Spy Cats

File One: Laser-Pen and Laser Cannon:

A young tom, dressed in a buisness suit walked down the hotel hallway. The Russle Hotel was big,
very big. The young tom made his way to the elevator and pushed the button. He waiting and
stepped in once it got to his floor. He pushed the button and went to the very top floor. He got
out and made his way to a door. He looked around and slid the card through the card slider and
opened the door. He closed the door and set the breifcase he had on the bed.
"Whats in the breifcase Alonzo?"asked the queen from the bed.
"These are the plans we are here for Victoria. The laser-pen and laser-cannon plans. Now where
is Etcetera?"asked Alonzo looking around.
"Right here sir!"exclaimed a queen from under the bed. She popped up but hit her head. "Owwy.."
she said rubbing her head once she had her head our.
"Pay attention rookie!"exclaimed Alonzo. Etcetera straightened up. "Now, we need to get these to
our other spys. Victoria, you take the Laser-Pen to our spy stationed at Club 54. There you will
meet exotica, she is dressed as a punk teenager. Etcetera, you take the Laser-Cannon one to the
park. There you will find Plato, he is dressed as a granny. You give him the plans. Do you
understand?"he asked. He lit a cigarette and took a little puff The two queens nodded. soon
there was a knock on the door.
"Who is it?"
"Pyramid Queen!"exclaimed someone from behind the door. Alonzo went and opened it up. Cassandra
walked in, dressed as a maid with a laundry basket.
"You two are gonna get in here and I'm gonna take you down to the laundry room. There you will
get into the back of the laundry truck, here is where Alonzo will take you to your destitation.
Understood?"asked Cassandra. Etcetera and Victoria nodded. Victoria pulled out a pair of torn up
pants and a shirt that was ripped that would show her middrift.
"Would this work Alonzo?"asked Victoria. Alonzo nodded and took a puff of his cigarette.
Victoria went and dressed. She came out and nodded to Alonzo. Alonzo got some stage make-up and
got a driver's outfit and went to the bathroom. He dyed his fur black and put the outfit on and
came out. He opened the door.
"I'm off, you two get down as fast as you can."he said and handed the two queens the plans. The
two queens nodded as Alonzo left.

Bustopher Jones sat inside the Club 54, sipping a light drink and looking absolutely perfect, as
usual. Of course, he wouldn't remain that way for long. According to his sources, Exotica, a
known TSE supporter, would be attending the club that night, and another unknown agent would try
to pass off the stolen plans. And Bustopher would stop them. He calmly checked his revolver's
ammunition for the umpteenth time and casually flipped the bartender a few coins before leaving
the Club. Exotica took a drink of water,and casaully waited for the TSE contact to show up...

Electra look around the park and noticed an old lady. She took another look at the cat. The lady
was standing a little to straight..Electra pulled her collar of the denim jacket up and looked
around. She pulled a comunicater out and called Bustopher Jones.
"Come on you big lug...pick up.."She said quietly, looking back at the old cat. Bustopher's cell
phone buzzed. He checked the number on the display and mentally matched it to Electra. He
flipped it open and greeted her.
"Yes, miss Electra. Bustopher here. And please make it quick - I'm frustrated enough as it is."

In the park, Plato was waiting for his contact to show adjusted his granny-glasses,and
started "knitting needles"concealed poison darts and his old lady's brooch had a
microphone hidden "cane"had a sharp blade Irish tom hunched over,
acting like any ordinary elderly queen,and knitting.

The two queens hopped into the laundry basket cassandra had and Cassandra began to push the
laundry basket down to the laundry room.
"You two are heavy!"whispered Cassandra.
"You jsut arent strong enough."whispered Victoria smirking. Cass rolled her eyes. They finally
made it to the laundry room. Cass looked around and let the two out.
"Now what we do?"asked Etcetera.

Alonzo appeared.
"In here."he said,motioning to the back of the laundry truck.
"Good luck,guys." Cassie said.

The two queens nodded and made there way to the back of the laundry truck. They got in and shut
the door.
"What kind of weapons do you have?"asked Etcetera. Victoria pulled out from her pocket a pistol
and pulled out a clip.
"You?"asked Victoria.
"Same as you girlfriend!"exclaimed Etcetera. The two laughed. Victoria put her weapon up and the

"Are you at your possition? Hopefully you are. If our sources are right, one of those good spys
should be tehre any time now. I'm in the part, and I ntoiced an old cat that just doesnt seem
right. We need to get those plans, do you understand?"she asked,talking quietly so no one over
heard her. Bustopher muttered something about upstart kittens.
"Of course I'm in position! I'm a master counterspy!" He snapped before listening to the rest of
Electra's advice.
"Of course, miss Electra. I understand. But do you have any idea what i'm being forced to wear?
Khaki pants and... and a Hawaiian shirt! I look simply garish!" He sighed and glanced down at
his brightly-colored chest.
"I'll stay here and wait for someone to meet up with Exotica. All right?"
"Oh I feel sorry for you. I got to wear khaki pants, a regular t-shirt and a deinum jacket.
Yeah, alright thats good B.J. Im gonna watch this so call granny."she said. "Well over and out."
she said and turned her comunicater off. She looked back at the "granny" and kept watch.

"Yeah, I can't wait for this job to be over so I can get back into my suit..." Bustopher l
istened quietly to the rest of the message, looking around for any signs of TSE agents. "Well,
just don't rush into anything. I couldn't bear it if anything happened to you..." He tucked his
cellphone back into his shirt pocket and walked back into the bar. "Yeah right she feels sorry
for me, she's probably laughing at me behind my back..." He sat back down at the bar and ordered
another drink, watching Exotica anxiously... Exotica sat at the table,acting now
and then,she'd glance at him.

Plato adjusted his granny-glasses,and kept was aware someone was watching him,so
he hunched over a little more,and squinted at his knitting waited for his contact to
come. Electra noticed Plato do that. She smirked.
"Nice try TSE spy...but you just blew your cover."she said. She might not be really smart, but
she knew when something was fake or not.

Alonzo started the laundry truck,and headed for the the way,however,Zo was
stopped by a couple of pollicles and Asparagus Jr.
"You there-where do you think you're going?"the pitbull growled.
"Oi'm d'liverin' dirty laundry tew th' laund'mat,Guv'na."Alonzo said in a Cockney accent.
"I don't think so,young fella,"Asparagus Jr said."The Russel Hotel has its own
,Sheepdog-open up the back of the truck,and search it!"
"Right away,Old Geezer."the sheepdog pollicles started to open the truck doors up,
while AJ(Asparagus,Jr)held Zo at gunpoint.
"If there are any TSE agents in there,kill them!"AJ ordered. Victoria and Etcetera held their
breath. They heard someone outside. Victoria pulled out her gun, and so did Etcetera. They
backed up some and pointed the guns at the back door. They waited for it to open.

The 2 evil dogs opened the doors,and climbed into the truck,where they started to toss dirty
laundry ,AJ grinned as he held Zo at elderly cat cocked the gun.
"Try anything funny,and you won't live to see tomorrw,driver..or should I say'Panda Bear',AKA
Alonzo."AJ growled meanly. Victoria and Etcetera creeped behind the two dogs and pointed the
guys the one of the dogs backs.
"You even make a sound, I'll shoot."said Victoria.
"Yeah, same with me."said Etcetera.

"HEY,OLD GEEZER-THERE ARE TSE AGENTS IN HERE!'Sheepdog called out,whirling around."IT'S 2
QUEENS!"Pitbull called out,also whirling around.
"WELL,KILL THEM!"AJ ordered the 2 rookies.
"ut-oh, the big bad pollicles broke the rules."said Etcetera.
"Now, you caused ya own death you dogs."said Victoria, pointing her gun at the sheepdog,
shooting him in the head, and quickly shoots the other dog in the head before Cety can even aim.
"Gotta be quick with the draw Etcetera."said Victoria smiling. The two hop out of the truck. She
looked at etcetera. "We need to split and get these plans to the others. Alonzo can take care of
himself."said Victoria. Etcetera nodded. The two split off, Victoria to the club and Etcetera to
the park.

Bustopher slapped a five dollar bill down on the bar and got up, feeling absolutely ridiculous
in his bright red Hawaiian shirt. *At least it conceals the revolver* He thought and smiled. He
waded his way onto the packed dance floor and found an older queen to dance with, all the while
watching and waiting for someone to confront Exotica.

AJ saw the 2 queens,and became furious.
"I'LL $#%%^&$ GET YOU,YOU%$#%^&^% BITCHES!"AJ quickly yanked his name tag
off,and jabbed the pin into AJ's pin contained a sleeping serum.
"DAMN YOU,TSE AGENT!YOU'LL $%$%#$$# GO TO *^#$ #$ HELL FOR THIS!$%$%$&^$%#
$ # !"Aj yelled at the top of his lungs,before becoming got into the
truck and drove off,leaving a groggy SCRATCH agent stumbling after then fell asleep.

Victoria looks around and makes her way into the club. She smiled at some of the toms and made
her way over to Exotica.
"Hey, how did you do in math today? I did pretty good on my test! Wanna see it?"she asked,
taking the plans out of her jacket and handing them to Exotica.
"See, i got a 100!"she smiled. "Cool!I got a 100,too!"Exo said,taking the plans,and slipping
them into her backpack.

Etcetera ran till she reached the park and huffed and puffed. She looked around and noticed who
she was looking for. She walked over to the "granny"
"Hello Miss. What are you doing here by yourself?"she asked. From the tree, Electra watched as
Etcetera walked over to the "granny"
"I got you now.."quietly said Electra giving a small smile. She started to walk slowly out from
behind the tree, making her way slowly over to where Etcetera and "granny" were at, but she made
it look like she was just walking, than spying on the two. She put her hands inside her pocket,
ready to pull out her pistol when she needed it.

"Why,dear-I'm your grandmother,"Plato said,putting the knitting got up,and had a mock
fall."Oh!Help!I can't get back up!"

Electra smiled.
"Just blew it deary.."she said quietly. As etcetera kneeled down she brung out the plans. As she
was about to hand them to Plato Electra ran and tackled her, got the plans and ran off.
"HEY COME BACK!"shouted Etcetera getting up and ran after Electra. Electra hopped on
the motercycle she had and sped off, back to headquaters.
"NOO!"shouted Etcetera, dropping to her knees.

Plato radioed Alonzo who headed towards the pulled up beside Lec and tried to cut her

Etcetera looked up at Plato.
"You mad at me?"she asked. Electra noticed Alonzo edging near her. She looked around and noticed
an allyway, just big enough for a motercycle. She curved into the alley, scratching her legs.
She noticed a board and a fence. She drove up the board and flew over the fence, and drove all
the way to headquaters and disapeared into the headquaters.

"Nay,"Plato said."come on-we have to be gittin' back to TSE headquarters,and inform Old
Deuteronomy what's goin' on,now."

Electra parked her motercycle in the garage of the headquaters and made her way to the office.
She opened the door and made her way over to the desk.
"Macavity."she said. Macavity turned around in his chair and glanced at Electra.
"Yeah?"he asked.
"I got the laser-cannon plans. Here you are."she said, handing the plans over. He snatched them.
"Thank you Electra, very well done.I will make sure you get a raise. Who did you go against hm?"
he asked.
"Some rookie who doesn't know what she is doing, and another spy. It was a guy I know that. I
believe it was Plato sir."she said.
"Hmm a rookie and an experiance spy. You did very good my dear. Have you any information about
B.J. and A.J.?"he asked.
"Bustopher Jones is still at the club, probably the other person hasnt showed up or he is taking
his time. Asparagus Jr. I do not have information sir."she said. macavity nodded.
"Alright, off with you. Go wait for Old Geezer and B.J."said macavity.
"yes sir!"she exclaimed and walked out. Macavity grinned brightly.

AJ was at the fountains,splashing cold water on his face and swearing like there was no tomorrow.
The elderly cat was unaware of Lec...

"ASPARAGUS!"shouted Electra giving the old cat a stern look. "Didn't macavity tell you to lower
down on the cursing! Now whats the matter!"she exclaimed.

"Sorry,"AJ said,telling Lec about the killing of 2 pollicles and zo stabbing him with a sleeping
serum."Those TSE fools have our plans for the laser-cannon and laser-pen."

"Dont be so suyre about that. You are looking at the queen who got the laser-cannon plans from a
rookie and Plato, AND I lost Alonzo while trying to get away. We only need the laser-pen plans."
said Electra smiling.

Alonzo pulled into the parking garage,and got out,very 7-year-old tom went inside,and
got a diet soda out of the Plato showed up.
"Alonzo?"Plato asked,taking the old-lady's wig off.
"What?"Zo asked.
"Ecty's afraid yer gonna be mad at her,now.'Plato said.
"Mad?Of course I'm mad at her! She was careless with the plans,and so were you!"Zo snapped.
"Take it easy, Alonzo-'tis wasn't th' lass's fault,"Plato said in his Irish lilt.
"She's just a rookie."
"Yeah, but you're not!Because of both of you,the laser-cannon plans are in the the paws of
SCRATCH! If you both had acted quicker,that little bitch of Macavity's would'nt gotten away,and
I would'nt had to chase after her!"Alonzo said.
"That 'bitch' as ya put it got away form ya,too,Alonzo,so don't be puttin' th' blame on Cettie
an' I."Plato said firmly.
"You listen here,upstart! If Cettie messes up one more time,she's OUT of this agency! Got that?"
Zo snapped,glaring at Plato.
"Yer not bein' fair,Alonzo."Plato threw the diet soda down on the ground,glared at
Plato,and stomped off. Plato sighed.

Etcetera whimpered quietly from a corner. She heard the whole thing. She sniffed and tried not
to cry. She broke out crying anyway and sat down. Plato went to Cettie,and sat down beside her.
"Ya okay,Cettie?Don't be mindin' Alonzo,now-he did'nt really mean it about ya gittin' kicked out.
Plato said,comforting Cettie.
"I-I-I dunno.."she said and sniffed. "he seemed ofly sure."she said.

"Easy now,Cettie-yer jest learnin',"Plato said gently."I won't let anything happen to ya,I
promise."Plato hugged Cettie. Etcetera smiled and gave a small purr and hugged him back.
"Thanks Plato."she said. Plato smiled at Cettie."Alonzo may git angry at times,but he never
means what he he did,then I would'nt be here."the Irish tom assured. Etcetera smile.
"Heh."she said.

"You outsmarted Plato and Alonzo? Wow! They're very hard to outsmart,since they're experienced
veterans,"Asparagus Jr said,taking a syringe out of his briefcase."This,Lec-is a truth serum. We
can use it on those TSE agents to find out if they have any secrets they're hiding from
we need to do is capture a TSE agent,preferably a rookie." Electra smiled.
'What a good idea."she said and smiled.
"yeah, very good idea."said Macavity coming up from behind. "And you can say, our Electra is a
very hard agent to beat, unlike you."he said.
"Who should we try to get sir?"asked Electra.
"We could get that rookie Etcetera, the one you outsmarted, or Exotica, or we could try and get
either Cassandra or Victoria. Which ever one you would want. I would try to go for someone who
has been there a while, you know that the TSE waits for their rookies to get up in rank till
they tell them all their secrets."explained Macavity. "So try to go for Etcetera, Cassandra, or
Victoria. Or better yet, get all three of them and try to get 2 more of those serums. This
should be fun."said Macavity.

A stray came up and whispered into AJ's ear,then left."Breaking news,Macavity-I've just been
informed that the veteran spy Alonzo may go into early retirement,due to heart trouble,"AJ told
"I guess all those years of smoking,plus that bad temper of his is causing his heart problems.
I've been told he's on his way to see the doctor we take advantage of this?" Macavity
"We should we should, but first lets wait till B.J. gets back here with those plans."he said.
Electra smiled too.

Bustopher was actually pretty close by to the TSE spies and overheard the conversation, quickly
cutting through their mock enthusiasm. "What kind of teenagers come to the Club 54 to talk about
math?" He said quietly to himself before giving a quick peck on the cheek to the queen he was
dancing with and heading for the door.

"need to get going, you gonna be alright by yourself or do you need any help?'asked Victoria to
Exotica tilting her head. She knew one of those SCRATCH members were here, she just needed to
spot them. She noticed B.J. She looked around. No one else was dressed as brightly as him. She
knew it w as B.J. Who else could dance that good? She saw him from the corner of her eye, and
put her hands in her jacket.
"Let's go."Exotica said,getting up.

Victoria nodded and made her way outside, making sure she knew were B.J. was. She pulled Exotica
somewhere safe were B.J. couldn't hear her.
"If B.J. tries to come and get the plans, i'll give him these papers i have that look like the p
lans, but it is how you make chocolate chip pancakes. Ok? Here lets switch plans real quick.."
said Victoria quietly, taking out the papers she had.
"Quickly."she hissed lowly. Exo made the switch quickly. Victoria looked and noticed B.J. wasnt
even looking when they did that. The two started to walk down the street, Victoria whistleing
wondering if B.J. would try to go after them.

Bustopher groaned as the two spies left. He ran out into an alley, pulling his Hawaiian shirt
off and throwing it aside. "This is all YOUR fault!" He shouted at the shirt before pulling a
more Bustopher-like jacket on and chasing after Victoria and Exotica, his revolver drawn and

"Lookie there Exo. we got a rabid suit a casin' us. Wanna give him a slip, or give him the fake
papers Hmm?"asked Victoria running, dragging Exotica with her.
"Uh...maybe we should give him the fake papers?"Exo said,unsure of herself.

Vicki smiled. "And if he doesnt fall for it, i have my pistol and I'll make sure he doesnt shoot
us with that gun since i'll shot it out of hit hand first. You have your gun?"asked Victoria
stopping and turned around and waited for B.J. to catch up.
"yeah."Exo said,whipping out her gun.

Reholstering his revolver, Bustopher caught up to the agents and clapped his hand down on
Victoria's shoulder.
"Why miss Victoria, you're looking lovely as usual..." He purred in her ear.
"You know... if I didn't know better, I'd say you left the club because you didn't want to
dance with me." He smiled.
"I'm crushed."
"Why Mr B.J. I left cause I'm late for a date."she hissed pushing him away. "What do you want?"
she asked.

"There's no need to be so formal, miss Victoria. Why, you can call me Bustopher if you'd like..."
He purred, moving back towards her.
"A date with who exactly? Do I know him?" Victoria thought fastly.
"Mistoffelees of course."she said smiling. "Now what do you want."she asked giving a hiss.

"Ah yes, he's become quite a handsome boy." Bustopher smiled and nodded. "I would have guessed
Alonzo. You've been spending quite a bit of time with him..." His paw moved slowly towards his
"he's my teacher, he teaches me what to do and everything."hissed Victoria, noticing him moving
his paw, and she put her right paw in her coat pocket.

"Well, not a very good teacher. If he was, you would have escaped by now." Bustopher leveled his
revolver at Exotica.
"I'm against shooting queens as enchanting as you, miss Victoria... so why don't I start with
her?" He cocked the trigger and his voice turned to a malevolent whisper.
"Hand over the plans or I'll shoot Exotica." Exo froze with fear,and dropped her gun.

She hissed. "Exotica has the plans, Exotica dear, give them to him, we dont want you dead now do
we?"asked Victoria and looked at Exotica. "Go on hun, give them to him."said Vicki then kept an
eye on B.J. her hand gripping her gun in her pocket, ready to wipe it out any time now. Exotica
gave B.J. the 'plans."

Bustopher kept the revolver trained on Exotica as he tore open the envelope with his teeth.
"These had better not be fakes!" he said in a singsong voice as he read through them. He didn't
look surprised. "Chocolate chip pancakes. Did you honestly think you could fool BUSTOPHER JONES
with a PANCAKE RECIPE? I can use them, of course..." He threw the 'plans' to the ground, "But
you'll have to do better than that."

"well, you arent that stupid."said Victoria pushing B.J. away pulling out her gun all in one
motion and shot his gun from his hand and grabbed it from the air and pointed both guns at B.J.
"run home to your leader before I blow you to him!"hissed Victoria pointing both guns to his
head. "Get on outta here Exotica."she said backing up keeping an eye on B.J. "Pst..follow me."
she whispered and she kept backing up toward an alley way. She made it to the alley way and
kicked the trashbags away swiftly and hopped on the motercycle putting the two guns in her one
hand and grabbed exotica and got her on the back of it and tossed the revolver to Exotica. "HOLD
ON!"she exclaimed and reared up the motercycle and spead off to HQ leaving B.J. with dust in his

Bustopher groaned in frustration as they sped off. "Damn it Bustopher... you should act faster
next time..." He shrugged most of the dust off before heading for an alley. "Well at least I can
get rid of these ridiculous pants!" He bellowed, pulling out his cellphone and dialing Electra's
number, grumbling as the phone rang. Electra picked up her phone.
"hello, is that you B.J. I hope it is! get ya butt back here with those plans, we gonna have a
new mission soon!"exclaimed Electra, smiling at the two toms she was talking to before the phone
rang. AJ relaxed a bit,thinking about having some more truth serum made.

"Um... yes miss Electra... the plans... um, I ran into a bit of a problem with those..." He ran
through the story of the Club 54. "And Victoria stole my gun!" He whined, before adding, "But I
did pick up a delicious sounding recipe for Chocolate Chip Pancakes... Please don't be mad!"

"YOU DIDNT GET THE PLANS!"shouted Electra. Macavity grabbed the phone from Electra. "Get
your butt back here Bustohper Jones, we have a new mission to take out. we have found out that
Alonzo might retire soon and he is on his way to the doctor. We can take advantage of it. We
have this truth serum and we need to get one of the cats. NOW GET OUR BUTT BACK HERE IN 15
Macavity hanging up. He sighed. "At lest we got one of the plans."he said patting Electra on the
head and gave her a smile and handed her her phone back.

Victoria made her way inside the HQ. She went and gave the plans to Alonzo. Zo took the plans to
Old D,then headed out for the doctor. Victoria smiled, and went to relax. She had done a very
good job and went and sat down in a comfy chair.

File Closed.