File Two: The Truth Serum:

"That wasn't a screw up! It was two against one! I can't compete with that!" He slipped his
phone back into his breast pocket and headed for Macavity's offices, catching a cab on the way.
He made it back in about ten minutes, nodding to his fellow spies as he arrived.

"Mr. Macavity... Asparagus... miss Electra, you're looking lovely, as usual." He found a seat in
the corner and sat down.

"So what's this I hear about Truth Serum?"

"A.J. explain."said Electra

"At present,I made enough for just one TSE agent,"Gus Jr explained."I inject an agent with this,
and he/she will start spouting out nothing but the truth.I can always make more if needed."
Electra nodded.

"Very useful. We need to get one of those cats."said Electra smiling,
Bustopher's ears perked up.

"How about Victoria?" He asked quickly. He finished polishing his monocle and replaced it."I
want to settle the score with her..."

"Now you are a good spy, yet you let her slip up, so she has to be very good. We could get one
of the rookies, they would be very easier to catch dont you think?"asked Electra.
Bustopher nodded slowly.

"I suppose that would be a wiser choice." He stood up and walked over to a window, his eyes
fixed on a small bird, which he watched, fascinated until it flew off. "Well then Etcetera would
be the wisest choice. She's very new to the TSE, and hardly experienced at all."

"Yeah, but we must get her off gaurd, and when she is alone. She is very friendly with everyone,
so we have to get her at night."explained Electra.

"I understand... but the entire focus of the mission revolves around Etcetera being an
inexperienced newbie. What if she doesn't know all the information we need?" Bustopher began
pacing back and forth next to the window, rhythmically snapping his fingers as he always did
when he was trying to figure something out and the information was not all availiable to him.
"Since she IS so new... it's very possible that the other spies, like Alonzo and Victoria...
haven't entrusted her with all the vital information."

"Well, we could always get that cat, Plato, you know him. Cettie and him seem to be good
friends, we could always get those to together. Heck, I slipped up the two of them, shouldn't be
a problem."said Electra smiling.

"That's a good idea,"AJ said."What do you think,Macavity?Plato,Cettie,Vicky or alonzo?"
"Hmm...Etcetera, and just for kicks, try to get Plato also, it should be quite interesting."said
macavity smiling.
AJ grinned."Lec-shall we go capture those 2?"AJ asked.
"We should disguise our selves first...Plato usually goes to the 'Leprechaun Pub'about we
hurry,we can beat him there,and capture him."
Electra nodded. "How do they dress at that pub, we want to fit in ya know."said Electra, running
her paw through her hair. Her hazle eyes turned blue as she smiled. *This will be fun.*

"It's casaul dress,"AJ said,getting out a jacket,trousers,shoes and a cap."Plato will never know
we're SCRATCH agents."AJ grinned,and put the truth serum in his "walking stick"."There's enough
serum in here for one TSE agent-I'll have to make more if Plato doesn't give us the info we
Electra got a pair of blue-jean shorts, a tank top, and a baseball cap. "We gotta get him out of
the pub so no one over hears. We need to get him here or somewhere else than the pub."said

Plato went into "The Leprechaun Pub",and sat down.
"Hello,plato-what will it be fer ya?"the Irish barkeeper asked.
"O' Dougal's."Plato said,sitting at the barkeeper served Plato the Irish beer. Plato
took a sip,and began talking to some of the other bar patrons about stuff like golf and weather.

Alonzo sat in the waiting room,waiting for the receptionist to call him seven-year-old
tom started up a conversation with Victoria.

"Have you seen the lastest action movie 'Spy Cats'? Its awsome. The special effects are killer,
so is the cast! Oh! Did you see the animated movie 'Peter Kat?' AWSOME!"exclaimed

"No,"Zo replied."I have seen the martial-arts movie'Karate Dog',though."

"Alonzo-the doctor will see you now."the pom receptionist said.
"Okay."Zo said,getting up and heading for the exam room.
Victoria got up. "HEYY! I'ma coming with you!"she exclaimed, looking at the other cats. "Dont
leave me with these...sickies.."she said running up to Alonzo.

Inside the exam room,Alonzo sat on the waiting showed up,and gave Zo an exam.
After the exam,Dr Pugg looked at Alonzo.

"Alonzo-I'm going to order you to go into retirement,"Dr Pugg said."You have heart disease and
high blood pressure.I'm prescribing medicine for this,and I want you to show this note to your
,I want you to quit that?"the doc nodded,and left the exam

"Hear that,Vicky?Retirement!DAMN!"Zo said once they were outside.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Who is gonna keep teaching me the stuff i dont know yet?"
asked Victoria. "What are we gonna do without you?"she asked again.

"I don't know,"Zo said,taking out a cell phone."I'm going to call Old D right now...maye we can
work something out."
Victoria nodded.
alonzo talked on the cell phone,then hung up."Old D is going to work something out with the
doctor so i can stay in action,"Zo said."Let's get back to headquarters."
"yeah lets."said Victoria walking.

"Come on Old Geezer! Plato might have left already!"exclaimed Electra making her way to the pub.
She put her cap backwards and walked up to the pub.
AJ went ,too.

"There he is,lec,"AJ whispered."Here's what we'll do.I'll be friendly,and order some drinks for
he's had enough alcohol to dull his senses,we take him outside,and I inject him with
the serum."
Electra rolled her eyes. "Plato knows when to say when, I did some reaserch and he knows when to
say when. Here is what we do. When he leaves I can shoot him with this tranqualizer. It will
knock him out for a half an hour, when he gets up we have him all tied up and inject him with
the serum. Ok?"said Electra.

"Okay."AJ said,going up to the bar and ordering a elderly cat watched Plato play a
game of poker with some other the game,plato smiled,and got up."Get ready,Lec-he
looks like he's about to leave."AJ whispered to Lec.
Electra walked outside and fiddled with the tranqualizer gun. She put it behind her back and
waited for Plato to get outside.
Plato walked outside,unaware of Elcctra ansd AJ...
Electra snuck up behind Plato and shot him twice with the tranqalizers. On in his back and on in
his arm. She smiled as she watched Plato.

"Hey!"Plato yelled,whirling began to get groggy."Faith-and-Beghorra-wha' did ya
injhect me wif?"Plato slurred,stumbling TSE agent then was knocked out.

"Good work,Night N Gale!"AJ said,grinning.
"i am good nay?"she said smiling. "Common lets get him outta here.'she said.
AJ slung plato over his shoulders."Let's go show macavity this!"AJ said.
Bustopher grinned as Electra and Asparagus returned. "That was quick!" He laughed and took the
burden of Plato's body off Asparagus' shoulders, and draped his body over an old wooden chair.

"Macavity's already on his way... shall I fetch some rope?" asked Bustopher Jones
"That would be a good idea,"AJ said,putting his paw on his back and stretching."I'll get the
truth serum ready for when this Irish fool wakes up."AJ took the serum out of his "walking stick"
and got it ready.

"Take a car next time, Asparagus! You're getting old... your back can't take it anymore!"
Bustopher chided, tying up the TSE spy as he spoke. "On another note..." He lowered his voice so
that only Asparagus could hear. "Electra's becoming an excellent spy, you know. Better than both
of us. We're going to have to start watching our moves more carefully."

"I know I'm getting old."AJ said,leaning towards Bustopher."And I agree with you about Lec...she
might decide to try to get us old-timers out of the picture,"AJ whispered to BJ."Look what
happened with the Pollicles..that young golden retriever spy knocked off that old,grey-muzzled
Great Dane,and made it look like the Pekes did it..."

"Whut are you two talking about hm?"asked Electra, throwing off her cap and sat down in a chair,
crossing her legs. "Common now, tell me please?"She asked, giving them big kitty eyes.

"Nothing that concerns you,rookie,"AJ lied."Just senior-citizen related stuff."

"Don't worry. She likes us. She won't try anything." Bustopher smiled and decided to give her
the truth. "We were actually just talking about how great a spy you've become!" He finished
tying Plato to the chair and stepped back to admire his handiwork. "You've shown a lot of
promise, miss Electra. I dare say you're more skilled than either of us old timers when it comes
to combat." He leaned forwards and slapped Plato a few times to make sure he was awake and
attentive, then turned to Asparagus. "Now for the drugs..."

Plato woke up after being slapped awake."Now,youngster..this won't hurt a bit."AJ said,jabbing
Plato with the needle and injecting truth hissed,and tried to bite old cat
took the needle out,and grabbed Plato's then took a knife,and cut off the curl in
Plato's hair."Try that agian,sonny,and you'll lose more that your hair,"AJ threatened."Now,tell
us what secrets TSE is keeping from us.

"Nay-I won't be talkin',now!"Plato said.

" have no choice,Shamrock boy..i injected you with truth serum."AJ said.

"Damn..."Plato cursed."First,there's th' plans for th' top-secret spy helicopter that TSE is
goin' to be buildin'."Plato said,spilling all the top-secret information then went on
to talk about the pepper-spray cane,the formula was would make all traces of poisons disappear
and the popcorn machine that would hide secret documents inside.

"Is that all,TSE spy?"AJ asked."Aye."Plato looked at Bustopher,Macavity
(I assume he's there)and Lec,and grinned."I imagine the spy Alonzo would know a LOT more secrets,
Macavity-he's been there for almost 8 years now."AJ said.

"Just learn from the best."said Electra before Plato woke up. As they listened, Macavity smiled.

"Ah, very good. Yes, Alonzo would know more. It would be fun tryign to catch the old lad now
wouldn't it? Lets try and get him, he should know some more secerts."explained Macavity smiling.
"We shall go on to try and capture Alonzo, and we shall take Plato back, AFTER we get the
secrets from Alonzo." Electra smiled.

"Excelent idea sir. I shall get right on it!"exclaimed Electra. Macavity looked at Electra.

"Not this time. You need a break. B.J. Asparagus, you two take the job."said Macavity.

"But but!"exclaimed Electra, following Macavity out.
Bustopher nodded and smiled at Electra's compliment before turning back to business.

"As you wish, Mr. Macavity. I will capture Alonzo for you." He headed for the door, running to
catch up with Macavity. "One more question before you go..." he jerked a thumb towards Plato.

"Will he remember any of this?"

"I dont know ask A.J. over there, your partner to capture Alonzo."explained Macavity.

"But Macavity!"shouted Electra, still begging to go on the mission.

"Hush!"he exclaimed. Electra shut her mouth.

"Once the truth serum wears off,Plato will remember nothnig,"AJ said,grinning.

"He'll just nod off,and wake up with a headache."

"Put him in a cell, and make sure he stays knocked out till we get alonzo!"exclaimed Macavity,
as he disapeared into his office, Electra right behind him.
Bustopher followed the two and threw open the door as soon as they closed it.

"With all due respect, sir... Alonzo IS their top spy... We COULD use some backup if you could
spare it. I mean, Electra should get to do something... We need all the help we can get."

"She needs a break. She has worked harder than BOTH of you. Now, if you two can get Alonzo, then
thats great. If you cant, then I'll have Electra here try by herself."explained macavity. He
grabed BJ's arm and took him outside his office and closed the door. "You dont want a rookie to
out smart you now do you? I bet you two can get Alonzo. Now go!"explained macavity letting BJ go
and going back inside his office and closed the door.

"I care about my reputation more than anyone else here! I'm just pointing out that Alonzo is
their best agent and we'll need a lot of help to reel him in safely!" Bustopher looked extremely
angry, but relented and just walked away.

"Asparagus!" He bellowed, pulling him to his feet. "We're moving out!" Bustopher grabbed another
revolver from an equipment cabinet before heading out the door. "I'm taking my car... I don't
care how you come, but hurry up!"

File Closed..