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Once they had reached the safe house, Shalimar dug out some clothes that looked like they may fit red haired beauty and left Rei alone to take a shower and change.

Rei peeled of her dirt infused clothing and stepped into the shower. The scalding water felt good as it rushed over her shoulders and down her body. She couldn't remember the last time she'd enjoyed a nice long hot relaxing shower.

While she was scrubbing the dirt off her skin Rei took inventory on the damage Taylor's beating had caused. Over all it wasn't that bad and looked much worse than it really was.

Enormous black and purple bruises crawled across her stomach and back, but there were no broken bones. Several small cuts that littered her arms and legs, the large cut on her right cheek, and several light bruises over her face finished the list.

Rei counted herself lucky that this time she was no worse for wear. There had been other occasions when she had been unable to walk for days after one of Taylor's brutal outbursts.

After she had removed all the dirt, washed her hair, and taken a few minutes just to relax in the embrace of the soothing water, Rei dried off and changed into the clothes Shalimar had given her.

The outfit consisted of a blue-green swoop neck ¾ sleeve top and a white knee length skirt with a pattern of interlocking circles that were black, peach, and the same blue green color in the top.

Both pieces of clothing were too big for Rei's starved frame. The shirt slid off one shoulder, and the skirt barely clung to her hips. Ignoring the ill fitting clothes, Rei pulled her hair back into a long braid, replaced the bandage on her face, and timidly stepped out into the main room.

Brennan had to stop himself from gasping as the young woman stepped out of the bathroom. This was not the same girl they had just rescued from that dirty warehouse.

To him Rei looked as though she had just stepped out of a fashion magazine and into his living room.

Shalimar smiled as she walked over to her fellow feral. "You look so great!"

Rei blushed and nervously pulled at the waist of the skirt. "The clothes are a little big."

"Nonsense, they look great on you. Plus they're the smallest size I found so you're stuck with them until we get back to sanctuary." Shal said pulling Rei into the kitchen.

She sat down on one of the stools at the counter and Rei followed suit.

"Sanctuary?" Rei asked more than a little confused.

Brennan slid both ladies a bottle of water and an orange and sat down on the opposite side of the counter. "That's where we're headed after this."

Rei absently started peeling the orange as she tried to figure out just what was going on. "What for?"

Rei's head was still spinning an hour later as she sat in the helix with the others on their way to sanctuary.

The cliff notes version of what she had been told stated that there was this guy Adam, who headed the mutant underground and a special team known as Mutant X, had sent Shalimar and Brennan to pick up Rei after hearing about her talents from one of his sources. The two teammates weren't sure why Adam wanted her to come back to sanctuary, but they had both explained to Rei that she wasn't in any danger.

With more questions than answers and no where else to go Rei had reluctantly agreed to go with them.

The young feral studied Shalimar and Brennan from her seat. She had been transfixed by Brennan's ability to control electricity. She hadn't seen it in real action, but Brennan had done a small demonstration for her back at the safe house.

Shalimar was the one who really fascinated her though. Rei had never met another feral before.

In fact, the only new mutants she had ever seen were back at Genomex a few years ago, that is with the exception of Taylor. Rei met the elemental during her brief stay at the GSA.

After her mother had died when she was ten, Rei spent the next three years being bounced around from one foster home to the next. She had always kept her new mutancy a secret, but at every home it had gotten her into trouble.

Finally, she had enough of being a ward of the state and took off. It was during that year she spent on the street that Rei honed her mutant abilities in the art of thievery. It was also that year when she got picked up by the GSA.

Since she was only fourteen at the time, Genomex had decided to mold her into an operative in their quest to destroy their enemies.

That was when she had met Taylor.

Taylor was 18 at the time and was just about to graduate the program as a full fledged GSA agent. What they didn't know was that Taylor was just biding his time, playing along until he could escape.

Rei was captivated by the charismatic elemental who could manipulate fire, and Taylor took full advantage of her loyalty. Every free moment of the four months Rei had spent there was used to develop an escape plan.

The plan worked flawlessly and when they had finally gotten away from Genomex, Rei decided to stay with Taylor. The two new mutants joined a small street gang, but as rumors of their larcenous talents got around they found themselves playing in the big leagues.

It was then, that Taylor had begun to change. He was consumed by the power he could gain inside the gang circles, and eventually took over his own motley crew. Rei didn't like the person he was becoming, but what could she do?

At first the now nineteen year old Rei, just ignored what he was doing, after all she owed him. But then his scores got bigger and bigger. What started off as cat burglary, shifted into something more sinister.

A few weeks ago they pulled a job in the financial district. It wasn't anything they hadn't done before but it quickly went sideways. One of the less experienced members of the gang accidentally set off a silent alarm. When the guard had come to investigate, he ended up dead.

That night Rei had told Taylor she was done. She should have walked away right then but the ever persuasive gang leader had convinced her through force that there was no way she was bailing on him.

On the next job, the young feral had deliberately set off the alarms. When the police showed up an all out war had ensued. Three of the gang members and five cops had ended up dead, and Taylor made sure that she would pay for what she did.

If Shalimar and Brennan hadn't shown up when they did, she never would have gotten away from him.

Rei was pulled out of her thoughts when the helix banked to the left and straight into a mountain wall. She gasped as the wall shifted around them and then faded away revealing the inside of a hanger.

Once they had landed, Brennan held out his hand out to Rei.

"Welcome to Sanctuary."