Jesse practically threw the handheld he was working with onto the table in the comm center. "Adam its been over 12 hours since we got the call from Shal and I still can't find them! The good news is the system still shows their comlinks as active, but I can't get communications up or get a location."

Jesse's outburst startled Emma awake from where she had fallen asleep at one of the computer stations. Adam came up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder as he addressed Jesse. "There wasn't anything out of the ordinary at the bar?"

"Just signs of a struggle. No clues to where they may have been taken." Emma looked nervously between Jesse and Adam. "We did find evidence of fire. I would bet Taylor was there."

"Have you been able to get a read or a location off of them since they disappeared?" Adam asked the psionic.

"Nothing I can make any sense of. Brennan was just a wall of mist and shadows. Shalimar's is just choppy, disjointed, flashes of pain and things that don't connect. Walls, silver, metal. Only clear thing from her is an overall feeling of being trapped. I haven't been able to get anything from Rei at all."

Adam squeezed her shoulders supportively. "We just have to keep trying then till we find something."

Shalimar jerked awake at the sound of rattling metal as someone kicked the front of the cage she was in. The feral wasn't sure when she had fallen asleep or how long she had been out. She was momentarily blinded by the bright light flooding into the room from the door across from her. It took a few moments of rapid blinking before the two men standing in front of her came into focus. It was Duval and one of his lackeys.

Duval was talking quietly to a third man who was unlocking the door to Rei's cell. The other hired help kicked her cage again drawing the blond's attention back to him. It was one of the ferals that had been posted by the kitchen back at the bar. Shal grimaced in disgust as he leered at her with a predatory smirk. He flashed his eyes at her and she bared her teeth at him not wanting to back down from his challenge, but also not wanting to set off the collar around her neck.

Their silent battle was interrupted by movement to their left.

Brennan slammed into the wire door right next to Duval. "What the hell did he just give her! Tell me!"

Shal could just see past Brennan as the third man, another one of the ferals from the bar, placed a used syringe into his pocket and pulled the sleeve of Rei's jacket back down over her arm.

Duval turned to the infuriated elemental. "It is just a sedative Mr. Mulwray, given at the request of Mr. Collins. If you must know Miss Ericson will be leaving with him shortly as a part of our agreement."

"You can't let him take her." Shalimar growled as she struggled to her feet.

"And why would that be Miss Fox?" He asked incredulously.

The blond feral walked forward so she was face to face with the man and narrowed her eyes at him. "If you let him take her, he will kill her."

Duval arched his eyebrow and smirked. "And how do you know that once my agreement with Mr. Collins is complete, that isn't the same fate in store for both you and Mr. Mulwray as well?"

"If that was your plan in all this, we would already be dead." Shal responded earnestly before glancing between Brennan and Rei. She met Duval's eyes once again. "You don't seem like a man who would condone the type of violence that i Mr. Collins /i without a doubt has planned."

A look Shalimar couldn't quite decipher flashed on Duval's face before he schooled his features to indifference. "While that may be true Miss Fox, it does not change the fact that it is what was agreed upon."

With that said he motioned to his men and the Mutant X team was once again alone in the dark as the locks on the outer door clicked. Brennan slammed his fists against the metal and cursed after them. Shal carefully slid back down to the ground. The blond rested her elbows on her knees and leaned her forehead into her bound hands with a wince. She was fairly sure she had a concussion and the aftereffects were getting tedious.

Before she had a chance to convince the ticked off elemental beside her to stop pacing, the sound of an engine roaring to life filled the room they were being held in. In the next moment the room jerked forward sending Brennan to the floor.

"Well I guess that confirms we are in a trailer." Brennan commented righting himself.

"So, while I was napping did you come up with any ideas on how we are getting out of this one?"

Brennan ran his fingers across his commlink before he answered her question. "I hate to say it but unless they give us an opportunity, we are going to need a helping hand on this. I have no doubt Adam and the others are all over it."

The silence throughout sanctuary was deafening. Adam had retreated into his study to touch base with Agent Landry and the FBI, Jesse was still working on the commlink system trying to boost the locators, and Emma was in the garden struggling to get her worry in check long enough to get a hit off their missing teammates.

The red head focused on the sound of the water and reached out to them. Shalimar was the easiest to connect with but the images and feelings were still fragmented. Panic was barely concealed below the surface of the feral's emotions and pain lingered, tied to the images of silver and the feeling of being bound. Emma didn't know what to make of her inability to connect with Rei and only hoped that nothing serious had happened to the young woman.

Deep calming breaths centered her before she reached out to Brennan. Relief flooded through her at the clear connection. Whatever was making his mind foggy had worked its way out of his system. She concentrated harder fully immersing herself in the feel of his mind. His determination bolstered her. They were moving… There, she found it. The telempath's eyes shot open as she sprung to her feet.

"Adam! Jesse! I found them!"