filled with tears and she smiled up at me. I could only smile back afraid my eyes would start to tear as well. Then the screen on the machine starting getting a picture, it was black and white and moved a lot.

"Okay let's see if we can find baby Potter." Oh so that must be the inside of Pansy's stomach. Cho moved the mouse device around Pansy's stomach and then stopped it abruptly.

"There you see that little thing right there?" Both Pansy and I squinted our eyes but nodded.

"That is your baby." And with those words all the emotions that had been running through me just came out. My eyes were watery and my breaths came quicker. Pansy grabbed my hand and smiled. I smiled back completely thrilled at the first meeting of our child.

"And if you look right there you will see that you are going to have a wonderful baby…..boy." Cho smiled. Pansy beamed and shrieked in joy. I felt tears streaming down my face and I smiled. A little boy. My little boy. Cho took a picture of the baby and wrote "Baby Boy Potter' on the top. We said good bye and quickly flew back to the Burrow to tell everyone.

Once we got there Hermione and Mrs. Weasley bombarded Pansy with hugs and questions, while Mr. Weasley and Ron shook their heads and smiled at the women. I caught Pansy's eyes and smiled at her she winked back. I then went into the living room and saw Lucinda playing with her dolls. She looked up and saw me and smiled. She ran to me and hugged my tight.

"You back alweady!" She giggled. I smiled and held her in my arms. I leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"You were right."

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